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Peanut butter rice krispie treats recipe! Go for this chewy and delicious treat this summer!

Peanut butter rice krispie treats recipe

Peanut butter rice krispie treats – This easy recipe will make your summer blissful!

Peanut butter rice krispie treats feel very blissful to the heart and extremely chewy; these treats can be the perfect flip on traditional rice Krispies. These soulful treats are prepared with peanut butter, marshmallows, and a creamy topping of chocolate is just like the cherry on top!

The recipe of peanut butter rice Krispie that I am sharing with you guys will make your day happier as this recipe is quite easy. The richness of peanut butter has never failed to make the delicacies even much richer than before, so you are up for a very soul-satisfying delicacy! The creamy peanut butter rice krispie is perfect for you if you were for something fancy yet easy to nail this holiday season! This recipe is very simple, straightforward, and the traditional way to get your treats right without much hotchpotch! Trust me; your recipe will never go wrong with an indulgence of chocolate and peanut butter!


Peanut butter rice krispie treats

I have always loved the lovely peanut butter rice krispie treats since a childhood, and I was lucky enough to have a mother who used to treat me with these in summer! I still remember the saga of warm, chocolaty and rice peanut butter rice krispie treat, and it’s a lovely time! Many people love to make them in the microwave. In just two minutes, you can have delicious balls ready to enjoy! Well, guys, I am telling you, this treat is perfect for fixing your late-night snacking!

The classic rice krispie treats are fully loaded with the richness of butter and marshmallows, and you know well, no match can compete with this combo’s richness!

Why should you go for rice krispie treats?

rice krispie treats
  • The peanut butter rice krispie treats are just awesome as you don’t need the long duration of cooking to have these! They can be prepared without baking, just in few minutes.
  • These treats are truly flavorsome, toothsome, and chewy!
  • You can easily evoke your soulful nostalgia of childhood by having these treats!
  • The treats are easy and straightforward enough to make your holiday memorable! 

Here are some common tips to make your recipe easier:


Why are my treats hard?

Many times, a scenario occurs when your treats become too hard. If that happens, you can conclude that marshmallows started to burn! So, when you go for the recipe next time, you can keep your burner at a low heat setting and burn everything very slowly. Or you can even prefer a low addition of cereal; next time, simply use five ¾ cups. And if you feel that your recipe is a little extra crunchy, you can warm it a little before serving.

Can I freeze treats?

Yes, you can! Get an airtight container with wax paper and store them in it, between every layer of squares. Freeze the treats for two months. Afterward, thaw the treats prior you bring them to room temperature and afterward serve them.

How long do rice krispie treats last?

The traditional peanut butter rice krispie treats are completely tender and soft if you keep them at room temperature for a long duration. So, I will suggest you store them inside the fridge to prevent shelf life. Store the treats in an airtight container which will prevent the cereals from becoming stale.

If we consider the shelf life of it, I would say that treats would last for almost two weeks if you store them in the fridge; however, you can have the treats for three to four days. You can even freeze them for almost three months if you would like to.

Can I use chunky peanut butter?

Of course! You can use the chunky peanut butter. I would suggest using ¾ cups instead.

How to store rice krispie treats?

Your treats would turn hard and not good if you keep them for two days at room temperature. You can wrap them tightly by using a plastic wrap to store well or simply store them using an air-tight Zip-lock bag. You can freeze the treats for six weeks in layers separated by wax paper. You can thaw them at room temperature for fifteen minutes if you want to consume them. 

Can we use natural peanut butter for this recipe?

natural peanut butter

I would not suggest you use natural peanut butter as peanut butter will separate.

Which cereal is healthiest for you?

You might have been searching for perfect peanut butter rice krispie treats; then, you will get the perfect answer. You can prefer the cereal that has minimal ingredients on its label to make your peanut butter rice crispy treats.

Does the texture of peanut butter rice krispie change if you use using coconut oil?

Well, if you see the texture of liquid coconut oil and melted butter, you can see they are almost similar. However, the texture of coconut oil would change the whole flavor of baked goods.

Can I use nut butter or almond butter?

Yes, of course! You can use the nut butter in place of peanut butter to substitute it.

Can I use foil in place of no wax or parchment paper?

So, if you are planning to use foil instead of wax or parchment paper, then I would suggest you avoid it as foil might stick to your sticky marshmallows and it won’t come off easily. I will suggest you greasing a glass dish nicely if you don’t have parchment paper or wax.

Additions tips that will make your treats tastier

Tasty Peanut butter rice krispie treats

Only use fresh marshmallows: While using marshmallows, you have to keep in mind that you should only use fresh marshmallows. You should avoid the usage of hard marshmallows remaining in your pantry.

Sprinkles: Sprinkles are just vibrant and color-filled. Your treats become much lively with these! You can sprinkle up some colored sprinkles; for different occasions, you can choose different colors.

Cocoa/cacao powder: Simply pour 1/4 cup of cocoa powder to evoke the strong chocolate vibe!

Chocolate: You can sprinkle some chocolate chips on treats to make them much tasty! You know well, a classic duo of peanut butter and chocolate is tastiest when it comes together. So, what could be better than this? Simply drizzle up some chocolate chips on it.

You should use a good quality of parchment paper while making the treats as it will prevent your treats from getting stuck, and you can easily remove the treats from the pan.

You should choose a good brand of peanut butter, and I would suggest you avoid natural peanut butter. The natural peanut butter contains lots of oil which is not good for the recipe.

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You might have heard a lot about peanut butter rice krispie treats, but now is the time to try these for a wonderful holiday season. These peanut butter rice krispie treats are very chewy, delicious, and buttery creamy. The additional layer of chocolate on top is enough to amply the creamy, rich flavor. You won’t believe it, but peanut butter rice krispie treats are really easy to make, and the classic recipe that I am sharing with you guys is very straightforward. This amazing treat will consummate your craving for chocolate and peanut butter! Your whole family is going to fall in love with these rich, crunchy, crispy, chewy peanut butter rice krispie treats!
Peanut butter rice krispie treats recipe
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Prep Time 10 Minutes
Cook Time 2 Hours
Passive Time 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Prep Time 10 Minutes
Cook Time 2 Hours
Passive Time 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Peanut butter rice krispie treats recipe
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  1. Take a 9x13 inch pan and gently grease it with butter, or you can use a non-stick cooking spray.
  2. Melt the mini marshmallows, butter, and peanut butter together in a large-sized saucepan. Melt it over low heat flame and stir it gently.
  3. Take out from the heat once it is completely melted, and afterward, stir in some Rice Krispies.
  4. Now take the pan and press the blend into it. Simply spray some non-stick cooking spray on your hands so that your hand would stay clean.
  5. Take a medium-sized heatproof bowl and pour chocolate chips into it. Microwave it on medium power for 45-second intervals. Stir it at regular intervals, in the midst of each burst.
  6. Stir it well once it is melted completely, stir to the point it becomes wholly smooth, and pour some vegetable oil.
  7. Drizzle up the chocolate on top of the bars and allow it to harden about 2 hours at room temperature.
  8. Chop it into squares and keep it at room temperature in an airtight container.
Recipe Notes

Nutrition Facts
Amount Per Serving
Calories 142 Calories from Fat 90
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 10g 15%
Saturated Fat 5g 25%
Polyunsaturated Fat 1g
Monounsaturated Fat 2g
Cholesterol 7mg 2%
Sodium 41mg 2%
Potassium 44mg 1%
Total Carbohydrates 12g 4%
Dietary Fiber 0.4g 2%
Sugars 9g
Protein 3g 6%
Calcium 0.4%
Iron 1%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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