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Vegas Bomb – A perfect homemade party drink! Exotic recipes to try in 2021!

Vegas Bomb – A perfect homemade party drink

Vegas Bomb – This one sparkling drink is a must-try in 2021!

If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you would know the unbeatable need for sparkling party drinks! This one town could be classified as a bash town that needs new sizzling party drinks every time! Everybody has a thing for Vegas bomb drink; yes, you’ll go crazy by the dazzling rush it can give to your party mood! Though Las Vegas is not known for a particular cuisine, this classic drink is its star highlight!

The Vegas Bomb is a dazzling cocktail prepared with an energy drink and Royal Flush Shot, beverages such as Red Bull are used for this classic cocktail. This rich drink is served in a single shot, just like every other bomb drink. Also, a shot of energy drink is served along with it. You can stream the shot into the glass and then gulp the whole blend all together.

The ultimate term Vegas Bomb has originated from Las Vegas, which is no doubt one of the most famous places for casino fanatics, and those who have a great love for poker games always love this place! So, this one classic drink fits the bill for anyone who want to drive the whole night into a crazy wild mode! However, this drink is always suitable to have at fancy bars rather than your pantry, as you have to deal with lots of mess.

Vegas Bomb: All about the Star highlight of the party!

Vegas Bomb

This boozy glass wonderfully talks about the excellent party culture of Vegas! You’ll be filled with a wild rush of energy after experiencing its little hint of fireworks, which arises from this spectacular cocktail.  Even all your buddies will be on the high roller-costar ride after having this drink! The most amazing part is you will need few basic spirits to have this wild glass of drink!

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Vegas is popularly known for its lively nightlife, and the ritual of partying all night on roller-costar mode is like a tradition of Vegas! Amazingly, this spectacular drink comes up with the significant dose of Red Bull, so this one is a go-to drink for anyone who wants to feel relaxed after a monotonous week!

The Vegas Bomb recipe is prepared in two shots! The alcohol is the Vegas part, and the way it is prepared is a ‘Bomb’ part. To have a great culinary experience, you would have to bring a sultry larger sized glass and a shot glass. This excellent drink has a deep red tint in its shade and dawn like a golden shade, making it look highly alluring! And the moment the whole blend is created, they mix and make a beautiful vibrant swirl.

However, keep in mind that your pantry shrug will get very messy while preparing this amusement delight, specifically the ‘bomb’ part. But luckily, we have some easy ways through which you can deal with this shit! But, if you plan to line up this delight for an outdoor festival the yes, this drink will be your most thrilling party rush, and you don’t have to worry much about cleaning up the mess. If you plan to make this fantastic cocktail at home, then yes, you’ll have to bring on some old rugs to save your money! 

Vegas Bomb Origins

Vegas Bomb cocktail drink

So, you might have been wondering that what might be the origin of this ultimate cocktail! Its name “Vegas Bomb” seems really wonderful yet very unique, so what’s the origin of the name of this drink? Many tales suggest that Crown Royal is an excellent gateway for Royal flush, so that’s how the term Vegas Bomb came to light! It speaks of real Las Vegas culture!

Best tips for this ultimate cocktail drink!

The amount of alcohol in even a single Vegas bomb is very high, so I would like to suggest you avoid its overconsumption. Trust me even a single shot of this fantastic drink could drive you wild while partying, so you don’t have to overdo it! However, it can have some shots if you want but be prepared to deal with a dull headache just the very next morning!

There are some distinct, beautiful aspects of this drink that you can count on while planning to make it at home, various ingredients of this drink are replaceable, and there are no worries when you miss out on some spirits while making this party delight! You can use any whisky to substitute Crown Royal whiskey, and in the end, the flavor would be almost the same with no alterations.

There are numerous unique versions that you can make out of its homemade recipe, and there are creative versions that end up tasting very different than its authentic taste and flavor. If you ever order this drink at a restaurant, you realize that several versions are called Vegas Bomb, as this one fantastic drink is one of the most popular party cocktails. Yet, you could miss out on the real vibe of this drink when you opt for such substitute drinks that are marketed as ‘Vegas Bomb’!

There are two main versions of this drink, one is basically without the addition of a cranberry juice, and the other one does not contain Malibu so that you can have fun with only Crown Royal and Schnapps!

The classic version does not contain cranberry juice. Many other people even love to replace cranberry juice with Amaretto. Some people love this variation but let me tell you, this alteration will completely change the taste of your drink. Still, it’s your choice, so you can prefer any flavor that will delight your taste buds. Additionally, some versions contain Canadian whisky in place of Crown Royal, or only any other type of drink. 

What equipments do you need to make a Vegas Bomb?

You don’t have to freak about the equipements that you would require for this drink by judging its fancy name! You don’t require anything very fancy to make this delightful cocktail shot. Get one elegant large-sized drink glass and a small shot glass. The simple way to make this drink is to stream a shot glass into a large-sized glass, and then a whole blend will be created. So, there aren’t any very specific tips to make this drink.

What does a Vegas bomb taste like?

Well, Vegas Bomb is prepared with equal quantities of Red bull & booze, along with sweet flavored liquor drizzled into the shot glass. There is a little sweetness in this drink, which acts a fancy façade for this ultimate energy drink.

Vegas Bomb Recipe

Vegas Bomb Recipe Ingredients

If you have been looking for one thrilling shot drink that will drive your party wild, then this recipe should be on the top of your next lined up party drinks. Or you can have this fantastic cocktail to give a quick flip of your monotonous weekend drinks!

Prep time: 5 minutes

Total time: 5 minutes

Calories: 70 kcal

Servings: 1 serving

Course: Drinks

Cuisine: American


  • Crown Royal whiskey – 10 ml
  • Peach Schnapps – 10 ml
  • Coconut Rum – 10 ml
  • Cranberry juice – 10 ml
  • Red bull – 2/3 can


  1. Take a regular-sized hi-ball glass or large-sized pint glass, and stream 2/3 of Red Bull in it; keep it aside or gulp down the drink as it’s a Vegas part.
  2. Add the Peach Schnapps, Crown Royal Whiskey, Cranberry juice, and the Coconut Rum in a small shot glass.
  3. Now take a shot glass and stream all of it into a red bull. The small shot should be poured into the red bull drink and drink the whole blend together.
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Vegas Bomb – A perfect homemade party drink! Exotic recipes to try in 2021!
Vegas Bomb – A perfect homemade party drink
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Vegas Bomb – A perfect homemade party drink
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