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Want to lose weight? Eat chocolate! Scientists have found an innovative solution for you!

The simple thought of eating a hint of chocolates on your cheat day in the morning feels like kicking your whole Keto diet! Yes! We all think twice before consuming any chocolates in the morning, as we all know that chocolate is one of those sweet culprits who secretly cut down all of your weight loss efforts!

But wait, a recent experiment shows some unique facts associated with chocolate consumption and weight loss that’ll make all the chocolate fanatics happier! 

Recently some experiments were performed to trace the potential of milk chocolate on weight loss, and the studies have shown that the consumption of milk chocolate in the first few hours of the morning can contribute to effortless fat burn.

A recent experiment was done at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, US, by the researchers. An experiment has shown the correlation between weight loss and early morning chocolate consumption. About 100 grams of milk chocolate was given to 19 post-menopausal women in the early morning hours and afterwards, again, one hour before bedtime for the whole two weeks.

Generally, we all have a preconceived notion that such a scenario might result in an undeniable weight gain. However, the results were different from what you might expect! Instead, studies have shown that the consumption of milk chocolate in the early morning aided to a significant weight loss in the subjects.

The researchers and experiment have proven the apparent correlation between chocolate consumption in the early morning and fat burn, hand in hand; studies have also shown that the consumption of milk chocolate in the early morning hours can cause altered blood glucose levels, causing a drop in blood glucose levels.

Some experts urge that ‘fat oxidation can be the main reason behind this phenomenon as one of the most potent compounds of chocolate is cocoa. However, the consumption of chocolate at night helped to regulate a regular sleep pattern and enhanced metabolism in the subjects.

Throughout the study, subjects were not restricted from consuming other foods along with the milk chocolate diet.

“Experiments had shown that the women who had consumed milk chocolate in the early morning and before bedtime had a decreased level of sweet cravings.” “Also, there was a drop in the overall cortisol levels when the subjects were on the milk chocolate consumption throughout the week.” researchers added.

So, even if you have become excited after reading this piece of article, we suggest you think twice before gulping down lots of chocolate, as milk chocolate should be consumed within limits.

However, you can still be happy with the news and have your share of chocolate in the morning in moderate amounts!

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