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Food that starts with P and their very fantastic health benefits

Food that starts with P
Food that starts with P

Food that starts with P – An impressive guide to exotic edibles!

After fantastic extensive research, I have listed edible fruits and food that starts with a P. Many of these edibles and names of food that starts with p are common foods like plum, papaya, peach, yet their health aids are unknown to many. Explore this unique guide to have a fantastic insight into the impressive health benefits delivered by these foods!

So, here we begin with the guide of food that starts with a P; stay tuned!

1. Passionfruit:

Passionfruit is a vibrant and colorful fruit with a maroon-magenta outer skin and bright yellow inner seeds. Passionfruit has originated from Brazil, this exotic fruit has a tart taste and very deep smell.

2. Panjeeri:

Panjeeri is a toothsome dessert. It is prepared with a blend of dried fruits, butter and whole wheat flour.

3. Pear:

Pear is said to be one of the fruits that contain very high fiber content. Pears have a wonderful tangy-sweet taste and subtle flavor that is loved by everyone.

4. Poulet aux noix:

This dish is made with well-spiced chicken. Some savory ingredients such as tomato paste, diced tomatoes and onions with raw cashews are used in this Haitian dish.

5. Peach:

Peach is a yummy fruit with a sweet, sour flavor. This fruit is most commonly paired with any dessert as its sweet-sour tangy flavor fits with any sweet delicacy.  Peaches are a very rich source of Vitamins like A, C and nutrients.

6. Pastitsio:

This pasta delicacy is prepared with a filling of minced and spiced meat. This tasty baked dish also consists of Bechamel sauce as topping.

7. Purple mangosteen:

It is a tropical fruit with a hard purple-colored shell and an intense acidic taste.

8. Phaletshe:

This dish is a pap served along with a beef stew or boiled free-range chicken. It is a Botswana maize meal.

9. Plum:

Plums are super-healthy fruits and possess great health aids. Plum consumption has also been linked with many cardiovascular health benefits. However, plums can vary in size, color and taste.

10. Put chai ko:

Put chai ko is a Chinese snack. This pudding cake is prepared with simple ingredients like long–grain rice, white or brown sugar and cornstarch.

11. Papaya:

Papaya is an orange-colored fruit with juicy, fleshy inner pulp. It naturally belongs to Central America. Papaya is also highly loaded with essential antioxidants that promote a sound digestion system and glowing skin.

12. Piperade:

It is a savory dish made with green peppers, onion and tomatoes. It is flavored with Espelette pepper and sautéed in olive oil.

13. Pomelo:

It is a pale yellow-green shaded fruit. They produce sweet white flesh when completely ripen.

14. Paiidakia:

Paiidakia consists of grilled lamb chops. Some other tangy ingredients such as oregano, lemon, pepper and salt are used to enhance flavor. 

15. Persimmon:

Persimmons are incredibly yummy fruits that belong to the family of roses. A properly ripen persimmons have a sweet texture and subtle taste, and the texture closely mimics apricots.

16. Pizzelle:

It is a traditional waffle cookie. Many simple ingredients such as eggs, sugar, flour, butter or vegetable oil are used in the preparation of this dish and distinct flavoring ingredients like vanilla or lemon zest are used to enhance the aroma.

17. Pineapple:

Pineapples originally belong to South America. Pineapple is considered a versatile fruit that can be added to many desserts and utilized as a sweetener.

18. Pomegranate:

Pomegranate is a rich fruit with deep, dark pink color. Pomegranates have originated from the Middle East and are commonly cultivated around the Mediterranean. Pomegranate is a rich source of antioxidants and has believed to contain more antioxidants than green tea!

19. Paneer tikka masala:

This Indian dish is made up of marinated paneer cheese and cooked in spicy gravy.

20. Potato Gulasch:

It is an Austrian dish prepared with numerous fresh and tasteful veggies like onions, potatoes, sausages and bell pepper.

21. Pakora:

It is a fried South African snack prepared with simple savory ingredients like potato, spinach, cauliflower, onion, eggplant. The process includes dipping them in a blend made of gram flour and frying them.

22. Pastilla:

It is a Moroccan delicacy that consists of meat pie prepared with squab or fish filling.

23. Peppered shrimps:

It is a delicious street food that belongs to Jamaican cuisine. This dish is consists of garlic, butter, thyme, and hot pepper and cooked in a skillet.

24. Picadillo:

It is a savory flavored dish prepared with tomatoes, ground meat and onions. It is commonly served with tortillas or rice.

25. Pica Pollo:

This dish is eaten with fried plantains. It is a Dominican dish that consists of fried chicken.

26. Pikliz:

It is a classic Haitian relish made up of pickled vegetables. Some common vegetables such as shredded carrots, onions, cabbage, shallots, and spicy peppers are used to prepare this dish.

27. Pizza Cuban:

This dish is made up of sweet sauce from Cuba and quite thicker than a pizza.

28. Palak paneer:

It is a regal curry dish that belongs to Indian cuisine. This vegetarian dish is made up of paneer and a thick paste of spinach. This curry is seasoned with garlic, ginger, gram masala, with many other spices.

29. Pudding and souse:

It is a classic Barbadian dish and paired up with steamed sweet potatoes, pudding and souse.

30. Plum sauce:

It is a light brown condiment with a robust sweet-sour flavor and is commonly used as a dip for deep-fried foods such as noodles.

31. Pork pie:

Pork pie is a regal English dish with a meat pie. A filling of roughly chopped pork with pork fat is included in the preparation of this English delicacy. This pie is commonly eaten as a snack or paired with a salad.

32. Peanut:

Peanuts are also known by the scientific term called Arachis hypogaea. Peanut is a variety of legume that belongs to South America. People also called peanut by different terms such as earthnut and groundnuts.

33. Pot brood:

It is a variety of bread that is traditionally baked in a cast-iron pot.

34. Pelau:

It is a savory Trini dish made with meat such as chicken or beef. This dish is commonly served with fresh herbs, rice, vegetables and coconut milk.

35. Pepper:

Black pepper comes from the family Piperaceae, and it is a flowering vine. This aromatic spice is commonly cultivated for the fruit peppercorn. These fruits are dried and later utilized in foods as a spice and seasoning ingredient.

36. Potato bread:

It is variety of bread, prepared with potato flour or potato instead of wheat flour.

37. Porridge:

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Porridge is a simple dish prepared by boiling ground, crushed starchy plants in milk. Porridge is a classic breakfast dish made with cereals.

38. Pickles:

Pickles are widely famous for their tangy, savory taste. Pickles are created by the simple process of enhancing the shelf life of food by immersion in vinegar or anaerobic fermentation in brine.

39. Paprika:

Paprika is a pie prepared from grinding dried sweet bell pepper such as red or green.

40. Panforte:

It is an Italian dessert. This classic chewy dish contains numerous fruits and nuts.

41. Pease pudding:

Pease pudding dish is prepared with split yellow peas and boiled legumes. It is cooked with ham joint or bacon.

42. Pitaya:

Pitaya is most popularly known as dragon fruit. Pitaya consists of an outer skin with green thorn-like leaves. It has a vibrant pink external appearance with inner white-black seeds.

43. Prassorizo:

It is a light flavor leeks and rice stew dish prepared with olive oil and lemon juice.

44. Peking duck:

This dish belongs to Chinese cuisine and is most commonly served with garlic sauce, dip and sugar. This dish consists of dried Peking duck, which is baked and very delicious.

45. Pies:

A pie is made up of pastry dough. Pies are a baked gourmet dish and tastes very toothsome; they contain a delicious filling made up of sweet ingredients.

46. Popiah:

Popiah is a variety of fresh spring rolls filled with shredded vegetables. This dish is trendy as Malaysian street food and most often found in Medan and Taiwan.

47. Prunes:

Prunes are widely popular and famous edible food that starts with P; this dry fruit is one of the most consumed dried fruits worldwide. Prunes are the plums that are dried under the sun.

48. Pizza:

Pizza is a globally famous tangy flavorful dish of Italian origin. A round-shaped, flattened base of leavened wheat-based dough is used in the pizza recipe along with an upper topping of savory ingredients like cheese, tomatoes and numerous other ingredients.

49. Plantain:

Anyone can recognize this food that starts with P. Plantains are thick, long and consists of big bananas! Plantains are loaded with starch and very low in sugar. This fruit is also known as cooking banana as it can bear much more heat.

50. Pani puri:

This Indian snack is a very famous dish in India. It is simple prepared with onion, flour, potatoes, spiced water and chickpeas.

51. Potted shrimps:

Potted shrimps are very delicious and are known as a classic English delicacy. It is consists of brown shrimp; some additional ingredients like nutmeg are used to enhance the flavor.

52. Popcorn:

Popcorns are a type of snack that is considered as lighter as well as healthy. These air-popped and subtly seasoned popcorns are the ideal snacks for house parties and small occasions.

This was our list featuring food that starts with P, which included fruits, vegetables, edibles and foods from distinct parts across the world. Kindly share your thoughts by commenting in the comment section below! Thank you!

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