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30 Foods that Start with X, Y and Z | Unique guidebook!

Foods that Start with X
Foods that Start with X
Foods that Start with X
Foods that Start with X

Foods that Start with X, Y and Z – Decide your star food for a month!

I have seen a certain number of food guidebooks that compile up the recipes from A to Z, finding the perfect option becomes manifold easier. When I saw the idea, I was truly enchanted the unique notion of amalgamating foods that start with X, Y and Z together with alphabetical order, as it is very tricky to find the foods that start with these difficult alphabets!

Cooking with foods that start with specific alphabet is the most interesting thing you can include in your cooking schedule. This even seems like great fun because you get to know about many exciting dishes and foods. Here I am with the rarest foods that start with x, y, and z. I can bet you’ll be completely amazed by how interesting some food’s name can be! You might have gone through some common foods that start with letters like a, b or d! But, when it comes to searching for specific foods that start with x, y, and z, the whole thing becomes very tricky! These letters are unusual, and it seems quite difficult to search for foods that start with these letters; it does not matter for what purpose you search for these foods! When you have in-depth knowledge about some of the rarest food that starts with x, y, and z, you would be able to carve out the most exotic and creative meals for you.

This food guide consists of various exotic ingredients, vegetables, fruits, and food that start with x, y, and z, and this guidebook will even mesmerize your kiddos, as they will get a chance to learn more about new and rare foods. Some letters like x, y and z are very uncommon, and interestingly the foods that start with these letters are also quite interesting! So, let’s have a look!

You know how arduous it is when you find yourself searching for foods that start with X! I know it sounds funny, but think, foods that start with X would show some creativity with the X-mas menu!  The concept delighted me and it has taken over my mind.

And let me tell you one everyday facet of cooking, our pantry is loaded with such a diverse number of ingredients, we get stuck into the puzzle of choosing one single! Here is an innovative style for cooking, choose the alphabet ( meals starting from A one day, B the next, and the list goes on)!

And guess what, you may find the spectacular winning word for your upcoming scrabble set! I’ll share my funny incident, while the last set of scrabble was on, I was stuck in the challenge of finding foods that start with the letter x, you can easily make your way till X, but some letters are so damn complex!

Here we are presenting the 30 Fascinating Foods list, based upon their popularity and efficiency we have sorted out the order of food that start with X, Y and Z, the gateway for all food lovers to discover unique food facts!

XACUTI – No.1 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z!

XACUTI foods that start with x
XACUTI foods that start with x

This curry is a tricky blend of spices, usually prepared in India. It is consist of large dried red chilies along with some white poppy seeds. In Goa, this curry is quite popular, with the addition of unique spicing, the white poppy seeds, are merged with coconut and beautiful red chillies. It can be prepared with the chicken or lamb. It is trendy by the name of ‘chacuti’ in Portuguese. Chicken Xacuti is quite popular savoury curry dish in Goa, consists of a majestic army of flavours, herbs and spices. Its complex flavours make it wholly unique. This dish is naturally gluten-free and paleo, its numerous traces of aromas and flavours will surely make you fall in love with wonderful goan dish!

YELLOW LENTILS – No.2 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z!

It is a unique variety of lentils, pulses. These tiny flavour full lentils can be found in Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. When cooked down, they tend to become slightly mushy, so mainly used for thickening purees, soups, and stews. Yellow lentils take about 15-20 minutes to get cooked just like red lentils. Lentils have a very low number of calories. It is high in iron and folate and contains enormous levels of protein. The health-promoting polyphenols that reside in yellow lentils lower the risk of many heart diseases.

YAM BEAN- No.3 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z!

Its scientific name is Pachyrhizus erosus. Yam bean is quite famous by the name of Mexican turnip, the yam bean comes under the category of legume, and it is not like its close relatives the soybean and other beans. They have the large, tuberous roots, the prime reason for the cultivation of yam bean. When pods get matured, they can get toxic, but it can be consumed as a veggie when young. Yam bean is specifically high in potassium and phosphorus that are very healthy substances for kidneys and bile.

YAMS – No.4 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z!

Yams primarily belong to Asia and Africa, as the majority of the crop comes from Africa, specifically Nigeria. In the genus dioscorea, many plants carry the name as yam. To get enough of starchy tubers, Yams are perennial herbaceous vines cultivated in many temperate and tropical regions, especially in the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania. It can deliver a good source of manganese, copper, fiber, potassium, and antioxidants to the body.

Yams are also known to have an array of health benefits like boosting brain health, fighting body inflammation, and it maintains a right blood sugar level. Yams are genuinely versatile and take lesser time to get cooked and a very healthy vegetable to make a part of your daily routine. It also raises the taste of sweet and savoury recipes!

YEAST – No.5 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z!

YEAST foods that start with x
YEAST foods that start with x

Yeast is used for fermenting foods in food processing by feeding on sugar and transforming it into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Yeasts are very nutritious and about two tablespoons provide five grams of carbohydrates, four grams of fibre, and 60 calories. Yeast holds a little part of that healthy combination of bacteria which is present in your gut. Yeast helps the body to absorb the optimum levels of vitamins and minerals from the food you consume and fights many diseases.

YELLOW PAPAW – No.6 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

Yellow papaw is a melon-like fruit which has a smooth skin, and yellow-orange tinted shade. It has a very less sweet yellow flesh. As it is a big melon-like fruit with yellow-orange stained skin and less-sweet yellow flesh, the term papaw was given to it. Though often called by the same name, it is very distinct as compared to papaya, the yellow flesh of papaws is very different, and it is quite a rounder and larger than papaya.

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XIGUA – No.7 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

XIGUA foods that start with x
XIGUA foods that start with x

Xigua is a word for Watermelon in Chinese. Watermelon belongs to the plant species of Cucurbitaceae family; it is a plant mainly domesticated in West Africa and has a vine-like flowering. This fruit is highly grown worldwide, with near 1000 varieties. Watermelon is known as a good source of lycopene. Also, it is known for having the highest lycopene levels than any other fruit or veggie! Lycopene is what delivers a beautiful red tint in the watermelon. Lycopene is also known as the antioxidant that can keep the cardiovascular health in good shape and keeps certain cancers at bay.

YUZU – No.8 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

It comes from the citrus fruit family, Rutaceae; it has been originated in East Asia. The yuzu is also known as Yuja in Korean cuisine culture. Yuzu juice can be a good substitute for orange blossom water, it works exceptionally well with herbs like cloves, pistachio, cinnamon, and rose. The primary flavour of yuzu is sour, just like the regular lemons; it also contains a hint of deep umami taste that is unique.

XOCOLATL – No.9 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

It is the Mayan word for chocolate. This drink is related to cacao. To the Mayans, it was also known as ‘xocolatl’, and ‘cacahuatl’.  It is also rendered as the spicy hot chocolate belonging to the ancient Aztecs. Many say that cocoa was initially discovered in the Meso-American region. The ancient rulers of Mexico used to make a traditional beverage with this cocoa. In old ages, the cocoa was simply merged with water or many times with honey along with the items available.

XOCONOSTLE – No.10 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

XOCONOSTLE foods that start with x
XOCONOSTLE foods that start with x

Xoconostle’s scientific name is Opuntia matudae. These are the species of prickly pear cactus and primarily belong to Central Mexico. You can find this fruit at the end of the summer and through some of the fall months. You can use it in numerous ways. It has a robust, strong flavour which is refreshing and highly acidic. Its consumption can control seric glucose control in people having type 2 Diabetes Mellitus; it prevents hyperglycemia and cholesterol issues. It balances the triglyceride levels in healthy people.

XOUBA – No.11 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

This fish is found near Spain; it is a type of small sardine-like fish. In the monotypic genus Sardina, the European pilchard is a species of ray-finned fish. Sometimes they are called sardines, specifically the younger species among many fish. An iron griddle is used to roast these fishes, mostly on the outside as the smell is unpleasant. They are high in many nutrients and vitamins like omega-3 fatty acids, protein, selenium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Additionally they also have significant amounts of vitamin B2, copper, calcium, choline and vitamin B3.

YARDLONG BEAN – No.12 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

This is cultivated primarily for its amazingly long immature pods which can be used just like a green bean. It is a phenomenal climbing annual vine. This asparagus bean can be rendered as a legume that consists of edible green pods with immature seeds.

 Chinese long bean, bodi/bora, snake bean, long-podded cowpea, or pea beans are some of the other famous names of the yardlong bean. There are very amounts of Cholesterol, Saturated Fat, and Sodium in this food. It is the ultimate powerhouse of nutrients like Thiamin, Riboflavin, Iron, Phosphorus, Protein, Vitamin A, and Potassium.

YAUTIA – No.13 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

It comes from Northern South America, and it is also planted quite a lot in many regions of the world. It has a different variety of colours purplish, pink, yellow and white. The corms, cormels, and leaves of it are also essential as they are an excellent source of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. It is specifically low in Sodium and contains a very low amount of Cholesterol and Saturated Fat. It is also power-packed with many essential vitamins like Potassium, Vitamin B6, and Copper that are good for immunity health.

XIANGCAOJING – No.14 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

It is the Chinese name for calling Vanilla extract; the vanilla extract is infused in many western dishes to elevate the flavour. It nicely increases the wholesome aroma in desserts such as baked goods like cakes, brownies, cookies, and cupcakes, as well as ice creams, puddings, custards. Vanilla extract mainly consists of ethanol; it is the same kind of alcohol which is found in wine, beer, and hard liquor along with many other fragrant and aromatic extracts such as aftershave, perfume, cologne, and mouthwash. Its presence in recipes, therefore, could not be considered as poisonous.

YELLOW PEPPERS – No.15 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

Yellow pepper is the tasty variety of bell pepper; this vegetable belongs to Northern South America, Central America, and Mexico. They provide a good supply of vitamins like A and C; these antioxidants are essential to fight many inflammations in the body and support the immune system, they also rebuild the amount of collagen within the body. The peppers are the powerhouse of folate, fibre, vitamin B6, and also, capsaicin, this chemical compound mainly evokes the sensation of heat or spice in the brain.

YOGHURT – No.16 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

It is created by bacterial fermentation of milk. Yoghurt is a very healthy food product. Yoghurt can be prepared by any category of milk. Yoghurt is known for increasing the health of the leaky gut. Yoghurt has a good amount of lactic acid bacteria that play a massive role in keeping cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, infections, and asthma at bay. Regular consumption of fresh yoghurt increases the radiance and flawlessness of skin.

XINOMAVRO GRAPES – No.17 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

These are the red wine grapes of the uplands of Naousa. It produces many-layered and tricky wines that have a medium-high acidity along with the ruby-coloured texture and thick tannins. A typical Xinomavro grapes spread a numerous range of aromas such as dark fruit, chocolate, gooseberry, tomato, tobacco. It consists of colourless juice, and the flesh is soft. Xinomavro wines are robust in taste and flavour that enchants the attention of taste buds!

XIPHIAS – No.18 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

Xiphias means a Swordfish in Greek! Some countries also call it as ‘broadbills’. They are are large-sized and predatory fishes recognized mainly by their long, flat, pointed bill. In the billfish category, they are very renowned, though quite elusive. Swordfish’s appearance is elongated in shape with a round like bodies, and these often lose their teeth and scales when they reach adulthood.

 You will know if the swordfish is cooked wholly, it will show up the opaque texture after cooking, it is quite translucent and shiny. A nicely cooked swordfish can flake apart easily with a fork.

XIAOLONGBAO – No.19 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

 This Chinese steamed bun belongs to the Jiangnan region. It is primarily associated with Wuxi and Shanghai. Xiao long bao has smooth, delicate skins that work best for a gelatinized meat broth or pork-based filling. However, Xiao Long Bao cannot be considered as a good option for a healthy diet; its many calories are majorly carbs and fats; though it can be consumed in moderate amounts and your fitness criteria would be on point by controlling its consumption. You can pair this dish with lean proteins as this dish lacks in the only thing, i.e. protein!

ZUCCHINI – No.20 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

Zucchini has been originated in Central America, and afterwards, it has spread across the world. It is also known as summer squash, of Mesoamerican origin. It consists of mild flavour, with little hints of sweetness and bitter taste, which gives a regal feel to the dish. When the zucchini wholly cooked, the sweetness becomes much more intense. Zucchini also softens after cooking.

YELLOWTAIL KINGFISH – No.21 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

foods that start with x YELLOWTAIL KINGFISH
foods that start with x YELLOWTAIL KINGFISH

They are also popularly known as great amberjack or the southern yellowtail amberjack, primarily found in the Southern Ocean, it is a big sized fish.

The backside of the fish has blue or blue-green colour shades, and the base part is white-silver coloured. It has a prominent bronze-yellow coloured stripe that goes straight across the lateral line on the body and vibrant yellow-coloured tail. They are hugely acclaimed as sashimi fish but make the excellent option for grilling. They have very firm flesh and maintain their shape during cooking. Yellowtail Kingfish is often utilized for dicing and many times merged in curries or soups.

YUCA – No.22 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

Yuca is a starchy tubular root. It is somewhat similar to a potato family. This plant is mainly cultivated in Costa Rica and also throughout Central America and South. Yuca is one of those drought-tolerant plants that require lesser maintenance. Many times it is confused with yucca (yuck-ah), it is a different kind of fruit-bearing shrub.

 In the developing world, Yuca, or cassava, is a prime staple food that provides an essential diet to many people throughout the globe. It contains a starchy flesh that is light white or cream tinted along with the texture like potatoes. Its meaty flesh has a somewhat nutty taste and mild sweet tint.

YULE LONG – No.23 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

This dessert is famous in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Lebanon, and Quebec. It is an authentic traditional dessert which is cooked prior Christmas. It is also served in many former French colonies such as Vietnam, and some parts of the United Kingdom and Spain. You can store Yule log in the fridge up to 3 days, wrapped up with the foil, and it can be easily frozen for one month.

XAVIER SOUP – No.24 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

This is a type of chicken soup, which has been titled by the name Roman Catholic missionary Francis Xavier. The presence of parmesan-and-parsley dumplings in clear broth makes it a lot more delicious; it gives a very soulful as a prime dish. The sizzling sprinkle of parsley makes it look beautifully grassy. Parsley can never be doubted to create a beautiful culinary for dish decoration. Also, it brings a healthy vegan tone to the dish.

ZRAZY – No.25 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

This dish is quite popular in Eastern Europe, it is a meat roulade dish, especially in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania. The threads or toothpicks are removed before serving, and afterwards, the zrazy is drained. It is many times sprinkled with flour or topped with sour cream. Zrazy is served along with the sauce; garnishing is often done with buckwheat, barley, crumbled kasha. Later on, this dish also became a part of many Eastern European cuisines.

ZINFANDEL – No.26 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

These are famous grapes with black skin, used for wine. It is also known as Primitivo, black-skinned wine grape is another famous name for this. Zinfandel is cultivated in about 10 per cent of California vineyards. In the mid-19th century, the grape found its way to the United States. An intense, robust red wine is produced by these grapes, and it has a high sale level than the white wine.

ZUCCOTTO – No.27 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

Zuccotto is originated in Florence, a yummy Italian desert. Zuccotto is a chilled dessert made with ice cream, alchermes, cake and semi-frozen. You can also freeze and can be thawed before serving. A special pumpkin-shaped mould is used for making this dessert. There are many variations of zuccotto. 

ZAMPONE – No.28 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

The front trotter of a pig is used to create the Zampone of Modena. It is also merged with lean meats like back fat, belly, back skin. You can consume the cooked Zampone at any time, but mostly the serving portion is precooked in the hot water pouch for 20 minutes by many people. The taste of raw zampone is much tastier than the cooked version. For softening its skin, zampone is immersed in water overnight.

ZARZUELA- No.29 in the list of food that starts with X, Y and Z list!

This seafood belongs to the Catalan coastal region of Spain; it is kind of shellfish stew. The word Zarzuela primarily means “operetta,” or “variety show,” and the uniqueness and accomplished taste of this dish are wholly shown by those terms. Adding more amount of seafood to this dish will evoke the much better flavour!

ZWIEBACK – No.30 in the list of foods that start with X, Y and Z list!

This is a distinct kind of rusk; it is quite popular in Turkey, France, Serbia, Greece, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Macedonia and Bulgaria. This rusk makes an excellent option for serving with breakfast, also plays out as the yummy snack for free hours and of course, teething babies will love this food.

This was our article containing the most exotic and rarely known food that start with x, y, and z. I hope you liked it! There are not various foods that start with x, y, and z, but still, we have somehow managed to bring the names of these amazing rare foods that start with x, y, and z! So, enjoy the list and try something new with these foods and ingredients to amaze your family this year!