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Food that starts with R – fascinating food facts with unique health benefits.

food that starts with R
food that starts with R

Food that starts with R – A complete guide to discover exotic cuisines!

As we always love to delight our readers with the most unique and rare information, we have done extensive research on food that starts with R and rare edibles, with all the excellent health and medicinal benefits such foods bring with them!

We have not only featured famous and exotic food that starts with R and edibles but have listed out all the rare and exotic fruits and vegetables start with the letter R to delight you with pretty fascinating food facts.

Our guide includes all the ingredients, condiments and food that starts with the letter R, referred to as edibles! So, here we start, we start our exotic food guide!

Here is the complete guide of food that starts with R; discover the most interesting facts about rare edibles:

1. RICE:

Rice is a globally popular grain that is consumed as edible food. Rice grain has three different varieties, such as long, medium, and short rice. Rice is used for many sweet as well as savory dishes across the globe. Rice is the most famous food that starts with R.


Raspberries are tiny, sweet-sour berries. These edible berries are either red or black. These small-sized berries are quite juicy small juicy with a little tart flavor. These berries are naturally high in numerous antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Raspberries can vary in color, from red to yellow. Raspberries are relatively smaller in size than blackberries.


Ratafia is a type of macaroon. Ratafee liquor is used to enhance the flavor of this small cake recipe.


Ribier is a type of grape that is originated from California. It possesses a tangy taste and purple skin.


Rickey is a liquid prepared with soda water and sweet lime juice mixed with liquor.


Ricotta is a quite well-known variety of Italian cheese. This cheese from Italian cuisine is very tender and soft, just like its many counterparts. It is a classic whey cheese with a subtle, delicate and mild flavor. However, this cheese variety tends to have a little grainy texture.


Riesling is a white grape variety of wine that originated from Rhine valley.


Red cabbage belongs to the family of the cabbage plant. It has a head-bulb with red-purple leaves. This vibrantly colored vegetable is most often used in various salad recipes for its exotic appearance. Like its counter green cabbage, red cabbage is also relatively high in antioxidant content and vitamin C.

9. Radish

Radish is a very healthy root vegetable with an intense pungent, sour flavor; this crunchy vegetable is most commonly utilized for exotic salads. Radish is an excellent source of potassium, fiber and vitamin C; however, radish is not liked by everyone for its robust, pungent flavor.


Rigatoni is a type of pasta with ribbed, short pieces.


Ratatouille is a classic type of stew. This yummy stew is prepared with fresh vegetables and some other savory flavourful ingredients such as zucchini, onion, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and tangy seasoning. As this stew consists of peppers and tomatoes as prime ingredients, it has an intense tangy flavor.


Red currant is gem-like, tiny sour berries, most commonly used to make jams. These berries originally belong to Europe. Their unique flavor somewhere lies between the tastes of raspberries and rhubarb; however, these berries are relatively mild with a little tart flavor.


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Ratafee is a variety of liquor with a sweet taste. It is prepared with wine or brandy. Some chunks of peach, apricot and almonds are also used to prepare this liquor.


Ragout is a commonly used term for stew. This delicious stew is prepared with fresh veggies and meat and nicely seasoned.


Rabbit is a quite popular animal, but you might have been unaware about the fact it can also be eaten as food? Yes! The meat of the rabbit is used for cooking in many cuisines around the world.

16. RAITA:

Raita is a Pakistani and an Indian side dish made with aromatic spice and yogurt; it also has some finely chopped cucumbers chunks in it.


Ravioli is a delicious variety of pasta. This unique pasta consists of filling in thin circular shaped dough cases. This unique variety of pasta originally belongs to Italian cuisine. This pasta can be served with a broth or sauce.


Raisin is one of the famous dry fruits across the world. This dried grape has a very toothsome sweet-sour taste and quite flavorful. However, the color and size of the raisins might vary as per the locations; raisins come in different colors such as brown, black, purple or red; all of these are dried grapes. Raisin is the most popular food that starts with R and it is predominantly used in various cereal or oatmeal recipes. Raisins are highly loaded with fiber, but it has a considerably high amount of sugar and calories.


Rambutan is an exotic fruit with red color; this fruit is grown on a Malayan tree.


Relish is a savory condiment made with numerous spices. Many finely chopped herbs, vegetables or fruits are used in the recipe of this condiment. This pickled product is quite famous. It is one of the most popular pickles prepared with cucumber jam; it can be consumed with hamburgers.

21. RUM:

Rum is a type of alcoholic drink. This liquor is produced in mass amounts in the Caribbean and American countries. It is made in some parts of India as well.


Retsina is a classic Greek wine. Resin is used to enhance the unique flavor of this wine. It is a widely known edible and food that starts with R.


Rugelach is a gourmet pastry. This sweet delicacy is prepared with numerous fillings and cream cheese dough.


Rhenish wine originally belongs to Germany; this unique type of white wine is quite popular across Germany.


Rutabaga is a yellow-colored root used as edible food. This root comes from the rutabaga plant.


Rueben is a unique hot sandwich. This sandwich is prepared with flavorful ingredients like corned beef, Swiss cheese.


Radicchio is one of the famous foods that start with R. It is a unique variety of chicory with lovely purple-red leaves globose heads.


Red beets are widely known as ‘beetroot’ across many parts of the world. Red beet is a globally popular food that starts with R. Beets are a great source of many nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. It is highly loaded with folate, fiber, manganese, iron, potassium and vitamin C.


Rhubarb is a pinkish, sour leafy vegetable that can be consumed after cooking. It has long pink-purple leafstalks that are also edible. Rhubarb has a sour, butter-like taste. This vegetable is usually cooked with sugar; however, it is often amalgamated with strawberries to include in desserts and pies. This vegetable can also be eaten raw.


Rijsttaffel is an Indonesian dish that is commonly served with rice side dishes.  This dish is prepared with a numerous variety of sauces and foods in it.


Rockfish is a type of fish possessing dark longitudinal stripes. Rockfish is considerably high in proteins and is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.


Risotto is a type of rice prepared with broth and toppings of some grated cheese. This exotic and delicious rice dish is made with tasty broth from meat, fish and vegetables. This dish is incredibly creamy textured and contains many savory ingredients such as butter, onion, wine and parmesan cheese.

33. ROAST:

The roast is a common term for a roasted piece of meat.


Roquefort is one of the most famous blue cheeses across the world. This tasty blue cheese is originated from France. This cheese variety has a moist, crumbly finish, and it is prepared from the sheep’s milk. Roquefort is considered a unique cheese for its aromatic and soft, creamy texture. 

35. ROLL:

Roll is small-circular shaped bread. This bread can be used for sandwiches or eaten whole.


Romaine lettuce is a unique variety of lettuce. These are dark green leaves with a long elongated head. These leaves are sturdy, crunchy and filled with many essential nutrients. Romaine lettuce is commonly used for side dishes or used in salads.


Rosefish is a large fish that has a rich but subtle flavor. This fish is most often found on the northern Atlantic coast of America.


Ramekin is a classic delicacy of cheese; it is prepared with eggs and some breadcrumbs.


Rosemary is a well-known aromatic herb that has pungent leaves. Rosemary is pretty much famous for its use as a seasoning, specifically for meat dishes. It has tiny, needle-like, green leaves, and it is used in salads, casseroles, soups, and stews.


Rarebit is a type of cheese. This cheese is served on toast and melted along with ale or beer.

41. RYE:

Rye is a grain plant cultivated in a large number for the mass production of bread, some vodkas, flour, beer, etc.


Redfish are found near the United States; this type of fish is relatively larger and considered edible. Red drum, channel bass, puppy drum are some of the standard terms for this fish.

43. ROUX:

Roux is a blend made up of fat and flour; it is also used as a base in numerous sauce recipes for its thick texture.

So, we hope you have enjoyed and amazed by this guide with rare and unique information on food that starts with R. This guide featured an array of edibles, fruits, ingredients, vegetables and exotic food that starts with R to delight our readers and enhance their knowledge. If you are wondering that we missed out on some names and know more fantastic facts about such foods, kindly leave a comment below and share your knowledge with us! Thank you!

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