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What makes GROUND CHICKEN Recipes so Special!


We all are aware of the increasing popularity of ground chicken recipe! We will tell you what ground Chicken is! Ground Chicken is a preparation of A chicken which is minced chicken, usually sold raw is a ground chicken, so basically minced chicken is used for the ground chicken recipes which needs cooking, it can also be incorporated into a recipe as an ingredient.

There are many types of meat that could be used for ground chicken recipes; you could also include a part of the skin in your ground chicken recipes if you would like!

The ground chicken recipes can be quickly cooked at home without any additional preparations, breasts or deboned thighs are those parts that could be the options to make the ground chicken recipes. Cut them of size 1-inch cubes, and a food processor and grinder can be used to grind it. When the meat is slightly frozen, the grinding becomes even more comfortable. A food processor with deep blades is the most suitable one as it makes grinding easier and excellent. 

Best COOKING TIPS For Ground chicken recipes :

Ground chicken is lower in fat content than ground beef; Ground Chicken should be so stirred to avoid clumps around. Often, your ground chicken could take white colour in the grinding process, so variant ingredients like Worchestershire sauce can be mixed in the recipe as well. The pale taste of grinding could be easily discarded if simply include the aromatic spice and herbs.

The highest content of fat in the ground chicken is dark meat. When there is a lot more lightness in ground chicken, you can consider the lower amount of fat content in the chicken. It becomes dry faster when the juices evaporate; it should be thoroughly cooked beyond that to ensure proper cooking.

Besides spending more bucks on getting a lower-fat version of Ground Chicken, you might conclude to add more fat is the unique irony of it!

You can add more oil to compensate if you want, ground zucchini or carrots are best for more hydration and moisture. Many people also use egg yolk or cottage cheese for additional moisture of Ground Chicken.

Even though the fat might render off if cooked wholly, keeping aside the option of dark meat in your Ground Chicken is advisable, as it is not worth the extra money. 



As per nutritional standards, ground chicken has lesser fat content beef, while it carries a high amount of protein. It is also lower in cholesterol content than, so it could be beneficial for those who would like to keep fat content at bay.


As it contains no fibre, ground chicken is far easier to digest than other chicken varieties. But make sure to avoid chicken, which has been cooked in oil as it might raise stomach cramps issues. Chicken heals ample body issues as it delivers high amounts of protein. People who have digestive alignments should consider chicken to improve health, as it also decreases inflammation in the body.

Best ideas for GROUND CHICKEN combo?

You can prepare ground chicken in many styles. The ground chicken recipes are a fantastic option that could play out as a substitute in the place of ground beef in your most liked dishes. 

Ground Chicken Recipes Should be on the top! We will tell you why!

Ground chicken plays put its magic even if included in any recipe Chicken Meatballs, classic homemade lasagna, Chicken Burgers, soups are some to mention that can go well with ground chicken!

Offering a lean, protein-packed alternative to the more commonly used ground beef or pork is high in fat content; ground chicken is the best powerhouse of proteins and also a good option for low-fat diets, as it is lesser in fats and calories, much easier to digest. It is the speciality of ground chicken, which makes it hold a unique part in many delicious meals!

You could get yourself a premade ground chicken, which is available in many stores in the market, or also a meat grinder helps you get the perfect Ground at Chicken at home too. If lean chicken is what you want, utilize those boneless, skinless parts.

As ground chicken contains a lesser amount of fat, it holds lower levels of moisture; you should always have this thought when cooking ground chicken recipes. Always make sure to add some moisture to your mixture to prevent the ground chicken from being dry and tasteless. There are many options through which you can easily avoid chicken ground dryness.

 Including some Greek yoghurt or sauces might help you get away with the dryness. Greek yoghurt will not only add moisture, but it will also bind the mixture together. Because it has lesser fat content, always cook ground chicken on a lower heat than beef to ensure smaller moisture loss. It will prevent the chicken from getting dry rapidly. 

Eating ground beef every time is not suitable for those tackle with health alignments. Of course, if you want a managed health, a diet which has only high fat content meat is a bad thing. This when ground chicken recipes jump in the scenario! It contains ample of lean protein as well as lower in fat amount! However, cooking ground chicken recipes can quite tricky as you would think some measures have to be maintained. Do not worry; we are here to guide you through cooking the delicious ground chicken recipes as much as it should be!

Many times when the ground chicken remains dry and crispy, it can become the source of stomach pain. To compensate for that, you can include some moisture, fat, many ingredients that increase the density of ground chicken. Components that evoke lightness with them are what we need, also not to forget the spicy flavours to match the recipe.

We just want you to know that always mix some fat in the process. Do you know why yoghurt is the most suitable? It brings the combo of fat and moisture both at the same time with it. Finely chopped bacon or sausages are needed to discard the dullness in colour and taste of chicken! That extra fat will render out of the fattier meats and be absorbed by the whole, help to keep the dish juicy and hydrated; by adding healthy meats, you could ensure that.

Heat, acidity is equally essential as salt to create the best mouth-watering ground chicken recipe. 

If you go through the necessary measures, you will get the best dish at the end. Any guilt of adapting diet driven cooking will also be removed! It is effortless to make, versatile, easily affordable—the ground chicken recipes are the overlooked and underrated recipes that will show its unbounded tasty magic once you shed some light over it. 

We will expose the yummiest chicken dinners that will help you keep the boring weekend starters, So forget the hours spent by the stove, or the exhaustion by cooking those all boring dishes over and over again. With these ground chicken recipes, you’ll get something sizzling as an alternate option to serve some protein while satisfying your taste buds! You can create an array of methods with that simple ground chicken to decorate your weekend table. You can mould your ground chicken recipes in many flavours and styles as much as you want, in the end, you will get an exquisitely yummy dish that all will love.

So, without further delay, now starts the most delicious ground chicken recipes, which you would not afford to miss out! We will be starting with our favourite orange ground chicken recipe, so stay tuned!

Orange Ground Chicken Recipe :

Orange Ground Chicken Recipe
Orange Ground Chicken Recipe

You will require only 20 to 25 minutes to make this yummy recipe. It is recommended as with the copycat sauces!

A few years ago, when I was cooking juicy chicken meatballs, the thought of merging meatballs with the ground Chicken came. You could even prepare this recipe with store brought ground chicken too.

This mouth-watering dish is fantastic as its crisp texture and taste will melt in your mouth in a minute! You can get numerous orange chicken recipe sauces to match with the orange ground chicken recipes!

What you will need to make Orange Ground Chicken Recipe :

Wok: Wok makes it easier to cook and a good one for high heat. The wok is ideal for you always to cook many Chinese recipes.

Large Frying Pan: Useful for non-cast iron cooking until I can go with stainless steel options.

 Soy Sauce: As you can guess, it has a fantastic flavour and scent for aroma.

Sesame Oil: Really, your dish can not miss this unique aroma and flavour of sesame oil; it also does not have any substitute. Many supermarkets sell this oil at higher prices than usual, so be well assures to buy the authentic one only after checking. 

Rice Wine: Brings out the authentic royal taste in your chicken recipe, when you use different varieties of wine, the taste and flavour of your dish might change.


· ground chicken – 1 pound

· ginger root minced – 1 tablespoon

· garlic minced – 2 teaspoons

· hot red chilli pepper crushed – ¼ tablespoon

·   rice wine – 1 tablespoon

· water – 2 tablespoon

·   sesame oil – ½ teaspoon

·   soy sauce – 4 teaspoons

· sugar – 5 tablespoons

· white vinegar – 5 tablespoons

· zest of orange – ½ 

·   cornstarch – 1 tablespoon


1. Mix rice wine, sugar, white vinegar, water, sesame oil, soy sauce, orange zest to make the sauce.

2. Mix cornstarch of 1 tablespoon of water, which is remaining to make cornstarch, set the mixture aside.

3. Mix tablespoon oil with ground chicken in the large pan.

4. Wait till the crust appears and breaks apart, and when crust forms break it with a spatula and stop the cooking.

5. Put the ginger, garlic along with crushed red pepper, when chicken is wholly cooked and cook for 1 minute.

6. Let the orange sauce get boiled after mixing.

7. Sprinkle the cornstarch mixture in the pan and stir it until it becomes thick and cook for some time.



Everyone is the fan of yummy meatballs, what more? Cooking chicken meatballs with ground chicken is what makes it many times more delicious. When using ground chicken recipes to make meatballs, flavour, and taste raisers such as garlic, onion, and lemon juice are must in the method. Explore the best ground chicken recipes for meatballs, because you know, all your guests will surely love them!



There are many types and styles of making meatballs, shaming, and moulding crunchy ground chicken meat in rounds! It tastes even more amazing than the statement sounds.

As a food lover, I am a big fan of juicy chicken meatballs, Each and yummy things everyone craves in a chicken could be well satisfied with the spicy chicken meatball recipe. When I came across the numerous health benefits about ground chicken, I thought I should give at trying to creating the chicken meatballs with a smooth and time-saving ground chicken recipes.

 Chicken meatballs are juicy, crispy, brings a whole lot of flavours and scents to enlighten your dinner mood! If you haven’t tried the chicken meatballs, try them right now, the recipe will surely leave you wanting more and more!

When cooking chicken meatballs, many people have common doubts, one of them is, if the chicken Meatballs shall be baked?

Yes, the oven could be used for baking chicken meatballs lightly! But in certain limits, 400F is an ideal temperature to cook chicken meatballs if you like more juicy chicken meatballs.

Are our ground chicken recipes suitable for the Keto diet?

Well, we all know, ground chicken recipes are lighter in fat content so much with the powerhouse many benefits. Yes, these ground chicken recipes can completely fit into the keto diet. 

All ingredients of Keto friendly diet could be well combined in a chicken meatball recipe. You could give up all the worries of carbs in it as carb-free.

HOW many CALORIES does it contain?

Four hundred calories per serving are the estimated amount of calories in it.

WHAT can be paired up well with the CHICKEN MEATBALLS?

Pasta is a good option for chicken meatballs; Spaghetti Squash is another low-carb option to pair up well with chicken meatballs. It makes the perfect combo for a fantastic weekend night starter.


· Skinless chicken thighs – 1lb boneless

· Small onion – ¼ chopped

· garlic – ¾ peeled

· Egg white – 1 peeled

· Lemon juice – 1 ½ tablespoon

· Salt – 1 teaspoon

· Black pepper – 3 dashes

· Cilantro leaves – 10 finely chopped

· Cayenne pepper – 3 dashes

· For shallow frying – Oil 


1. Mix the chicken, egg white, lemon juice, salt, onion, garlic, and pepper in a food processor and blend it until it becomes a perfect mixture. Put the ground chicken in a container and sprinkle some cilantro leaves on it and stir. Mix the cayenne pepper. Mix all the ingredients properly.

2. Mould your ground chicken with your wet hands into the shape you like probably round to make it look like perfect meatballs and keep on the parchment paper.

3. Heat some oil in the pan and low hear, lightly fry the meatballs till they take colour light brown, after cooking them thoroughly, Serve your meatballs on the plate with favourite sauces and herbs

Ground Chicken Recipe for Burgers:

Ground Chicken Recipe for Burgers
Ground Chicken Recipe for Burgers

When the ground chicken recipes are transformed into burger form, we get the most flavorful dish of the world! So, from now onwards, you would not want to entertain only dry chicken, when you can get these yummy burgers on your dinner plate only in some minutes!

Ground chicken (chicken mince) is not only the most mouth-watering dish as this chicken burger recipe is moist yummy! I know, when word burgers strike into the mind, we think of dry chicken, but yes, with the ground chicken recipes, you can get moist chicken burgers for a change!

You might be thinking, how can we make the burgers with the ground chicken recipes?

Put all the ingredients into mixing bowl of burger, and all elements could be well mixed with your hands too, create patties after that and keep on wax paper. Create a hole in the centre of every pattie so that they will get cooked evenly.

Guacamole, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato are some of the best options for chicken burger toppings. Cheese is another ingredient to make sure your chicken burger remains moist and juicy. 

A pure mayo would surely complement with the ground chicken recipes of burgers.

Best tips for ground chicken burgers:

The chicken meat should not be over handled. Otherwise, your ground chicken patties might become try and thick.

Lay the patties on wax paper that you have made

To make them cook evenly, Always create little depression with your thumb in the mid of each burger.

Always heat the oil in the pan so that your patties won’t stick to the pan.

Use a metal spatula to slide burger patties.

As the cooking temperature measures might differ for every grill, your burgers can be cooked on BBQ on medium to high heat for 3 to 4 minutes on each side. You can utilize a meat thermometer to see if the meat is cooked correctly. Use a grill pan, 165F should be the temperature inside. 


· Sauce

· Mayo – 1 cup

· Dijon mustard – 1 teaspoon

· Lemon juice – 2 teaspoon

· Smoked paprika – ½ teaspoon

· Salt & pepper for flavours

· Burgers:

· Ground chicken breast – 1 pound

· Clove garlic minced – 1 Large

· Fresh chives – 1 tablespoon

· Fresh oregano – 2 tablespoon

· Juice of lemon – ½ 

· Breadcrumbs – ½ cup 

· Mayo – 2 tablespoon

· For taste salt and paper

Could be served with:

· Tomato sliced

· Avocado sliced

· Red onion sliced

· Hamburger buns

· Butter leaf lettuce


1. By mixing all the ingredients, make a burger (mayo, smoked paprika, mustard, lemon juice).

2. Pre-heat the oil on the grill on medium heat.

3. Make toppings (Tomato, Avocado, onion) in the remaining time.

4. Add the ground chicken in a medium bowl, chives, lemon juice, breadcrumbs, mayo, oregano, minced garlic, salt & pepper. You can mix it with your hands to mix it well.

5. Don’t over handle the mixture.

6. Burger patties lightly and lay them on a sheet of wax paper. Six average-size burger patties can be combined for one burger. Don’t forget to create a little depression in the centre to make it cook evenly.

7. Unless and until internal temperature rises to 165F, cook the patties. How much thick your patties are will decide how long they should be prepared. Whenever I cook, 4 to 5 min is enough.

8. After your burgers are grilled, 30 seconds on each side, you can toast if you would like.

9. Arrange the burgers and sprinkle some mayo on all buns and also add your favourite toppings, which you have decided!

So, conventional ground chicken recipes were the tales of yesterday; you can give your ground chicken recipes the whole new turn by transforming them into your regular chicken dishes for even more deliciousness. If you liked our article kindly comment in the comment section below, thank you!