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The smoked chuck roast recipes for making your Sunday lunch more flavorful and extra-ordinary.

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Smoked Chuck roast is something no one can resist on a Sunday lunch. But do you know what makes the smoked chuck roast taste so heavenly? The chuck roasts are the finely marbled pieces of the beef that have tight connective tissue in it. So, to let the fat slowly render and soften the connective tissue, you have to smoke it low and slow.

So making the smoked chuck roast takes a lot of time and patience of yours! But every effort is worth the taste of it. So in today’s blog, we are going to show you some of the best-smoked chuck roast recipes for an impressive lunch or dinner.

Smoked Pulled Beef Chuck Roast

Smoked Pulled Beef Chuck Roast
Smoked Pulled Beef Chuck Roast

This recipe is perfect for a Sunday pot roast with the extra touch of smoked flavor you will genuinely love. This smoked chuck roast just melts in your mouth and is full of the beefy flavor.


  • One chuck roast 3-4 pounds
  • Three cups beef stock divided use
  • One yellow or white onion sliced

Simple Beef Rub

  • Two Tablespoons coarse black pepper
  • Two Tablespoons kosher salt
  • Two Tablespoons garlic powder


  • Start your smoker at 225 degrees F and close the lid for at least 10-15 minutes for preheating it.
  • Mix the ingredients of the beef rub in a bowl and rub it over the beef very well till the rub sticks on the meat finely. You can do this process the night before you smoke it and can refrigerate it later.
  • After preheating, add the Roast directly on the grill grate with the fat side up and then let it cook for 3 hours with spraying the beef stock from time to time.
  • After the three hours are over, turn up the heat. Now use a large disposable aluminum pan and place the sliced onions in its bottom with the Roast on top. Pour the remaining two cups of beef stock in the bottom of the pan and keep the pan on the grill.
  • Now increase the grill temperature to 250 degrees and let it cook for three hours more and till the internal temperature is 165 degrees F. If the temperature remains between 155 and 165 degrees, then it’s okay. Nothing to worry about.
  • After the Roast hits 165 degrees, cover it again with aluminium foil and let it cook till the temperature is 200 to 202 degrees in the thickest part.
  • After the meat is done, remove it from the smoker and rest for a few minutes. Remove the Roast from the liquid and shred it using a fork. Add some cooking liquid to it if it seems too dry or turn it into a gravy-like you want.

Smoked and Sliced Beef Chuck Roast

Smoked and Sliced Beef Chuck Roast
Smoked and Sliced Beef Chuck Roast

If you want to avoid doing brisket just because of the extra work and the leftovers, you should turn towards chuck roast, which has a more affordable price and weight. It has enough flavor just like the brisket and becomes tender along with sliceable when roasted. This smoked chuck roast is undeniably tasty, and you should try it at home. 


  • One beef chuck roast (approximately 3 pounds)
  • Coarsely ground black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon coarse kosher salt per pound of meat 


  • For the preparation of the smoked chuck roast, add kosher salt over the chuck roast. Keep it aside for one or two hours so that the salt is absorbed, and the process is called dry brining. You should use a half teaspoon of kosher salt for one pound of meat, but you can also eyeball it.
  • For the indirect cooking of the smoked chuck roast, prepare a smoker. Make sure you adjust the smoker or grill vents so that the temperature is brought down to 225 degrees F, and also, you can make use of two to three chunks of your favorite smoking wood too for that flavor. If you are using a gas grill, then make the adjustments so that half of the grill is on the indirect side, and the other half maintains a temperature of 225 degrees F on the side of the indirect heat.
  • After the grill is ready, add some black pepper over the chuck roast and season it well. 
  • Now place the chuck roast on the indirect side away from the heat source and place the lid on the grill with the open-top vent. We position it above the chuck roast so that the smoke comes over and around the meat.
  • When the internal temperature of the meat goes upto 180 degrees F stop smoking.
  • After it’s done, remove the smoked chuck roast and slice it.  

Barbecue Smoked Chuck Roast

Barbecue Smoked Chuck Roast
Barbecue Smoked Chuck Roast

Beef chuck has the most neediest flavour of the shoulder. It tastes heavenly when smoked. For a better taste, make use of a more marbled chuck. For a texas style smoked chuck Roast make use of salt and coarsely ground black pepper.


  • Two ounces coarsely ground black peppercorns 
  • One four to five-pound beef chuck roll
  • Two and one-fourth ounces kosher salt
  • Dill pickles
  • White bread for serving
  • Sliced yellow onion


  • Mix pepper and salt in a bowl. Use the mixture to rub on the chuck roll evenly. Use two to three pieces of twine to tie around the circumference at an interval of one and a half inches.
  • After the charcoal becomes hot and is covered with gray ash, place them on one side of the charcoal grate. Place the cooking grate in place and cover the grill for 5 minutes. You can also set half the burners on medium-high heat and preheat it for 10 minutes by covering.
  • Oil the grilling grate. 
  • Now place the chuck roll on the cooler side and add some hardwood chunks to the grill’s hotter side. Adjust the vents and coals a few times and cover the beef for allowing it to smoke. Maintain the temperature between 275-300 degrees F. Smoke it till the internal temperature is around 150-165 degrees F for about 4 hours till a deep dark bark has been formed.
  • Now remove beef from the grill and use a double layer of aluminum foil to wrap it around the beef tightly. Start cooking it on the grill’s cooler side and maintain the grill’s internal temperature between 225 and 250 degrees F. You have to cook it for more than five and half hours till the meat is tender. Remove the foil once again and cook it again on the grill for thirty minutes till a crisp bark is formed.
  • After it is done, remove it on a cutting board covered with foil. 
  • Let it cook till the internal temperature is between 140-165 degrees F at least half an hour before serving.

Smoked Chuck Roast for a pulled beef sandwich

Smoked Chuck Roast for a pulled beef sandwich
Smoked Chuck Roast for a pulled beef sandwich

If you are searching for a traditional BBQ menu for the upcoming weekend, you can try this cooked Beef Chuck Roast to create a delicious sandwich. Also, you will have to plan it before 6 hours so that the chuck roast is cooked thoroughly, as it takes time similar to the brisket. 


  • Half cup Salt
  • One eighth cup Black Pepper
  • One fourth cup Garlic
  • One teaspoon Ground Oregano
  • One fourth cup Chili Powder
  • One fourth cup Onion Powder
  • One teaspoon Ground Parsley
  • Bread buns 
  • Mayonnaise
  • Caramelized onion


  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and rub it on all the sides of the chuck roast.
  • Light up the fire and add some pecan wood chunks in the smoker. After the smoker is at 250 degrees F, place the beef on the grate and close the lid properly. 
  • After one and half hours are over, change the beef’s sides, and let it continue smoking. For maintaining the temperature, continue adding pecan chunks to it.
  • Now, after three hours, remove the beef in the pan. Take the beef’s internal temperature, which should be around 140-150 degrees, and now remove it in a large steam pan and pour some beef broth or red wine to it so that the meat remains juicy.
  • Now cover the steam pan with aluminum foil and keep it back on the smoker. Let it cook for 2-3 hours, at least till the beef is cooked. But make sure that the pit is full of the fuel needed. Also, the final internal temperature should be 195-200, but a little temperature rise here, and there won’t make a difference. Remove it from the heat and let the steam escape. Let it rest so that it cools down while breaking. So while you are breaking it down, make use of hand gloves as it is still hot.
  • Now for shredding it apart, use a pork puller or couple of forks. If the meat is done nicely, the meat itself will pull out fine, and you can break down the pieces for separating the fats. If you want to have some moisture in the pulled meat, add some beef broth to it.
  • Also, you can make a pulled beef sandwich from the smoked roast chuck.
  • Toast the buns on both sides and apply mayonnaise on it. Scoop some pulled pork on it and top with some caramelized onions and close it with another bun.

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Traeger Smoked Chuck Roast ( Sweet and Spicy Pot Roast Recipe)-

Traeger Smoked Chuck Roast ( Sweet and Spicy Pot Roast Recipe)
Traeger Smoked Chuck Roast ( Sweet and Spicy Pot Roast Recipe)

Have you ever tried smoked Pot Roast for any of your special menu? If not, then you need to do that now!! Because the crust on the perfectly cooked meat is heart-melting and believe us, it is the most tender pot roast you will ever have. The smoked chuck roast slices are so juicy and tender that you don’t even need a sauce to chuck it down.


  • 2-3 lb Chuck Pot Roast with good marbling
  • Two cups beef broth
  • Avocado oil

Dry Rub

  • One tablespoon salt
  • One teaspoon chipotle pepper powder
  • Two tablespoon maple sugar
  • One tablespoon smoked paprika
  • One tablespoon ground black pepper
  • Half tablespoon garlic powder


  • Mix the ingredients of the dry rub and keep aside.
  • Turn on the smoke setting on the smoker and open its lid. After 3-5 minutes, when the flame is constant, set the heat at 450 degrees F and close the lid. Let it preheat for 15 minutes.
  • On the other hand, line a baking tray with aluminum foil and place a wire rack over the foil on which we will directly place the Roast.
  • Add some avocado oil over the Roast and rub it on all the sides properly. Take the dry rub in your hands and rub it generously on all the sides till all the sides are covered with the dry rub.
  • Keep the pan on the grill grate of the smoker and add some beef broth to the baking sheet till it is half covered. 
  • Now close the smoker’s lid and roast it for 30 minutes until it develops a crispy skin. Reduce to 225 degrees F and let the meat cook until its internal temperature is at 135 degrees F. 
  • It takes probably 1-3 hours, so keep checking the temperature after one hour. 
  • After the smoked chuck roast is done, remove it on a foil and wrap it well.
  • Slice it thinly for perfect slices.

Smoked Chuck Roast with garlic sage butter-

Smoked Chuck Roast with garlic sage butter
Smoked Chuck Roast with garlic sage butter

One of my personal favourites which involves chuck roast is this dish. The garlic sage flavour is earthy and when combined with the smoked chuck roast it creates a deadly combo! It doesn’t need constant attention but it still takes 2-3 hours to prepare.


  • One teaspoon salt
  • One teaspoon pepper
  • Two to three lb chuck roast
  • One cup white wine
  • One onion finely chopped
  • Three to four garlic cloves minced
  • One fourth cup water
  • Butter three to four tablespoons
  • Sage
  • Two tablespoon vinegar


  • Season the chuck roast with salt and pepper. Keep the grill on a low smoke at 170 degrees F. After the smoker is preheated add the chuck on it and close the lid for smoking. After two and half hours are completed brush the chuck with garlic sage butter. Continue cooking it for 15 minutes more and then again brush the butter on it. Continue cooking it till the internal temperature is at 140 degrees F.
  • Remove it from the smoker and place on a foil covered chopping board. Slice it thinly across the grain and add some garlic sage butter on top.
  • For making the garlic sage butter mix the white wine, garlic, onion, water, vinegar, salt, pepper and sage together in a pan over medium heat. Let it boil till it is reduced to one fourth.
  • Puree the mixture in a food processor and add it to the pan once again at low heat. Now add the butter to it and continue whisking it properly.
  • Add the lemon juice at the end and use warm.

Smoked Beef Chuck Roast with Maple Bourbon BBQ sauce-

Smoked Beef Chuck Roast with Maple Bourbon BBQ sauce
Smoked Beef Chuck Roast with Maple Bourbon BBQ sauce

This tender and juicy smoked beef chuck roast is topped with maple bourbon BBQ sauce. This sauce is smoky, spicy as well as sweet. So bourbon is a fun addition to the overall taste of the sauce and the dish is a hit. 


  • For the Beef
  • Three tablespoon onion powder
  • Three tablespoon salt
  • Three tablespoon black pepper
  • One and half tablespoons garlic powder
  • Half teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • Two teaspoon dry mustard
  • One (8-10 lb) bone-in beef chuck roll (aka chuck roast or chuck eye steak)
  • lump charcoal
  • pecan wood chunks
  • Two cups beef stock
  • large disposable aluminum pan
  • For the Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce
  • One third cup bourbon
  • Half teaspoon black pepper
  • One (15-oz. can) tomato sauce
  • One third cup maple syrup
  • One fourth cup apple cider vinegar
  • One fourth cup tomato paste
  • Three tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
  • Two teaspoon onion powder
  • Two teaspoon liquid smoke
  • One teaspoon garlic powder
  • One teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • One teaspoon paprika
  • Half teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • One teaspoon kosher salt


  • Mix all the spices in a small bowl. Rub it generously on all the sides and marinate it overnight.
  • Now keep the smoker to preheat at 225-250 degrees F.
  • After the smoker is at a stable temperature add some wood chunks to it. Add the grate to the place and place the chuck roll on it. 
  • Check the internal temperature of the beef and make sure it is between 225-250 degrees F.
  • After the internal temperature is 165 degrees F place it in an aluminum foil and pour the beef stock into it and cover the pan with aluminum foil. Place the pan into the smoker.
  • Remove it from the smoker and check the temperature which should be between 195-200 degrees F. 
  • Rest the chuck for half an hour and shred it afterwards.
  • For the maple bourbon BBQ sauce mix the ingredients in a saucepan and boil it over medium heat till it is mixed well. Simmer for 10-15 minutes till it is done well.

Oven smoked Chuck eye with Horseradish cream

Braise the roast in a covered pan filled with the smoke of onions and wood chips which gives it a smoky taste of onion and wood. 


  • Three tablespoons freshly ground coriander seeds
  • Two and half tablespoons horseradish
  • Two tablespoons sweet Hungarian paprika
  • Four tablespoon olive oil, divided
  • Two tablespoons kosher salt
  • 5-lb. chuck-eye roast, some fat left in and roast tied 
  • One and half teaspoons pepper
  • Three cups fresh wood chips soaked in water 30 minutes
  • One cup sour cream
  • Two large onions, peeled and cut into 1-in. Wedges


  • In a bowl mix the coriander, oil, paprika, pepper and salt. Rub it all over the chuck roast and let it chill without covering for at least 24 hours.
  • Keep the oven to preheat at 250 degrees and on the other side pour one tablespoon oil in a dutch oven. Add the roast to the pan and let it brown on all the sides properly.
  • Add some oil and paprika over the onions and rub them nicely.
  • In a roasting pan transfer some wood chips and place a metal rack over it. Now place the roast on the rack covered with onions and cover it with an aluminum foil.
  • Roast it for one and half hours till the internal temperature is 110 degrees F. 
  • Now increase the temperature to 475 degrees F and and roast it for another 20 minutes till the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees.
  • After cooking remove the smoked chuck roast to a cutting board with the onions.
  • Serve the slices of the smoked chuck roast with horseradish and sour cream mixed together.

We hope you have liked all of our above mentioned smoked chuck roast recipes. Do try them at home and let us know in the comment section below of what you think of them.

Tender and Juicy Smoked Chuck Roast

Tender and Juicy Smoked Chuck Roast
Tender and Juicy Smoked Chuck Roast
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Tender and Juicy Smoked Chuck Roast
If you want to make your own juicy and tender Smoked Chuck Roast for the upcoming Sunday, this recipe will be beneficial. This is a great dish to make at a holiday party as it is cheaper than a tenderloin or prime beef rib and also is easier to find. Also, the added advantage which comes with it is that it goes along well with brisket.
Smoked Chuck Roast
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Course main
Cuisine American
Prep Time 4-6 hours
Cook Time 6-8 hours
Passive Time 10-14 hours
Beef Rub:
Course main
Cuisine American
Prep Time 4-6 hours
Cook Time 6-8 hours
Passive Time 10-14 hours
Beef Rub:
Smoked Chuck Roast
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  1. Rinse the chuck roast with cold water and then pat it dry using a paper towel.
  2. Use one or two pieces of twine to secure the chuck roast around its circumference. And then use three to four pieces of twine for tying it around the width so that a grid pattern is formed with the twine.
  3. Whisk all the ingredients in a small bowl for the rub. Mix it using a whisk, so no lumps are formed. Take the rub mix and rub it on the chuck roast on all the sides. Wrap the chuck roast in a plastic wrap and let it marinate for 4-5 hours in the refrigerator. This marination process helps the meat to absorb the meat.
  4. If you are doing it on an outdoor grill, make sure the coals are hot and then add the meat over the centre of the grate with the drip pan below filled with water. Add some soaked wood chunks and wood chips on the hot coals and cover it well.
  5. Use the vents with dry and wet wood chips so that it reaches a temperature of 225 degrees F. Add coals or soaked wood chips so.smoke and temperature is maintained for first four hours.
  6. Make sure the temperature is nearly 225 degrees F every hour and do not open the lid frequently so that the temperature and smoke are maintained.
  7. Smoke the Roast till the internal temperature is about 190 degrees F after 6-8 hours, and after the chuck roast develops a dark bark on it.
  8. After you remove the meat, it's temperature may rise to 200 degrees F, which is the perfect temperature. But if it increases more than that, then the meat may become dry and chewy, which is very well disappointing.
  9. After removing it from the smoker, wrap it in double layers of aluminum foil and let it cook in the smoker for one hour more till the internal temperature is 225 to 250 degrees F.
  10. This process helps in the tough connective tissue's meltdown and lets the outer surface parts get juicy due to the dripping of the juices.
  11. After one hour, unwrap the foil and remove the chuck roast on a cutting board with the foil below it. Let it cool down for half an hour till the temperature drops to 150 degrees F.
  12. Cut the chuck roast when you want to serve it, or else it dries quickly. Use a sharp knife to cut it into one fourth to one eighth inch pieces.
  13. Serve it simply on a plate or drizzle some BBQ sauce over the smoked chuck roast.
Recipe Notes

Cut the slices from the smoked chuck roast of the parts you want so that it does not get dry.

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