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51 Sunday dinner ideas to have amazing and comfy Sunday eve!

Sunday dinner ideas
Sunday dinner ideas

51 Sunday dinner ideas that will make your winter evenings cosy!

Sunday dinner ideas : We know Sunday evening blues can be a real thing and too monotonous to handle! Sounds familiar? Yes, probably to everyone! So, give a quick flip to your boring Sunday dinner table by bringing on some of the most sizzling meals and recipes and bid goodbye to your Sunday melancholy like magic!

Give a kick to that gloomy Sunday eve and get some exotic meal for your family. Explore our fantastic and easy Sunday dinner ideas and recipes; you will make the most of a tranquil weekend and energize your week start! Amazingly, these lazy Sunday dinner ideas even make the best options for leftover food treats, so a fabulous Monday’s lunch comes effortlessly!

Here are the most exotic, savoury, and easy Sunday dinner ideas for you to try this winter!

Spicy Meatballs with Spaghetti

No one would ever say no to a savoury, tangy bowl full of spaghetti and meatballs on tedious Sunday waning hours? I bet this dish is so adored that it will always be on your go-to weekend meals list! 

Your taste buds will be delighted most deliciously by this Italian-American dish. The creamy textured sauce, along with the tang of sweet-sour flavour, is just next level incredible. Couple up your creamy spaghetti with savoury meatballs and bring on toasted garlic bread for a fantastic side dish; you can later wind up your dinner with some relaxing chocolate brownies!

Vegetables with roasted chicken

Vegetables with roasted chicken
Vegetables with roasted chicken

Nothing can beat the deliciousness and magic of roasted chicken; its tastiness is unbeatable for any Sunday dinner ideas. You can drizzle up some shredded onion, garlic along with aroma enhancing herbs like rosemary, thyme, and lemon to have the most elegant flavour. Chopped carrots, potatoes, and shallots are also a good option as a side dish salad platter, toss your veggies in yummy pan juice, and you will have the most sizzling version.

Savory Chicken Quesadillas

Cheesy and creamy textured chicken quesadillas are filled with soft, tender chicken, which not at all firm and satisfies your taste buds. Quesadillas make the best option among all the Sunday dinner ideas if you want some tangy, savoury in a couple of minutes! You don’t even have to spend many hours in your pantry to have this exotic famous Mexican dish. Drizzle up some cheese over your tortillas, or bring any crispy topping of your choice. Afterwards, fold in it a half and cook to the point tortilla gets crispy and crunchy; your cheese will melt beautifully. This recipe will never go wrong even if you are looking out to stuff your recipe with the unique ingredients.

Lemon-Roasted Chicken

Lemon-Roasted Chicken
Lemon-Roasted Chicken

Lemon roasted chicken is also a superb option for Sunday meal among all the Sunday dinner ideas; who would not love to have this tangy and flavoursome chicken that takes only some raw ingredients and simple steps. Your family will truly love the soft, tender chicken that is especially tossed in aromatic lemon and pepper. An ultimate tangy, savoury, and delightful Sunday meal to end your weekend with!

Lemon roasted chicken pairs up well with all kinds of side dishes. Be it a fresh, vibrant salad, funky pasta, or sandwiches; you will indeed have the best treat!

Vegetable Lasagna

Who says vegetable Lasagnas are boring? Those who have never witnessed its yumminess by having its bite! The classic lasagna full of vibrant vegetables will thrive at your dinner table; once it is ready, you will go gaga over it; the tasty blend of red bell pepper, zucchini, and yellow squash is miraculously appealing. And the leftovers you get will be the treat Monday lunch treat! Amazingly, making an extra batch isn’t that bad option for this tasty treat; you will enjoy the leftovers!

Delicious Pork Chops

Delicious Pork Chops
Delicious Pork Chops

The creamiest, most sizzling dinner that fits the bill for anyone who wants some exotic stream some pork chops in a crockpot, and your toothsome treat are ready! This dish will only need some simple things such as pork chops, cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup along with a crockpot, and a tangy ranch dressing to enhance the flavour manifold times, and your Sunday weekend meal is all-ready.

This creamy dish gets well paired with mashed potatoes and roasted veggies for a complete dinner meal. And you can get some sweet flavoured and airy cheesecake for a lighter dessert.

Crispy Pizza Chicken with Spicy Tomatoes

A one-skillet tangy chicken recipe is the love of all. This classic amalgamation enhances the volume with crunchy pancetta and tender, fluffy balls of mozzarella. You can also get pizza party-driven feast by adding in other crusty bread.

A lazy Sundays feel much blissful when classic roasts are included for dinner, and fuss-free pork always fits the criteria. And all the credit goes to a marinade of brown sugar, sriracha, mustard, rice wine vinegar, white wine, soy sauce, garlic, and orange zest, and tasty juice — if you can, allow the meat to marinate for overnight. What’s more interesting? You can also get some sandwiches from leftovers.

Lettuce Wraps

Sriracha is a fantastic thing to give an exciting flip on monotonous lettuce wraps. Lettuce wraps will bring on the best comfort and delight to enjoy Sunday evenings. Lettuce wraps are utterly tasty and explode with flavour, a fair meal idea to make your family happy on Sunday eve. Even a person with no pantry skills can make the freshest, vibrant looking, delicious wraps. And keep your plates or napkins ready as your yummy lettuce wraps will be somewhat drippy.

Sweet and Spicy Filet Mignon

Sweet and Spicy Filet Mignon
Sweet and Spicy Filet Mignon

When your taste buds crave for some extra spice and crunchy to end your weekend with, don’t look any further, and go for this tasty amalgamation of pepper and ancho chile. The aromatic and delicious ingredients like mustard, horseradish glaze, honey, mint increase the flavours like any tangy sauce would do, so the prep is quite simple. And when you have some leftovers, put them in your Monday lunch box and spread it along with greens to have the feel of a steakhouse-style salad.

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Chilli will always top the go-to Sunday meals if you are someone who loves comfort foods. It’s pretty much thick and filled with creamy, tender meat. No doubt, it is an ultimate dish that will never fail to make your soul happy. I bet your whole family will adore a relaxing, comforting bowl of yummy chilli on a cold wintery evening. You will truly understand what a warm embrace is when chowing down a soulful chilli! Chilli is the best dish to transform your Sunday blues into a festive weekend treat with the family.

Veggie Rice Bowls with Salmon

Veggie Rice Bowls with Salmon
Veggie Rice Bowls with Salmon

Drop your all plans to have a healthy dinner; you can have the tastiest treat to soothe your weekend, which comes up with the most nutritious ingredients. You can customize these bowls as per your likes and favourite ingredients that go well with diet plan. To get a jump-start on meal planning, you can also make double batches of the components that are your favourite and create the fantastic combos for lunches and snakes for next week; your meal preps will get a lot easier.

Fried Chicken

A traditional fired chicken with toothsome flavours and sausages is the best comfort food; everyone will agree upon it! An ultimate combo of crispy, tender meat along with flavourful, seasoned regal taste, this classic dish will hit all the right spots on your taste buds! An army of creamy, buttery mashed potatoes will make the best side dish and will satisfy your tangy Sunday meal cravings.

Beef Stroganoff

This exotic Russian dish is highly adored across the world. A combination of tender beef, earthy flavoured mushrooms are tossed in a thick and creamy sauce, and this whole dish turns out very toothsome. It’s up to you, pair this dish with simple rice or pasta, or have it as it is; it’s irresistible in every aspect. Bring on some vibrant, healthy roasted veggies to lighten up the recipe as this magnificent dish sometimes gets too heavy. The light, sweet vanilla ice cream dessert will be the best end to treat.

Spaghetti Pie

This dish is loved by kids and makes the perfect dinner to delight your hungry guests on Sunday family suppers. All the exotic and mouth-watering aspects of Italian cuisine are amazingly amalgamated in this classic comforting Italian classic, such as pasta, a tangy meat sauce, and some additional cheese! Pair it up with a green salad tossed in a traditional Italian vinaigrette dressing and combined with the loaf of warm garlic bread. Amazingly, when you intend to have a classic spaghetti pie, there are no hard and fast rules for cooking, feel free to spark up your creativity.

Red and Green Stuffed Shells

Red and Green stuffed shells look as appealing as they taste, trust me! Save the free and relaxing morning to make this sizzling dish and line up this mouth-watering vegetarian dish to cheer up your dinner party; get some yummy savoury garlic bread and a vibrant salad ready to pair it this amazing make-ahead dinner party. The ultimate companionship of gourmet mocha brownies will enhance the enchanting feel of the meal.

Savoury Salmon with a vegetable salad

Savoury salmon is a very delicious dish, a tender, moist fish gets prepared quickly and readily to satisfy all your family’s hunger, and what’s more impressive? It is pretty much easy to prepare with simple ingredients and an army of beautiful aromatic spices. It harnesses a little bit of sweetness from adding in brown sugar, but all the used seasonings can be mild, at the end your dish sparks up with an enchanting appeal. I bet there won’t be another beautiful end to a wonderful Sunday evening than having a soulful healthy salmon.

Dijon and Herb Panko-Crusted Halibut

Sometimes my family ends up craving for more fish recipes, and a boring Sunday night calls for something much flavourful and toothsome like utterly tasty tender seafood recipes. Many times I brought the wild halibut and tossed them in a lemon juice, and savoury seasonings, dijon mustard seeds could be used to enhance an earthy flavour, at the end top it with lemony herb panko topping. You can cook this classic light fish with high heat flame, and your dish will turn up much moist, flaky, and very yummy.

Kale Soup with Chickpea

The lovely combination of tomato soup, plus chickpeas along with soothing kale and your hearty, tasty meal is ready with all vegetarian packed nutrients. An additional cheese layer is most welcomed to make it more it yummy and creamy. Chickpea Kale Soup is made with fresh kale, coupled up with cooked chickpeas and classic pantry items. The instant pot or stove is generally preferable for delicious kale and chickpeas. This dish is the ideal vegetarian dish among all the tasty Sunday dinner ideas as it is low on calorie count, full of vegan ingredients and wholly gluten-free! We all know the superb nutritional potential of Kale and chickpeas, so always say yes to this yummy textured and flavorful dish.

Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp Scampi
Shrimp Scampi

A shrimp scampi recipe can add up a real regal vibe to any Sunday dinner supper; it has an elegant appearance, an enchanting enough to delight your hungry guests, and guess what? Exceedingly easy to prepare! The vibrant, tangy sour flavours of lemon and aromatic herbs elevate the tasty feel of shrimp. You can serve it along with pasta, be ready to get showered with many praises for your pantry art.

Spanish Sausage Supper

This dish is genuinely colourful all-in-one skillet meal that can be brought frequently to warm up winter dinners. Hot spicy chunks of canned tomatoes paired up with chillies pour some yummy rice mix.

Spanish Chorizo Stew

If you want a nutritious stew with a fantastic flavorful kick, go for this spicy spanish chorizo. This dish is truly delicious, hearty, rustic flavoured! You can never bring on any other warming comfort food to beat this one; I am sure you will crave for it on wintery cold nights. An ample of paprika is must to evoke the beautiful red colour along with smoky flavour.

Turkey Tacos

Ground turkey is coupled up with a smoky hot chipotle chilli powder in a hard shell taco, and the fabulous exotic crunchy treat is ready to thrive your supper! Margarita can be added, though it is an optional ingredient which is much recommended. This recipe has fewer calories as there is a presence of ground turkey in it the recipe turns out high on calories sometimes and yes with a bonus of unique flavour. Even though the dish is full of spice, your folks will love it. This ultimate meal is packed with so much of taste; you cannot even guess the presence of ground beef.

Roasted cauliflower pasta, garlic & lemon zest

Bring on this unique combination of toasted walnuts, garlic, parsley and lemon zest – a delicious and mesmerizing wintery cold night driven supper! You can get this healthy vegan dinner ready in less than 30 minutes flat. If you aim for extra protein dose, drizzle up some chickpea flour noodles if you want to keep it grain-free! This dish is an appealing treat of cauliflower, very vibrant looking and cheerful.

Traditional Chicken Curry

The traditional chicken curry is the most adored and preferred dish in almost all Indian households, which never fails to delight almost all Indian occasions and house parties. This classic chicken curry is loaded with an array of fragrant Indian spices such as Garam masala, coriander, and red paprika and it could be reheated as well. Authentic chicken curry is no doubt one of the most regal dishes of Indian cuisine and all-time love of all Indian meat lovers. The spices evoke some much of blissful aroma that feels utterly warm and relaxing on comfortable Sunday evenings! To measure its yumminess bar, you have to taste this sizzling hot curry, so give it a shot.

Vegetarian Chili Macaroni

Spicy, hearty chilli is undoubtedly the ultimate vegetarian comfort food. If you were searching lazy Sunday dinner ideas, you will fall in love with the easiness of its recipe. This newly brought up vegetarian style much mimics old one pot chili pasta, but loaded protein-filled beans, chopped tomatoes, and the lovely indulgence vegetable broth to substitute the beef broth. It ends up tasting so good; you can even line up its leftovers for next day’s lunch or breakfasts, so your weekend start gets energized with this savoury, tangy meal. There’s something about the thick, spicy sauce with the smoky chilli powder and a blend of cheddar blend that raises the allure of the dish by manifold times.

Vegetarian Nasi Goreng

This dish is Indian fried rice, which is full of fresh, nutrient-rich veggies! If you want, stream one egg or keep it merely vegan, it’s up to you, but be assured of having something heavenly tasty for dinner! You can make this whole vegetarian recipe in a couple of minutes which requires no beforehand preparations. Nasi Goreng is very savoury Indonesian fried rice that can be effortlessly prepared, all you need is just some leftover rice and some fresh vegetables, and your nutritious, quick bite is ready! An addition of chicken, meat or seafood along with cooked eggs makes way to the fantastic non-vegetarian version.

Chicken & Spinach Skillet Pasta

A lean chicken breast coupled up with protein filled spinach, this dish is toothsome one-pan pasta that gives you a paradise-like tasty one-bowl meal. The most sizzling garlicky, lemony flavour hit all the right cords of your taste buds, do not forget to stream some little parm on top. Plan this quick and easy weeknight dinner for your Sunday supper plans and give a cheerful dose to your gloomy Sunday evening.

Easy Chicken Breasts with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

 Pan-fried chicken breasts are cooked to harness the lovely golden-brown and tosses in some most creamy, sour white wine, lemon, and thyme mushroom sauce along with a bit of cream. You will love this comforting homemade cream of mushroom chicken.

Creamy Corn Chowder

This relaxing, comforting soup can be made any season of the year and you can be sure to have some exotic gourmet meal to energize your Sunday blues. Go for fresh corns in the summer and bring on frozen corn during colder months. A bold flavour in this regal corn chowder gets evoked by bacon. It is full of fresh, vibrant veggies, which will anytime make the fantastic option for a unique weekend supper.

Vibrant Emerald Dal

 If you are an ardent lover of plant-based food, this vegetarian meal is a must for you, let me tell you, it is the most toothsome and flavorful from all-vegetarian Sunday dinner ideas! This version is superbly loaded with spinach which makes it amazingly high in nutrients and rich flavoured! This Rich, fragrant Indian-cuisine like dish nearly gives the feel of ‘Saag Paneer’, but here we have the health army of lentils instead of the heavy Cheese!

Simple Celery Soup

A classic simple celery soup could be made in 35 minutes, very relaxing, tranquillizing yet genuinely affordable. This recipe is undoubtedly for delicious wintery night, healthy, yummy and best pick for all the vegan buddies! The lusciousness of creamy celery soup will make you swoon over it again and again! This dish can be an example of how simple, unique ingredients can deliver most of their flavour! This dish needs some of the most cost-saving elements, a tip to remember!

Lamb biryani

Lamb biryani
Lamb biryani

Lamb biryani is a classic amalgamation of moist, soft lamb with paneer, rice and spinach, all are tossed and seasoned in spices to meet an ultimate perfection; once you try it, you will never forget the richness of this authentic Indian lamb biryani. A lamb biryani makes the best option for house parties and family dinners. Though this regal treat takes some beforehand preparation and extra time to get cooked, you will never be disappointed in the end! This dish is preferred for small dinner parties since it is such a fantastic delightful meal that radiates festive vibes. Every time I have brought it for my folks, a classic lamb biryani has turned out as an enormous hit!

Hello everyone, this is Bhagyashree! First of all, I would sincerely thank you for giving a valuable moment to discover my food blog! Though I am not a professional chef, food blogging and cooking has always been in my nerves since I found the magic and creativity that I can evoke through different pantry arts!