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Hello everyone, this is Bhagyashree! First of all, I would sincerely thank you for giving a valuable moment to discover my food blog! Though I am not a professional chef, food blogging and cooking has always been in my nerves since I found the magic and creativity that I can evoke through different pantry arts! Cooking has always been a thing of my heart since I grew up! As I belong to the family with a keen interest in healthy, gourmet and authentic cooking, exotic cuisines have always triggered a flame of curiosity and interest in my heart!

For many years, I have been trying to shed some light upon the innovative and healthy cooking ideas and a piece of my heart has always been devoted to cherishing my love for exotic cuisines around the globe! While I was gratifying my passion for exploring the different foods, the concept of delighting my readers with some healthy cooking tips and recipes emerged in the backdrop of my mind!

Apart from cooking, I do have some other interests that I usually prefer to refresh my soul! Reading, holistic healing and gardening are some of the interests that thrill my mood! Also, I have a great zeal towards learning and exploring distinct aspects of nature and spirituality through holistic healing! Even though I am not a significant health freak, I would always encourage everyone to drop out unhealthy eating and to walk on the path of healthy recipes, so, this blog is my sheer attempt to gladden my readers with some unique cooking ideas, tips and recipes that would also benefit the health of my readers! Enjoy the blog. Thank you!