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What to serve with Scallops? Discover these 20 side dishes to pair up with tasty scallops treat!

Tasty scallops

What to serve with Scallops? – Unique and fantastic foods that you can pair up with scallops!


Scallops are undoubtedly one of the tastiest foods to nail your weekend treat. Scallops are soulful and one of the most delicious seafood out there. You would find that scallops are the ultimate treat which is sold as the fanciest dish at many expensive restaurants. Scallops are loaded with the unique flavor, which feels blissful to taste buds! Giving a classic pan sear to scallops is the loveliest way to have them, yet there is an array of ways to serve your scallops and to experience the most of its flavor. Frying, grilling, stuffing, there are many ways to serve the scallops, and yes, you should never forget the potential of side dishes that bring yumminess to your Scallops dish. 

Many times, ‘what to serve with scallops?’ is the common query regarding scallops recipe. You would not imagine there are tons of yummy side dishes to bring the most out of soulful scallops treat, and the side dishes that I am going to share with you guys are way too easy to prepare, so line them up for your next scallops treat!

What are Scallops?

Easy Scallops

Scallops are the mollusks that reside on the ocean floor. These scallops live in the shells and silently move through the shell. When they are taken away from their shells, scallops appear very small-sized, just like some small balls.

However, scallops come in various types and varieties. The prime two types are bay scallops and sea scallops. Sea scallops are giant scallops that have the diameter of 2 inches. These kinds of scallops can be excessed through the whole year. You can easily find these scallops anywhere, in any market store.

On the other hand, the bay scallops are small-sized and available for some duration, October to March. Bay scallops are the variety that has a sweeter tint in taste as compared to sea scallops. This fantastic quality makes them even more special and tastier.

So, here are some amazing side dish options for scallops!

Garlic bread

Garlic bread is the most spectacular side dish which can be paired with anything, and you get the tastiest meal for the day. Garlic bread is a perfect option when you search for what to serve with scallops, as it works fine with every kind of salad or pasta.

Brussels sprouts with lemon sauce

Brussels sprouts with lemon sauce with scallops

If you are a fan of earthy flavor, then the nutty vibe of Brussels sprouts is the perfect choice for you! The side dishes that you select for your scallops dish will highly influence the amount of amusement you’ll have while having your scallops, so it can be quite tricky to decide what to serve with scallops, right? But when you a classic Brussels sprouts with a tang of lemon sauce, everything will fall in the perfect place. This tangy side dish is easy to make and simply needs 25 minutes for preparation, so you don’t have to compromise with me-time on weekends to have this fantastic dish! Just drizzle up some lemon sauce on the Brussels sprouts and pair it up with scallops. This easy side dish is the best solution to kick up your weekend scallops party with a glass of white wine.

Zucchini Pie

The tasty zucchini pie makes the best pairing for scallops! It looks very appealing and a fantastic side dish for scallops. The delicious duo of bacon-wrapped Scallops will be the tastiest brunch for your weekend.

Delicious Creamed Kale with Mushrooms

When you are confused about what to serve with scallops, just give a thought to this fantastic dish. This yummy side dish of creamed mushroom and kale is just a perfect pair for scallops. This rich, creamy dish is indeed a blissful side dish to pair with any scallops recipes.

Appealing saffron rice

Appealing saffron rice with scallops

Saffron rice is an appealing rice dish that is specifically suitable for occasions that call for something rich, appealing, and exotic! A slight hint of savory curry seasoning just enhances the complete flavor of your Scallops recipe. Trust me; this dish is truly an excellent dish to pair up with scallops.

Tuscan Beans

If you search for a fantastic vibe of Mediterranean cuisine, this dish will be a perfect option to serve with your scallops. Tasty beans make a great pairing with the soulful flavor of scallops. You can drizzle up your favorite sauces for extra yumminess. You can spark up your creativity and add a slice of grilled garlic bread for a different taste!

Parmesan Risotto

Risotto is a classic dish that can be suitable for any fancy dinner. Risotto can be the excellent side dish for scallops, and you’ll never regret pairing it with your soulful scallops.

Warm Lentil Salad

Next time you have some remaining lentils in your pantry, you can creatively use them as a side dish for the upcoming Scallops treat. This warm salad will literally brighten up your scallops treat. Even if you don’t have French lentils, you don’t have to worry. Any kind of lentils will work nicely for this meal. You can drizzle up some carrots and kale in this salad, and it will become heartier than before.

Roasted Sugar Snap Peas

Were you wondering about some easy-to-make and straightforward side dishes for scallops? Then this one will fix your meal! The toothsome duo of scallops and sugar snap peas is next-level excellent. You should try out this fabulous combo for the next Scallops recipe.

Summer Squash Salad

This is another delicious dish that will work for you when you are wondering what to serve with scallops. This duo is perfect for breezy summer days as this yummy salad is relatively light and energizing. You can try out this salad without worrying too much if your salad will turn tasteless, but I can assure you, the opposite will happen for sure! Your salad could become even more toothsome when you add zucchini and squash; simply season them with pepper, oil, mint, and the complete combo of aromatic ingredients will amplify the full flavor like nothing else. You’ll seriously love it. Trust me, the combination of veggies and scallops works best!

Spinach and Pomegranate Salad

Scallops are rich in taste, and the side dish it calls for should be rich and soulful as much as your scallops! So many times, ‘what to serve with scallops’ can be the real doubt! The buttery flavor of scallops will be balanced out by this healthy, refreshing, and light salad. Pomegranate seeds are full of intense flavor, appealing color, and a slight hint of sweetness. The healthful companion spinach keeps the healthy vibe in check. Just pair these two, and you are up for the fantastic side dish! A pair of seared scallops placed upon the spinach and pomegranate salad will remain in your heart for a long time!

Spicy curry couscous

Spicy curry couscous with scallops

You can positively spark up your Sunday scallops meal with this simple curry sauce. When you drizzle up this tasty sauce on the seared scallops, a complete meal is enough to brighten up your whole weekend! You can prepare this sauce ahead of time so that it will be useful for other recipes as well, and your amusement just goes on! One excellent benefit which comes with this side dish is that you can prepare both if you are good at multitasking. Boil your tangy sauce and sear the Scallops simultaneously, and this way, you can handle both things and save your valuable time!

Grilled Vegetables

A simple yet healthy army of grilled, vibrant vegetables is another good option as a Scallops side dish. Grilled vegetables are simple yet most suitable pairings for scallops. Your complete meal course will enchant all your pals, and there will be a healthy vibe in your meal with a great taste.


Well, you can’t imagine the classic bacon when thinking about what to serve with scallops, correct? But trust me, bacon is a wholesome dish that could be paired up with scallops. Scallops become much tastier with the salty bacon, and you all are familiar with the salty ingredients as a flavor enhancer. When you cook your bacon perfectly, it will harness a beautiful hint of sweetness in its flavor. And if you are a scallops fan, you exactly know how wonderful it is to have some salty or sweet side dish as a pairing for your scallops. You would find that almost any dish with a light sweet flavor can become a good pairing for scallops.

Mango Avocado Salsa

Mango Avocado Salsa with scallops

So, still, confused about what to serve with scallops? I have the most suitable option for you which will solve your doubt quickly. This tasty, tangy, flavorful side dish prepared with mango fits the bill for anyone who is highly confused about scallops pairing! The seared scallops garnished with mango avocado salsa are amazing and make your taste buds happier. Also, this tangy salsa is the best appetizer for a fancy weekend dinner course. Whenever you attempt this recipe, just make sure you use ripe mangoes and avocados for the optimum taste and flavor. 

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What to serve with Scallops? Discover these 20 side dishes to pair up with tasty scallops treat!
Tasty scallops
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Tasty scallops
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