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Food that starts with Q – The guide to discover the exotic foods

food that starts with Q
food that starts with Q

Food that starts with Q – The comprehensive guide to exotic edibles!

As we all know, finding and listing the names of food that starts with Q could be quite tricky and time-consuming! So here is our list featuring all the names of food that starts with Q, at the end you will be amazed and delighted to know that there are an array of exotic foods and cuisines around the world that starts with even an uncommon letter like Q! This impressive list features all the exotic and unique edibles, vegetables and names of food that starts with a Q.  Here is ‘the food that start with Q’ guide!

1. Quagmyre:

It is an exotic variety of cocktails. This cocktail is prepared with an ingredient such as Canadian whiskey, chocolate milk, coffee liqueur, and Irish cream.

2. Queen soda:

It is a variety of soda. This soda is prepared with cream soda and butterscotch schnapps. 

3. Quaker cocktail:

The Quaker is a bright, sweet-flavored, citrusy cocktail that has a delightful taste. This fruity martini has a subtle flavor and is prepared with raspberry juice, brandy, old rum and tangy lemon juice.

4. Queen fish:

This tasty fish is known by the term ‘queen croaker.’ It is fillet fish that is consumed in many cuisines and used in cooking.

5. Quicksand:

This a unique cocktail and famous food that starts with Q. Numerous exotic ingredients and edibles such as KitKat chocolate, bailey’s Irish cream, Hershey chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream and Bacardi rum are used to prepare this drink.

6. Quick Decision:

This cocktail is made with Irish cream and some other ingredients such as whiskey, coffee liqueur, whipping cream and rum.

7. Quaff:

Quaff is an alcoholic drink. It’s an intoxicating beverage with unique mild taste.

8. Quick thrill:

This cocktail is a very popular drink prepared with three essential ingredients such as dark rum, cola, and a red sugar cube.

9. Quark:

It is a classic dairy product prepared with warm soured milk.

10. Queen’s cake:

It is a gourmet dessert cake prepared with toothsome ingredients like dates, eggs, sugar, flour and butter. This ultimate dessert is topped with sweet shredded coconut icing.

11. Quinoa:

It is a classic type of salad prepared with many fresh vegetables like cucumbers, garlicky olive oil, onions, chickpeas, bell peppers and fresh parsley leaves. A tangy lemon dressing is used over it to enhance the flavor.

12. Quaver Chewy Granola Bars:

This is an amazing product from Quaker Oats. The Chewy granola bars are relatively healthier as compared to usual bars. These bars are small-sized with 24 grams. They consist of around 100 calories along with 3.5 grams of fat. These bars are considered a mild snack.

13. Quindim:

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It is a baked custard dessert. This unique dessert is made from simple ingredients like egg yolks, sugar and ground coconut.

14. Quills pasta:

It is a type of pasta with cylinder-like shaped pieces, and ends are chopped at bias.

15. Quisp:

It is a classic cereal made up of a baked blend of cornmeal and syrup formed like saucers.

16. Quail meat:

A variety of flavorful and nutritious fatty meat. This meat-type can be an ideal and substitute to replace with broiler chicken. It’s a healthier alternative to broiler chicken. Quail meat is considered to be a nutrient-rich edible food that is beneficial for human consumption.

17. Quarter pounder:

It is an ultimately tasty hamburger. This hamburger is sold by the international fast-food chain run by McDonald’s.

18. Quenelle:

A quenelle is a classic blend of meat or creamed fish. Many times it is mixed with breadcrumbs with the help of fine egg binding.

19. Quince cheese:

Quince cheese is a sweet flavored confection that has a jelly-like texture. It is prepared from the pulp of the quince fruit and formed into red-colored gelatin.

20. Quarter-pounder burger:

It is a top-rated food product, a classic hamburger sold by McDonald’s.

21. Quail eggs:

Quail eggs can be found in Chinese markets or specialty gourmet stores and, although they are certainly more expensive than chicken eggs, they aren’t as expensive as you might expect.

22. Quiche:

It is the delicious French tart. This yummy delicacy is consists of pastry crust with a filling of savory custard, along with chunks of meat, fresh vegetables, cheese or seafood.

23. Queso:

It is known as an appetizer that consists of processed or melted cheese; it is consumed as a side dish.

24. Queen of Puddings:

It is a regal British dessert. This gourmet dessert is an amalgamation of baked, breadcrumb blend, rolled out with jam, and a flavorful topping of meringue enhance the wholesome flavor.

25. Quatre-quarts:

It is also known as a French pound cake. A classic Pound cake is traditionally prepared with a pound of edible ingredients such as eggs, flour, sugar and butter.

26. Qatayef:

It is a sweet dumpling made with nuts and filled with cream.

27. Quavers:

Quavers are prepared with curly potato puffs. It is toothsome British snack food.

28. Quahog:

It is a type of shell that is an edible food ingredient. It is a hard textured shell that has a mild sweet flavor.

29. Quesadillas:

It is a classic tortilla that is grilled and prepared with cheese.

30. Queso panela:

This is a classic type of tender Mexican cheese. This fresh white cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk.

31. Qeema:

Qeema is an ultimately tasty Indian dish made with fried or stewed curry of minced mutton, beef and other numerous meat types. Some fresh veggies like green peas or potatoes are used for a healthy flip over a dish.

32. Queso Oaxaca:

This cheese originated from Mexico, and it is a semi-hard, white textured cheese. It is prepared with curd cheese and most commonly utilized to prepare fillings in foods such as tortillas or used on cooked food by melting.

33. Qottab:

Qottab in Iranian cuisine. A pastry or cake with almond flavor filling and deep-fried. It is made with almonds, flour, vegetable oil, cardamom and powdered sugar.

34. Quinoa flour:

Quinoa flour is gluten-free flour and considered healthy food that starts with Q. A simple process of grinding quinoa grain is done to prepare the pancakes, waffles and fruitcakes.

35. Queijadinhais:

This sweet delicacy is prepared with an energizing grated coconut, sweet condensed milk, a fresh cheese, a butter, sugar and egg yolks.

36. Quince:

It is a firm, acidic fruit with pear-shape. This fruit is utilized in preserved foods and used as a flavoring ingredient. 

37. Quadrettini:

It is a variety of flat pasta and formed into a square triangle-shaped form.

38. Quiche Lorraine:

It is an open pie with a wholesome, yummy taste. It is prepared with cream, lardons and eggs.

39. Quandong:

It is a tiny sized, red fruit with a shiny texture.  This fruit is also known by the name of desert peach. It originally belongs to Australia.

40. Queso asadero:

Queso asadero is a cheese with a rubbery texture that is pulled and shaped into strands.

41. Queso Blanco:

Queso Blanco is a Spanish term for white cheese, and it can also refer to numerous types of cheeses that have a typical appearance, such as white color hue.

42. Quorn:

Quorn is considered very healthy food that starts with Q. It is a prosperous source of protein. It is an excellent product for anyone who seeks low-fat vegetarian and vegan version diets. Quorn can also be rendered as a right meat substitute that belongs to the UK. 

43. Queso añejo:

It is a variety of Mexican cheese. This cheese is prepared with skimmed goat’s milk.

44. Quesito:

Quesito pastry is formed into a cigar shape and it is a Puerto Rican pastry prepared with dough. This pastry consists of a filling made up of sweet cream cheese along with numerous other fruit preserves.

45. Queso cotija:

It is a type of cheese made from cow’s milk; this white crumbly Mexican cheese is quite tasty and famous food that starts with Q.

46. Qi:

It is a classic method of cooking, a process of steaming.

47. Qurabiya:

Qurabiya is a variety of biscuits prepared with ground almonds. Qurabiya is a very delicious type of biscuit that can also be prepared with different flavor-rich ingredients like pistachio or coconut. This delicacy is an ideal option to serve at house feasts and parties as a subtle dessert.

48. Quassia:

Quassia is present in many beers, aperitifs and fortified wines. It is also used for many medicinal uses and contains an intense bitter taste, thus used as a bitter spice.

49. Quinine water:

It is tonic water that is transformed into a soft carbonated beverage.

50. Qâlat daqqa:

It is a classic spice blend. This blend is an amalgamation of cinnamon, peppercorns, cloves, nutmeg and grains of paradise.

51. Quaalude:

Quaalude is an exotic cocktail with a yummy flavor. It is prepared with coffee liqueur, Irish cream, vodka and hazelnut liquor.

52. QIàng guō:

It is a blend of pepper, ginger, chopped garlic, scallions, this mixture is fried before cooking.

53. Queso flameado:

It is prepared by roasting cheese over a medium-sized flame; it is also known as Flamed cheese.

54. Quatre épices:

It is a type of spice mix that is predominantly used in French cuisines. This spice mix is also used in numerous meals that belong to Middle Eastern cuisine.

55. Queso fresco:

It is a fresh cheese prepared with raw cow milk. This cheese is an amalgamation of goat’s milk and cow’s milk.

56. QIāo ròu:

It is a classic technique utilized for mincing or softening meat. This process is done by hammering or knocking.

This was our list featuring distinct drinks, fruits and names of food that starts with Q. If you want to share your more thoughts on food that starts with Q, kindly let us know by leaving a comment in our comment section below; thank you! 

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