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15 Prison recipes | Easy to make prison recipes

15 Prison recipes | Easy to make prison recipes

Prison Recipes – New cookbook for prison junk food!


15 Prison recipes | Easy to make prison recipes
15 Prison recipes | Easy to make prison recipes

I know everyone can still recall how boring elementary school meals were? I can again feel disgusted by the mere thought of prison recipes, that incompletely cooked jello and secret meats are simply disgusting! Could you even stand the idea of entertaining these prison recipes thrice a day and what else, even without having any alternative food supply!

Let me tell you; this is an everyday scenario of what every prison inmate goes through! The chaotic prison fights might be the manifestation of these prison recipes dissatisfaction issues that are disregarded!

Inmates can access and get items such as canned goods, drinks, and snack foods through the prison commissary that sells only a few kinds of items for prison recipes. The funds which are transferred in the inmates’ account by friends or family are utilized to purchase these separate food items; thus, they can opt for self-cooked prison recipes.

Some prison inmates also do get some little amount of money for the work they are assigned to do and use these to purchase the food items.

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Discover some of the effortless yet tastiest junk food prison recipes!

Well, this might freak you out! (Lots of laughs)If you ever find yourself on the other side of prison walls, the scenario through which even the popular celebrities have gone through, discovering such phenomenal prison recipes made with commissary food items will help you to keep your taste buds happy.

You might be prohibited to have a complete access to prison kitchen unless you are one of the celebrity chef prison inmates, the prison recipes that I have stated could be cooked by utilizing simple cooking tools as well as cell block microwave. Also, the usual utensils like trash bags and can lids. So, let’s explore simple and gourmet prison recipes!

I am here with the best Prison recipes that you can quickly make with limited commissary items!

So next time you found yourself wondering for such an extraordinary puzzle moment, be ready to mind map these prison recipes! You could also share these prison recipes with any family person who is behind bars, as I know regular prison recipes are rarely edible (the simple budget of every prisoner is $2), about 50 % of prison inmates take the support of commissary pantry to satisfy their hunger and food cravings. A commissary kitchen is a convenient junk food counter for all inmates through which they can make up with their diet issues by their self-made prison recipes.

Prison recipes- PRISON RICE BOWL

Prison recipes- PRISON RICE BOWL
Prison recipes- PRISON RICE BOWL

The prison recipes of rice bowl are very convenient and easy to make! I have included beef summer sausage (a prime source of main protein). Some of you might also conclude shredded pork, beef, or chicken as a good option- whatever protein you find optimum should be included in your prison recipes to fulfill your nutritional hunger. You can find these food pouches in prison commissary easily at an affordable rate.

A microwave is used for all prison recipes– so this recipe is quite distinct from other rice bowls- but the conclusion is that you get dainty and delicious rice bowl poured along with meat and greens. You can also choose to include numerous veggies you have an access to. Many prefer the onion & pepper and the presence of cheese, olives, and corn to make the prison recipes rice bowls whole in flavor.

The distinct variations of Rice bowl prison recipes are quite delicious! The ultimate potential of Summer Sausage was not exposed to me, but when I streamed it over rice bowl, I was mesmerized by the wholly new sausage flavour it gives to the whole rice bowl. The pickle and olive also make their way elevating the savory taste; when you add up all the ingredients, the result is wholesome goodness.

  • PREP TIME: 10 M
  • COOK TIME: 10 M
  • TOTAL TIME: 20 M
  • Yield: 2


  • Onion – ½ diced
  • Bell pepper – ½ diced
  • Beef summer sausage – 8 Oz diced
  • Gochujang or Sriracha Hot Sauce
  • Minced garlic – 2 teaspoons
  • Goya Sazon Con Culantro y Achiote – 1 pack
  • Lime Juice (1-2 Tbsp) – 1-2 tablespoons
  • Cooked rice – 2 cups
  • Sweet Asian Chili Sauce
  • Sweet corn, taken off the cob – 1 ear
  • Green olives – ¼ cup diced
  • Spicy dill pickles – ¼ cup, diced
  • Monterey jack cheese – ½ cup, shredded or small dice.


  1. Fry the onion in the microwave along with summer sausage for 3-5 minutes on high – stir it halfway.
  2. As per the package directions, microwave the pre-cooked rice separately. Mix goya seasoning and garlic salt.
  3. Take seasoned rice and stir onions and sausages in it
  4. Pour some pickles, peppers, olives, corn, and cheese. To adjust the taste stream, some sweet chili sauce.

Prison recipes- PRISON PAD THAI

Prison recipes- PRISON PAD THAI
Prison recipes- PRISON PAD THAI

Some prison recipes are quite popular in Thailand, and the Pad Thai stir-fried rice noodle is one of them. The prison recipes of ramen do not require much from grocery and can be made quickly. And we all know ramen is a low-cost commissary item that can be afforded by many, no doubt, many prison recipes are made with this beautiful food item.


  • Ramen noodles – 1 package
  • Peanut butter – 1/3 cup
  • Crushed peanuts – ¼ cup
  • Hot sauce – 2 teaspoons


  1. Follow the package instructions and prepare ramen noodles.
  2. Take a single container and stir all ingredients in it
  3. Use some crushed peanuts to create some culinary.



Some cheesecakes are so tasty that you can make them by eliminating baking, and this orange cheesecake recipe is so spectacular you can make it with simple crushed cookies. Also, the Kool-Aid frosting makes your cake even more vibrantly appealing, use another fancy commissary menu to decorate your cheesecake.

This lovely cheesecake can be the best treat in all the prison recipes options if someone’s granted parole. This cheesecake has included a crushed bread to mimic the “sponge” like feel just like other no-bake recipes.


  • Sugar – 1 packet
  • French vanilla creamer – 2 tablespoons
  • Kool-Aid (any flavor) – ¾ cup
  • Cookies (any kind) – 12 Oz
  • Cream cheese – 6 Oz
  • Honey – 2 tablespoons


  1. Make a mixture of all the cookies. Until you get sweet crumbs, crush the whole cookies.
  2. Cook the crushed cookies in a microwave for 3-4 minutes. Allow them to cool down.
  3. Take a bowl and mix the sugar, French vanilla creamer, cream cheese, honey, and Kool-Aid.
  4. Fill up the top of the crushed cookie crust by the mixture. Roll out the frosting at uniform level.
  5. Take an ice-filled bucket and refrigerate it for 4-5 hours or unless the toppings get solid.



There are array of numerous flavorful items that you can include in this blissful burrito. You can serve this burrito for two people, and it is delicious and easy to make. You can use plastic bags for cooking the ingredients as there might be unavailability of utensils behind bars. You can ue chips bag if there is a shortage of utensils.


  • Spicy ramen noodles – 1 package
  • Spicy Jalapeno ranch-flavored popcorn – ¾ (8 oz bag)
  • Squeezable cheese – ¼ cup
  • Spicy Takis
  • Tortilla
  • Cheetos – ½ bag
  • Crushed cheese-flavored crackers
  • Any hot sauce (sriracha, tabasco sauce, depends on your preference)


  1. Before opening the pack, crush the whole ramen noodles.
  2. Pour hot water in the bag and cook ramen noodles. Make sure to tightly close the bag.
  3. Prepare the burrito stuffing while the ramen is cooking. Merge up the jalapeno popcorn with ramen seasoning.
  4. Afterward, add the crushed cheese crackers, hot sauce, crushed Takis, squeezable cheese.
  5. Take a plastic popcorn bag and mix all ingredients and put on cooked ramen noodles.
  6. Roll out the left over cheese on tortilla.
  7. Shower your choice of stuffing and afterward wrap it. To share the burrito, simply slice it.



Every person I think on this globe craves for the yummy flavour-filled pizza on a tiring day? Pizza is among the most loved food in the U.S., as per the Food and Wine. Some people would attempt several times to make the perfect pizza by utilizing the whole present items in prison. Pizza is among the top junk food prison recipes, which is made with unique commissary items that are most suitable as toppings.


  • Saltine cracker – 2 sleeves
  • Tomato Paste
  • Pepperoni slices
  • Ritz cracker – 2 sleeves
  • Onions
  • Empty plastic bags (e.g., a Dorito bag)
  • Pickles
  • Ramen noodles – 1 pack
  • Slim Jim – 1 stick
  • Block cheese or Squeeze Cheese


  1. Make thin slices by the pickles, block cheese, onions, block cheese, and the slim jim.
  2. Take a Dorito bag and combine the two sleeves of Ritz crackers and Saltine crackers in it.
  3. Put the ramen noodles inside the bag after crushing them wholly.
  4. Pour some warm water in the bag. Check if the water matches the level of the mixture.
  5. In order to incorporate the ingredients, mash the blend together for 15 minutes, and cook the noodles.
  6. Once the combination resembles dough, carefully cut the side of the bag and flatten it. Keep another chip bag and to distribute it evenly make use of round material like rolling pin.
  7. Keep the dough to microwave for five minutes.
  8. Roll out the tomato paste in an even manner and mix all the toppings.
  9. Cook the pizza in a microwave for five minutes.


This is an authentic Mexican dish, known as meudo or Panchito. This usually made with the cow’s tripe amalgamated with chili paper base. There are some unique items of prison commissary that are utilized in this recipe. You can find rice in bagged portions in many prisons.


  • Tortilla Chips – 1 cup
  • Cooked rice – ¼ bag
  • Summer Sausage – 1
  • Pre-cooked Chili (No beans) – 1
  • Chili Seasoning – 2 packs
  • Pickle – 1/2 (chopped)
  • Pickle Juice
  • Pork rinds – 3 bags


  1. Add 1/4 cup of hot water and mash all tortilla chips
  2. Pour the cooked rice and massage the mixture to get a perfect dough.
  3. Take a plastic bag and put the dough inside it, and for ten minutes, heat it in a pot with water.
  4. Make the blend of sausage while waiting, two chili seasoning, and one package of pre-cooked chili. Pour a cup of warm water in the blend.
  5. In the separate container, also, until the pork rinds becomes soft, pour some hot water in it
  6. Blend the pork rinds and chill and mix some pickles along with the juice.
  7. The rice mixture would make a good side dish.

Prison recipes- SWEET POTATO PIE

Prison recipes-SWEET POTATO PIE
Prison recipes-SWEET POTATO PIE

This sweet potato pie is the best pick to make something in a short time from all prison recipes! This taste filled potato pie is the kind of light sweet dessert for prison recipes and convenient to make with its shortlist of ingredients.


  • Sugar Packets
  • Honey Packets
  • Graham Crackers
  • Canned Yams
  • Butter Packets – (5-6 pieces)


  1. Crush all the graham crackers and keep them in the separate container.
  2. Defrost the butter and stream it into meshed graham crackers.
  3. Push the crushed graham on a flat surface until it looks like a “crust.”
  4. Push the canned yams for the filling and mix honey, sugar, and butter.
  5. On the top of crushed graham crackers spread the blend in even manner.
  6. Keep the pie to get baked for 25 minutes.
  7. Slice the pie and taste it!


This yummy sweet cake is best for the special occasions in prisons. Many of the involved ingredients in prison recipes are pre-baked goods, so you don’t need to worry about that. Perhaps, Mayo is one of the unique ingredients that are utilized in this recipe. But keep in mind, preparation looks quite unattractive!


  • Chips Ahoy – 1 pack
  • Oreos – 1 pack
  • Milk – 1 carton
  • Mayo – 1 container


  1. Mash the Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies.
  2. Take a bowl and keep all crushed cookies. Continue mashing cooking unless you get a fine mixture.
  3. Take the carton of milk and heat it, and stream it in the mix.
  4. Pour some mayo in the blend. This keeps the combination together.
  5. Keep it to microwave for 3-5 minutes



There are very few items that you can get through prison commissary to make your prison recipes. Candies are many times preferred by prison inmates for different prison recipes to fulfill the absence of missed out ingredients. In this recipe, we will be using butterscotch candies to create something that should mimic butterscotch brownies. Trust me you can even have your prison recipes for brownies, just try this one once, you will be mesmerized!


  • Vanilla wafers (or double fudge cookies) – 1 pack
  • Butterscotch candies – 1 whole bag
  • Hot cocoa powder – 2 cups


  1. Take a container and crush the wafers and cookies.
  2. Crush the butterscotch candies in the separate bag
  3. Blend the both crushed mixtures.
  4. Mix some small amounts of warm water to your cocoa powder.
  5. Into a flat surface, push the blend of cookies and candies.
  6. On the top of the crust, stream some cocoa powder like a glaze.


You can always access coffee for prison recipes easily; coffee is a common ingredient that can be added in many prison recipes. You can pick caffeinated drinks any time from the cafeteria, available in instant coffee packets. You will surely like to go for this if you are a fan of those fancy coffee cups!

Note: You can utilize maple spray for your prison recipes that are often available in the breakfast tray.


  • A small carton of milk
  • Instant coffee – 3 tablespoons
  • Maple syrup packet – 1


  1. Unless the milk is steamy, in hot water, run the small milk carton. (Via tap or via boiling)
  2. Take a separate container and stream the milk in it.
  3. Stream the instant coffee along with maple syrup.
  4. Stir it wholly, and enjoy your drink!



Tamales is another Mexican dish which not only easy to make but takes lesser time. So, for those prison inmates who are utterly bored by the regular prison recipes like ramen and chips can anytime opt for Prison Tamales. Only warm water and a sturdy plastic bag will be needed.


  • Meat stick or beef jerky sausage – 1 Oz
  • Warm water – ½ cup
  • Corn chips – 1 large bag
  • Cheese curls or processed cheese food – 1/3 cup


  1. Amalgamate the corn chips and cheese in the one chip bag.
  2. Make the fine blend by crushing.
  3. Cut the meat stick properly and add it up with a blend.
  4. To make it shape it to a tamale, stream some water in the mixture.
  5. Keep the bag under hot water to cook after closing the bag tightly.
  6. Enjoy the taste of your tamales.


The original chef of this recipe did not want to include ramen noodles seasoning. That’s why he invented this recipe, in the place of ramen noodles seasoning he opted for those items that could be readily available for prison inmates in their commissary like hot sauce, jack mack.


  • Ramen Noodles
  • Doritos (or Cheez-Its)
  • Jack Mack or Canned Tuna
  • Hot Sauce


  1. Wholly cook the ramen noodles.
  2. Also, mash the Doritos or Cheez-Its
  3. Add up the crush cheese snacks when you are done with ramen noodles. It shall resemble like made-up cheese sauce.
  4. You can serve it along with the extra hot sauce, Jack Mack, or Tuna toppings.



This dish can be cooked quickly with the simple commissary items that’s why opted by many prison inmates. Do not hesitate to include any extra addition in the mix as they are always welcomed to improve the taste and flavor of your complicated prison recipes; prison inmates can make many variants of this dish. Cheese, meat snacks, ramen noodles, sugar, chips are some everyday items that are used.


  • Butter
  • Hot Sauce
  • Precooked can/package of chili
  • Cayenne pepper
  • A pack of Ramen noodles
  • Canned sausages
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Onion and Garlic powder


  1. Take a bowl and boil some water in it. Use the hot water for cooking ramen noodles.
  2. Keep some butter to melt.
  3. Add the hot sauce, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, onion in the melted butter. Blend it nicely.
  4. Add up the sliced canned sausages to the pre-cooked chili.
  5. Mix the pre-made butter mixture with the chili and sausage mixture and Keep to heat up in the microwave the complete mix.
  6. Pour all the ramen noodles in sauce.


Pork products were completely discarded out of prison recipes menu in 2015. But there are some prison commissaries where pork and pre-cooked bacon are sold. This ultimate yum dish tastes like a sweet and sour pork dish; inmates go for this refreshing recipe in order to make something creative unique out of prison recipes.


  • Cooked rice
  • Kool-aid – 3 tablespoons
  • Ramen noodles
  • Pork rinds


  1. First, nicely mash all the ramen noodles and soak it in hot water in a bowl.
  2. Stream three tablespoons of Kool-Aid in three separate containers.
  3. Pour some hot water of 1 tablespoon in the powder and mix it wholly to create sauce out of it.
  4. Mix the pork rinds and Coat up all the pork rinds pieces with the sauce.
  5. Keep the skins to the microwave for five minutes.
  6. Mix the cooked rice with strained ramen noodles.
  7. Create some appeal by keeping pork rinds on the top of the ramen along with the cooked rice.



This blissful jailhouse morsel is perfect to delight anyone heart; this delicious loaf can also be used to roll on breakfast toast! You can even opt for this loaf to elevate the flavor of your other prison recipes!


  • Ramen noodles chili – 1 package
  • Cheetos (1.25 oz.) – 1 bag
  • Slightly less than half a tumbler of the warmest water available
  • Saved meat
  • Many variations of this recipe include jalapeno chips, Flaming Hot Cheetos, basically anything which is available in your canteen commissary.


  1. You can keep the left-over meat or cheese from your food trays in a plastic bag.
  2. To get the flavor package out, open the bags of ramen noodles slightly.
  3. Gently break the noodle brick apart inside the bag; be careful not to lose any.
  4. To discard the air and smash those apart, open up the bag of Cheetos slightly.
  5. Make small bits out of meat.
  6. Open the top flap of Cheetos completely. Shift the noodle bits, mix some meat, stream seasoning, and shake it for a minute to get a proper blend.
  7. Stream some water, and discard all air from the bag, fold it up.
  8. Use a towel to wrap it and let it rest for 10 minutes.
  9. Discard from towel oven and open the bag in the middle.
  10. Enjoy your dish.

q&a hub

You can envision how disappointing and upsetting prison meals can be as we all have had a fair share of bland old, elementary school cafeteria meals at least once in our life! Well, from tough meats to half-dried jellies, you could imagine a day of usual prisoner’s life after this statement! That’s how a regular prison diet looks; and yes, now you could easily guess the numerous reasons for prison chaos!

Many prisons have a terrible reputation when it comes to the quality of meals and taste! Many times, prisoners tend to shed many pounds due to a lack of quality meals and nutrition as the prison meals are produced in the mass amounts and prepared with cheap items. Here is the simple answer guide containing all the common questions that could help you take a sneak peek into the reality of prison foods!

What do they call ramen in prison?

Ramen has become one of the most common junk food for prisoners. Swolls and Chi-Chi are some other popular terms that are used to call ramen in jail. This dish is also known by various names, as well as it is considered a go-to meal when prisoners want some fancy prison cuisine. Often, a couple of inmates prefer to make it together; some contribute to ramen while others come up with the other savory ingredients.

How do you make pizza in prison?

Prison Pizza is one of the most common prison foods. This dish can be prepared with various ingredient substitutes that are readily accessible for prisoners. Prison pizza can be quickly prepared with ramen noodles, as it is a prison staple and essential ingredient for prison pizza crust. You can start by crunching up all the noodles and crackers. You can add some hot water into a trash bag and prepare a circular crust by it. Also, prison pizza can be enhanced with available savory toppings such as summer sausage, Picante sauce, cheese, etc. Also, you can make several alterations to the pizza flavor.

Can prisoners cook in their cells?

No! Many prison cells are not provided with cooking equipment like a stove.

What things does a prisoner make?

Many typical prison recipes can be prepared with the ingredients available in the prison commissary. Meals such as jailhouse tamales, fried chicken, crabapple jelly are some of the most common prison cuisines that are preferred by inmates when they crave something fancy and savory. Prison latte is also one of the unique beverages that are mostly prepared in prison by inmates as no would ever like to miss their Starbucks vibe! Apart from this, Pad Thai is an excellent typical dish that is often prepared by the inmates by using some simple ingredients like ramen noodles, hot sauce, and peanut butter. Pad Thai is an easy-peasy recipe that requires very little preparation time.

The other standard meal with a reputation for being a fancy food is known as ‘The Spread.’ As its name suggests, this dish is made with many staple foods of prison pantry. You could even add on some leftover food stocks to cook this classic spread. Anything from ramen noodles, canned tuna, hot sauce, salsa, Doritos, and popcorn can be used to prepare this dish; a simple trash bag is used with some spices, and in only a few minutes, you get a fantastic meal.

Many inmates even go a step further to consummate their hunger for spicy junk food with the help of prison commissary. Prisoners can purchase the food items of their heart from the prison store to make the junk food recipes in jail. Many items that are needed for the junk food recipes can be accessed through the prison commissary. You would find that many junk food items such as soda, honey buns, snack cakes, candy bars, packaged sausage, ice cream, assorted candy, crackers, chips, and cookies are readily available at prison commissary. Many inmates like to purchase noodles at large extent, as it can work as a primary ingredient to prepare an array of junk food items.

What is slam prison food?

Slam prison food is a classic amalgamation of different staple food items of prison. Slam prison food could be made by combining noodles, peanut butter, seasoning pack, crunchy Cheetos, hot savory sauce, and different meats.

What kind of food do prisoners eat?

Prison breakfasts consist of different hot and cold meals such as milk, danish, cereals, soups and vegetable salads. Almost all of the meals provided to prisoners are warm or hot. And the stock of regular meals has some common main course dished such as chicken, fish patties, hotdogs, tacos, hamburgers, burritos, lasagna, etc. Addtionally, federal prisoners can only have milk in the mornings, though they have an access to drinking water and some flavorful drink while having their daily meal thrice a day. Most prison pantries have self-service trays and salad counters for all the inmates where they can pick their healthy share of fresh peas and numerous other vegetables.

Do prisoners get free meals?

Yes! All the inmates get free meals throughout their detention period. Almost all the inmates, including the ward of the state, also get free meals in prison. Many prisoners also get a little amount of money for the work they do in jail, so that they can use it to purchase food items from prison commissary to make junk food recipes.

How many times do prisoners eat?

Almost all the prisoners are provided with meals thrice a day. Prisons have tray facility and self-service meal counters so they can pick the food items of their choice. Along with this, Prisoners have an access to free drinking water and flavored drinks while having their meal.

Can you bring a homemade food to someone in jail?

No. You cannot directly give any food item or edibles to any inmate. No food item can be given to any inmate without the official approval of a correctional officer. However, if anyone wants to bring some food item for any inmate, he will be required to get the approval before bringing in any food items or edibles in jail.

How much food do prisoners get?

The amount of food and the kind of meals any prisoner would get would largely depend upon the inmate’s diet. Many prisoners refrain from eating meat items, pork items, and much more and when such situation arises, certain prison inmates could also make a unique appeal for their chosen diet. Many prisons also provide a particular diet plan for inmates with health alignments such as diabetes, blood pressure, and allergies to certain food items.

Why prison food is considered bad?

Yes! You might have come across lots of talks surrounding the quality of meals in jail, and yes, to some extent, we would agree that some prison meals could significantly lack nutrition and quality. Prison foods are one of those parts where many prisons and jails tend to compromise on quality. Many prison foods are mass-created, and many of the meals are often low cost with very less nutrition and have a bland taste. Most prisons have contracts with private food sources; many times, food contracts go to the lowest bidder thus lack quality and proper nutrition.

How do you cook ramen in jail?

Cooking fancy meals in prison can be quite trickier as you miss out on many essential ingredients and have to make out with only a few items that are available in the prison commissary. However, ramen is the most popular and one of the go-to staple foods of prison pantry. Many prison ramen recipes are studded with fresh veggies and savory sausages so require very less preparation time and simple ingredients.

Common jail food is often known as ‘The Spread.’ As its name suggests, a classic spread meal consists of numerous staple food items. Any leftover stock from the meals can also be added to the spread.

What is a typical prison meal?

All prisons have many staple food dishes such as soups, flavored drinks, vegetable salads, beans, sprouts, various types of milk, bread with savory sausages. Many food items such as vegetable soups, bone marrow, fried chicken, kimchi, beansprouts, and salads are served for breakfast and lunch. If any inmate wants to have extra food items such as fruits and meats, he could purchase them from prison commissaries.

Do prisoners get three hot meals a day?

Yes, all prisoners are provided with three meals a day. However, some federal prisoners only get served with one meal a day.

Do prisoners get coffee?

Yes, of course. Coffee is one of the most common beverage options for inmates that are readily accessible. However, a classic filtered prison coffee might have a bland taste. 

How do prisoners eat healthily?

Prison meals or foods are popularly known as trays. While some of the trays are full of many toothsome staple food items such as bread, soups and salads, prisoners could also opt for the food items offered in the prison commissary to satisfy their craving for unhealthy junk food. Some prisons provide trays with chicken trays that have decent taste and flavor. On the other hand, some prisoners also get served with hot dog trays that are relatively good in quality and taste. However, breakfast trays are loaded with numerous carb-filled foods.

15 Prison recipes | Easy to make prison recipes
Prison recipes - PRISON RICE BOWL
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Rice bowl prison recipe can be the best way to get your share of yumminess! I wasn’t familiar with the beautiful potential of summer sausages. When I used them on the rice bowl, I was genuinely amazed by the ultimate unique flavor sausage flavor delivers to the bowl. The result is a beautiful and delicious taste after you pour all ingredients.
Servings Prep Time
2 servings 10 minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
10 minutes 20 minutes
Servings Prep Time
2 servings 10 minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
10 minutes 20 minutes
15 Prison recipes | Easy to make prison recipes
Prison recipes - PRISON RICE BOWL
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Rice bowl prison recipe can be the best way to get your share of yumminess! I wasn’t familiar with the beautiful potential of summer sausages. When I used them on the rice bowl, I was genuinely amazed by the ultimate unique flavor sausage flavor delivers to the bowl. The result is a beautiful and delicious taste after you pour all ingredients.
Servings Prep Time
2 servings 10 minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
10 minutes 20 minutes
Servings Prep Time
2 servings 10 minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
10 minutes 20 minutes
  1. Use microwave and fry the onions for 3-5 minutes on high flame and summer sausage– stir it halfway.
  2. Microwave the pre-cooked rice separately, as per the directions given on the packaging. Add the garlic salt and goya seasoning.
  3. Take seasoned rice, stir onions with sausages with it.
  4. Add up some olives, corn, pickles, peppers, and cheese. Stream some sweet chili sauce to balance out the taste.
Recipe Notes

Nutrition Facts
Prison recipes - PRISON RICE BOWL
Amount Per Serving
Calories 823 Calories from Fat 396
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 44g 68%
Saturated Fat 23g 115%
Polyunsaturated Fat 2g
Monounsaturated Fat 15g
Cholesterol 105mg 35%
Sodium 2029mg 85%
Potassium 224mg 6%
Total Carbohydrates 71g 24%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%
Sugars 1g
Protein 36g 72%
Vitamin A 15%
Vitamin C 4%
Calcium 37%
Iron 18%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.