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Want to know What Kind of a Chef Would Vincent Van Gogh Be? Have a Look at this!

Recently a video was shared by Vincent Van Gogh on Twitter which is a fantastic piece of art, and many of the fans took a Twitter to share the numerous funny and unique reactions, so have a look at this!

In the current era, when it comes to fine food, a great taste and flavours aren’t enough to enchant the folks, and the recent incident shows the same! Chef Vikas Khanna’s name is enough to delight the minds of those who have an excellent sense of artistry surrounding food and fine dining!

Almost every time, he pleases our minds with something breathtaking! If you were searching for a dazzling visual treat to soothe your soul, even a simple look at his social media handle would be very entertaining for you!

Recently he shared a video of a culinary piece that was an alluring dish; the dish looked more like an art piece as it was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. The wonderful word was created with a beautiful culinary, the “Sunflowers,” the delicacy was a composition of the Dutch painter.

Vikas has always been sharing some fantastic art pieces on his social media, and this time when he took Twitter and Instagram to share his recent art.

While sharing the video, the chef shared a creative caption that was loved by his adorers. “If Vincent Van Gogh was a Chef. #Sunflowers.”

Well, we all know Vikas never reveals his compositions, but you can see the wonderful dish was ornamented with some yellow fruit or vegetable and was a baked dish!

You could see the lovely composition of yellow fruits and vegetables. Vikas knows how to burst his delicacies with creativity as he eloquently used the white and black sesame seeds with some cilantro to show the seeds of radiant sunflower!

Many of his admirers just fell in love with the art and said the art was just ‘wonderful,’ and numerous fans were quite stunned by the beautiful delicacy! 

Some followers loved his post totally and Tweeted comments like “Vincent to Vikas, the artistry is undeniable,” and “One of the best culinary artists in this world….”

This is not the first time Chef Vikas had shocked us with his matchless creativity; before few months, an image of ‘rotis’ was shared by Vikas, although the rotis were not the usual regular rotis, they had a lovely floral design on them! Sounds impressive? We look forward to seeing more of such arts by him in the future.

Hello everyone, this is Bhagyashree! First of all, I would sincerely thank you for giving a valuable moment to discover my food blog! Though I am not a professional chef, food blogging and cooking has always been in my nerves since I found the magic and creativity that I can evoke through different pantry arts!