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41 Foods that start with b, explore the unique foods with Graphicrecipes

Foods that start with b
Foods that start with b

Foods that start with b – An impressive guide to unique foods.

Foods that start with b :: When you have extensive knowledge about some of the rarest foods, sparking up your creativity becomes a lot easier; explore the impressive list of foods that start with B.

1. Bambangan

The Bambangan fruit grows only in Borneo. It looks like a large hairless kiwifruit, though it has a firm, inedible rind like a citrus fruit. The flesh is light yellow with a slightly bitter, sour flavor similar to an unripe mango. It’s usually pickled or cooked with sugar.

2. Barley

Barley is a very health-driven grain with numerous benefits and proteins; this is a unique form of cereal grain. The appearance of barley grain very closely mimics rice and contains a very subtle earthy flavor and meat-like flavor to it. Barley is an ideal grain for slow-cooked recipes that need more time to get cooked.

3. Bayberry

Bayberries also are popularly known by the name of ‘yumberries’; these berries are red-colored along with juicy interior.

4. Bearss Lime

Bearss limes are citrus fruits that are mostly seedless. These fruits are also known as Persian Limes or Tahitian limes, as they have come from similar varieties.

5. Baker’s Yeast

Baker’s Yeast
Baker’s Yeast

Baker’s yeast, this form of bacteria, is very commonly utilized for baking bread and very often for other pastries that call for spongy texture and rise. Baker’s yeast feeds itself with fermentable sugars and delivers a significant amount of carbon dioxide and ethanol; it produces a minimal amount of gas, responsible for the dough rise.

6. Beef

Beef is one of the most popular foods globally; it is the most common kind of red meat worldwide.

7. Beach Plum

These are wild plums that are rendered as Beach plums across the East Coast of the USA. They have a rich, blue to black color hue and size of a cherry.

8. Bearberry

Bearberries are tiny red berries, which are also known by the term lingonberries; these berries are cultivated in Scandinavian Europe. These berries look very similar to cranberries.

9. Babaco

Babaco is a foot long and popularly known as the tropical fruit. This fruit has a very juicy interior along with an ultimate 5-sided appearance and circulates both ends. The outermost edible rich exterior ripens to a lovely yellow flavor; although the fruit is pretty much juicy, it does not have the deeper sweeter tinges. This fruit is considered as a blend of pineapple, strawberry and papaya.

10. Bacuri


The Brazillian bacuri fruit contains a yellow-brown rind along with a very thick texture. This fruit also consists of very thick, 3 – 5 seeds within the white pulp. The pulp has a tangy flavor, along with a little sweetness. This fruit is many times used to jam, ice cream or jelly.

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11. Beetroot

Beetroot has a deep pink, purple hue. This vegetable comes under the domain of root vegetables has a robust, tangy and sweeter taste.

12. Bengal Currant

Bengal currants are very much famous across Asia, Europe and Australia. Bengal Currant is also known as Christ’s thorn and Karamcha.

13. Bilberry

Bilberries are also known as European blueberries. They have a red or purple appearance and inner flesh.

14. Binjai

Binjai fruit is quite famous in numerous Southeast Asian countries; it is also known as white mango. These trees need a fair amount of rain for cultivation.

15. Barberry

The Barberry shrub is tiny structured, grows tangy, tart red berries, and these berries are traditional medicines that are used to treat many alignments like digestive issues and skin issues, infections. These tiny fruits are loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals. These small-sized fruits are eaten in the form of supplement or extract form, never in the form of berries.

16. Bitter Orange

Bitter Orange
Bitter Orange

Bitter orange is grown in Florida and the Bahamas at a very high rate. However, this fruit cannot be eaten raw.

17. Bailan Melon

The Bailon melon very closely mimics honeydew melon. His fruit is mainly cultivated in China. This fruit has a white skin that has a pale green hue to it. The inner flesh of the fruit is almost white. The fruit is relatively denser than other fruits. The fruit is a source of tremendous nutrition, highly loaded with vitamin C and essential minerals.

18. Bay Bolete

The Bay Bolete mushroom has an uncanny resemblance to Penny Bun. These mushrooms have big, dark brown caps with a velvety texture, and the internal flash is a yellowish-white flesh. These can be consumed in their fresh forms, provided the pores are removed beforehand.

19. Black Beans

Black beans are quite famous in Mexican, Central cuisine; it is among the very few dried legume plants.

20. Bergamot

Bergamot is a bitter citrus fruit that is cultivated in Mediterranean countries. It has a shade of lime, a very similar appearance to orange.

21. Bignay

Bignay trees belong to Southeast Asia and northern Australia; they produce many small berries that have a close resemblance to cherries.

22. Black Cardamom

Black Cardamom
Black Cardamom

Black cardamom chunks are mainly utilized as an aromatic spice, quite similar to its counter, i.e., green cardamom. They have a very intense flavor and robust fragrance.

23. Bitter Melon

Bitter melon has a small size and appearance like cucumber; this fruit is also known by the name of Balsam apple fruit.

24. Black Gram

Black gram is classified as mung bean much famous across South Asia. It is a prime part of Indian cuisine. They are sometimes mistaken as black lentils. As the inner part is white, they are often called white lentils.

25. Black Rice

Black rice is highly nutritious and flavorful, which also belongs to a regal heritage; this rice was mainly eaten by some of the Chinese royalty. After several years, this rice is widely circulated across the world. The black rice grains are significantly softer and chewy. Their primary flavor is quite similar to basic white rice, i.e., nutty flavor. Black rice also has a vast nutritional profile.

26. Birch Bolete

The birch bolete is categorized into two types orange and brown. The mushrooms can be consumed when they are fresh.

27. Bison

Bison is a red meat that consists of high nutrition amount; after beef, it has maximum popularity.

28. Black Raspberry

Black raspberries are grown to be dark purple to be used for their natural colorant properties. Black raspberries are not that accessible as red relatives, even though these two have a lot of resemblances. The inner pulp is quite juicy and sweet within a hollow center. Some people urge it is more precious as compared to red raspberries. These berries contain a large number of antioxidants. 

29. Black-eyed Peas

Black-eyed peas are a very famous variety of legumes consumed worldwide; these have a pale cream shade along with a black dot or eye in the middle. They’re richly flavored and widespread in both Indian and South American cuisine.

30. Black Locust

Black locust is primarily used for flavoring in jams and perfume globally; it’s an edible flower. In India, this flower is also utilized as traditional medicine. The flower consists of seeds that can be consumed.

31. Blue Tongue

The Blue Tongue shrub grows in Southeast Asia and Australia. Blue Tongue is a shrub plant that is cultivated in Southeast Asia and Australia. All parts of this plant can be consumed and edible except the purple berries.

32. Blueberries

Foods that start with b :: Blueberries are very popular throughout the world for their tangy, sour taste and are known as a potent superfood for high antioxidant content. These are cultivated across North America and Europe. Blueberries have a close resemblance to cranberries and bilberries. Blueberries have a tiny size and blue shade, along with a sweet, sour pulpy fleshy.

33. Batuan Fruit

Batuan is an acidic fruit possessing a hard and firm texture along with green hue; this fruit is commonly cultivated in the Philippines. This soup is an ideal fruit for sour soups before it comes to the ripening phase. And most widely used for making pickles after the ripening phase. It is often converted into jam or dried form; it is never consumed in its raw form.

34. Black Sapote

Black Sapote
Black Sapote

Black sapote has a deep forest green shade on the outer side but is widely known for its inner black flesh. This fruit nearly mimics persimmons. This fruit produces a chocolate pudding-like pulp, which has a thick consistency and a dark brown hue.

35. Blood Lime

Blood limes are a cross between red finger limes and sweet oranges. These are grown to be salt-resistant. Blood limes vary in size; they have a much smaller size than standard lime and a robust sweet flavor. The rind consists of beautiful maroon hue color, and the inner flesh is orange-red.

36. Boar

Boar meat is quite similar to pork, which is relatively leaner and has a deep red hue with rich tints. The flavor of the boar is much more robust than pork. Boar has a sweet taste, which is slightly nutty.

37. Bok Choy

Bok choy is renowned known as Chinese cabbage. It is a very healthy leafy vegetable with a lovely green appearance. This vegetable is quite popular across Asian stirfries and soups. You can find the full-The size of the head can grow up to 2 feet long.

38. Bobcat

Foods that start with b :: Bobcat is often mistaken as wild boar or pork if the flavor and texture are concerned. It is wild game meat. This meat is relatively mild in flavor, tender and lean meat. Bobcat meat contains textures and tastes similar to pork. However, bobcat meat gets quite soft, thin and tender when it is appropriately prepared.

39. Boldo

Boldo trees bear the small, round-shaped fruits that are green in color, along with a strong aroma of lemon and intense flavor. The numerous herbal remedies contain these leaves, though the leaves can cause toxicity when consumed in high doses.

40. Bottle Guard

Bottle Guard
Bottle Guard

Bottle guard: Bottle Gourd is a very healthy vegetable that contains high anti-inflammatory properties and is positively loaded with nutrients, low amount of saturated fats; thus, it can be considered as one of the most healthiest vegetables.

So this was our list featuring all the fantastic fruits, vegetables and foods that start with b; if you want some more rare foods, let us know in the comment section.

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