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28 Fruits that start with d. Discover the ultimate food guide

Fruits that start with d
Fruits that start with d

Fruits that start with d – A comprehensive fruit guide!

Yes, it is very challenging to explore the rarest fruits, and when you have to look for a sure thing such as fruits that start with d, the situation becomes even more confusing. Getting the comprehensive list of rare and unknown fruits might be tricky but shed off your doubts here we are with the list of all fantastic fruits that start with d! To explore which fruits that begin with d are edible, don’t forget to explore our articles till the end.

So, let’s explore the fruits that start with D!

1. Dill

Dill plant is cultivated according to the seasons and the dried fruits that are grown on the Dill tree are also picked as per the season. Dill seeds are very famously known for their use as an aromatic spice and these seeds are very often used in many foods as a spice. These tiny seeds possess a very robust, pungent and bitter flavour. These seeds are most commonly used to prepare the aromatic pickles, sauces. Dill has a very fresh, grassy flavour along with a sweet flavour.

2. Dasheen

Dasheen possesses a robust nutty flavour, and it is a starchy tuberous root. The flavour of dasheen can be amazingly blended with coconut, which creates a delicious pudding dessert.

3. Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is mostly known by the name of Honolulu queen. This fruit primarily belongs to Central America and also cultivated in Southern Mexico. Pitahaya and Pitaya are also widespread names of Dragonfruit. Dragon fruit possesses a bright red skin and green colored vertical projection which gives it a dragon-like look. Dragon fruit is also loaded with many nutrients.

4. Damson

Just like dabai, Damsons are also very similar to grapes in appearance. These fruits are most commonly found in Britain, and very often it is used in the preparation of jam and jelly.

5. Dewberry

Dewberry is a tiny small fruit that is often mistaken for blackberry. Dewberries mimic blackberries in shape and colour, appearance. These fruits are most frequently used to prepare jam, pie and many other edible purposes. It is very often eaten in the northern hemisphere.

6. Dabai Fruit

The Dabai fruit is a small fruit; its appearance mimics with grapes. Dabai fruit has dark skin. This fruit originally belongs to Borneo, the tree which is very long in height. Dabai fruit is a delicious delicacy, so quite pricey in many places. Dabai has to be soaked properly in water before consumption or any other edible usage.

7. Date

Date is worldwide famous fruit, which has an intense sweetness along with many health-driven qualities. Dates are the fruits grown on a date palm tree. Date trees are mainly cultivated across many distinct parts of the world. Throughout the years, dates have emerged as a very healthy, popular fruit. Almost in many countries, dates are sold dried. Dates have a very tender outer texture along with a deep red color.

8. Dandelion Green

Dandelion green originally belongs to the wild, which is edible. This fruit is commonly utilized for the production of wines and salads. It can be eaten in its raw, fried, or breaded from, also has fantastic health aids. Very often, the syrup is also made from it.

9. Discovery Apple

Discovery Apple
Discovery Apple

Discovery apple initially became famous because of the commercial fruit market in the ’60s, and it has a unique history. In the ’80s era, it was quite popular in the UK.

10. Double Coconut

The double coconut trees are relatively tall than the usual coconut tree. Amazingly, this tree has the record for being the tallest ever plant with almost 200 feet height.

11. Doubah

Doubah fruits are said to be edible; these fruits are picked up when completely ripen and in the green stage, roasted. These fruits have a tremendous toothsome treat and have a similar flavour like zucchini. These fruits are also popularly known as native pears.

12. Diospyros nigra

Diospyros nigra is also known by the name of the black sapote; this fruit is common species of persimmon. This fruit is even known by the various names such as black soapapple, chocolate pudding fruit and zapote Prieto. The tropical fruit originally belongs to Central America, Mexico and Colombia. Its most common name is sapote, which refers to tender textured and edible fruit.

Diospyros nigra has a sweet and delicious taste, which has a taste like any sweet pudding desert and has very firm, tough outer exterior.

13. Dangyuja

Dangyuja originally belongs to Korea and belongs to the category of citrus fruits. Many people use it to prepare soups and for making tea.

14. Duku Fruit

Duku Fruit
Duku Fruit

The Duku can be eaten raw, or syrup can be produced by it, it originally belongs to Mahogany family. Many times, its skin is also used as a natural remedy to repel mosquitos in the Philippines.

15. Durian

Durian fruit possesses a very pleasant sweet smell and highly renowned for its robust pungent odour. However, the appearance of the fruit is not very appealing. This fruit belongs to Southeastern Asia.

16. Davidson’s Plum

The fruit, which is called Davidson’s plums, is grown on three different trees. The species of this tree is the most endangered one. Davidson’s plum is most frequently used to make jam and wine.

17. Dekopon Fruit

Dekopon fruits resemble very closely with pears, the size, shape and appearance of Dekopan fruit are same as that of pear and it possesses an orange colour hue and skin texture just like oranges. This fruit is very much famous across the Japan country.

18. Desert Lime

You can easily access the desert lime in Bushland and it originally belongs to and cultivated in Australia. Desert lime is very much popular food across the Australia. This fruit has a powerful citrus flavour and also possesses many qualities similar to a lime.

19. Dead man’s fingers

This fruit has acquired its very unusual name from its appearance and these fruits are 3-6 cm long in diameter. Interestingly, dead man’s finger’s has a very close resemblance with cold human finger, thus it is popularly known by the name; however, Decaisnea is another widely known name of this fruit.

20. Date plum

Date plums are famous across the whole globe for their ultimate flavour and their prime usage as a natural candy. These fruits are rendered as a great treat across Pakistan and Afghanistan. Date plums vary in colour, from orange-yellow to purple. But in many cases, the date plum is picked when it gets darker hue.

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21. Desert Hackberry

The desert hackberry fruit is a tiny size fruit that has an inner flesh drupe along with crunchy stone (seed). These fruits are bright orange in appearance, juicy in texture and tart in flavor, only if you can bear with its crunchy center.

22. Desert banana

Dessert bananas are a common variety of bananas which are found in the market; you can easily access these bananas in supermarkets. Dessert bananas are picked up mostly from unripe green to fully ripe phase. These bananas have a smooth texture, along with yellow to riper dark yellow outer appearance with brown spots. These bananas are often used to make banana bread, smoothies and pancakes.

23. Dwarf Paw Paw

Dwarf pawpaw is a small flower sized 6-8 ft. shrub. The leaves are thick and dark green coloured, along with a robustly aromatic. This fruit is much smaller as compared to other varieties of pawpaws. However, this fruit is edible and can be used in cooking.

24. Desert Quandong

Quandong is considered as one of Australia’s most fantastic bush foods; it is either dried, raw or stewed —it has many health benefits, it is most frequently used in many herbal therapies like foot massages or cure toothache. The fruit tree originally belongs to the sandalwood family.

25. Dodder laurel

The Dodder laurel plant grows round and small green fruits, this plant is also known for its amazing aphrodisiac qualities. This tree bears oval-shaped fruit; these fruits primarily ripen during the dry season in the early days. Dodder laurel trees are often found in East Africa, Australasia, Polynesia, America, and Indomalaya. As this plant possesses a potent aphrodisiac property, it has also acquired a name of love vine.

26. Dracontomelon

Dracontomelon is mostly by children and considered as a safe edible fruit along with its seeds. Many times, the flowers and leaves of the plant are also cooked and eaten as a vegetable; these parts of the plant are also utilized as food flavouring.

27. Dangle Berry

Dangle berry is also known as huckleberry and cultivated in the eastern U.S.  The Dangle berry fruits are juicy, sweet-tasting drupe that contains blue hue, though it varies many times from black to white.

28. Dwarf orange

Dwarf orange trees are just another common variety of fruit trees; these are tiny citrus fruits. Dwarf citrus trees have to be maintained the same way as an average citrus fruit plants; this tree bears tasty citrus fruits just like oranges.

 So, this was our guide of fantastic and rare fruits that start with d. Well, if you know any more unique and rare fruits that start with d, kindly comment and let us know!

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