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Have a look at the entirely new ‘Crisp Butty Menu’ at the UK Pub! Explore the latest news here!

Crisp Butty Menu
Crisp Butty Menu

I can bet you would love to have a wonderful good-time crisp treat with a dollop of butter; yes, we all love ‘Crisp Butty Treats’.

Recently, a UK pub has announced a completely new ‘Cripsy Butty Menu’. You can visit The Stalybridge Buffet Bar in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, which offers their visitors crisp sandwiches at just £2.25.

The funky bar is located inside Stalybridge Train Station, which offers you to select your styles; whether you love a classic one or would like to have some fancy blends, you would be able to alter your burgers as per your choice; sounds impressive? Yes, it is!

The fantastic funky menu was launched earlier this week. The crisp and snack menu is unique and has an array of toothsome options to customize your crisp sandwiches. The bar even offers crinkle-cut classics (Seabrook crisps). You could go on for the many different options as per your choices, such as cheese, vinegar, salt and onion; you can even prefer a plain one. Also, if you are a fan of Canadian ham, you would be happy to hear that you can get that too, so just grab yours now!

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Also, there are some classic options for those who are not much into ‘Crips Butties’, which has similar bread along with Lurpak combo, also some extra dose of pickled onion Monster Munch, Scampi Fries, Bacon Fries, salt and vinegar Squares or Wotsits. The funky bar even offers some unique ‘Combo Butties’ for those who aren’t happy with the above combos to have their share without regrets!

 You can choose from: Bacon and Scampi Fries, Bacon Fries and Wotsits, Bacon Fries and Canadian Ham Seabrook and also a Monster Munch, Wotsits and cheese and onion Seabrook.

“It came about a few months ago, it started as a bit of a silly idea at first but it all came from there” “I’ve been promising it for a while now online, and the response to it just went a bit daft really. I said if enough people liked it and shared it we’ll do it and they did.” said Barry Shaw, Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Operations manager.

Amazingly, if anyone of you would like to break the norm barrier and go on to try something exotic, then yes they have something very unique for you, try ‘Special Sharing Platter’ for £7, which has some of the tastiest treats: Monster Munch, Bacon Fries, Hot Pork Scratchings, Scampi Fries, poppadoms and dip, and two bags of Seabrook! Sounds splendid!

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