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Green tomato recipes to try in 2021! Explore exotic ‘green tomatoes recipes guide’ with us!

Green tomato recipes

Green tomato recipes – Green tomatoes can be creatively used in these rare dishes!

Green tomatoes are one of the rarest veggies that have the power to enchant anyone’s heart just in a single sight! Green tomatoes can be considered as the top-notch secret in south Indian cuisine; till now, you might have had tremendous tasty delicacies that belong to south India, but did you know that South Indian cuisines are many times loaded with this tasty exotic vegetable! 

We all have heard about a single delicacy that makes green tomato a part of it, and, i.e., Fried green tomatoes, people who have a thing for crispy, tangy delicacies, will totally like it! However, ‘fried green tomato’ is just one dish, and there is an array of green tomato recipes that will win the heart of your pals in your upcoming house party! These exotic green tomato recipes are something that you should really try out to make your rainy season much more soulful and hearty!

Green Tomato Rice

Green tomato rice is one of the easiest yet very yummy green tomato recipes! You could find it very shocking that ingredient such as un-ripened green tomatoes can change the whole vibe of your tomato rice. This green tomato rice just explodes with a tangy flavor that also comes up with vibrant color and superb aroma! The green tomato rice is a great way to make the most of your green tomatoes.

Green Tomato Ketchup

Green tomato ketchup is a unique flip on the usual red tomato ketchup! If you are a ketchup fanatic and like to drizzle up ketchup in each and everything, then you are going to fall in love with green tomato ketchup as this one is loaded with tangy flavor! Green tomato ketchup is an ideal condiment that carves your every meal into something very fancy and exotic. This recipe is an ideal condiment that can be used with almost all kinds of recipes; flavor and taste do not matter when it comes to the green tomato ketchup as it pairs up well with almost anything, such as spicier and sweeter.

Green Tomato Chutney

Green tomato chutney is another lovely condiment form of green tomatoes. Green tomato chutney is an amazing option to make the best use of the green tomatoes that are left in your pantry! This handy green tomato chutney is very easy to make and tremendously tasty; you’ll have something exotic to pair up with your end-moment bland tasting dishes! Just go for this exotic green tomato chutney, and you’ll fall in love with the zingy flavor of green tomatoes.

Sweet Corn and Green Tomato Fritters

Sweet corn and green tomato fritters are very light and soulful. These cake-like fritters have a little tinge of sweetness to them, and these are fluffy deep-fried treats! The sweet corn + green tomato fritters are almost the same as doughnuts if we compare the taste of both, and they make the healthy dessert choice when prepared with sweeteners like golden cane syrup or maple syrup. You can drizzle up some extra powdered sugar on it. These fritters make the amazing option as a healthy brunch or follow-up dessert after dinner. Fritters have always been a good option to make full use of late-season fruits, and your green tomatoes will come to great use without much hard work!

Green Tomato Soup with Country Ham

This soulful soup prepared with green tomatoes will fill up your usual dinner with an extreme taste. This soup is very hearty and harnesses ultra-tasty flavor from smoky, savory country ham. This soulful soup will pair up well with side dishes such as hot baked dishes and snacks.

Green Tomato Hot Dog Relish

Green tomato hot dog relish is a superb idea to spark up your creativity with leftover green tomatoes. This tangy relish will fit perfectly for sausages, hot dogs and hamburgers, or you can lightly stir it onto potato salad, noodles or any kind of pasta dishes. This savory homemade relish will also taste amazing with tuna or chicken.

Green Tomato Shakshuka

Green tomato shakshuka is another lovely delicacy among all the tasty green tomato recipes that you should try. This savory dish also consists of eggs along with a blend of garlic, tomatoes, chilies, and other aromatic seasonings. This recipe is a lip smacking delicacy that will brighten your brunch and it will taste amazing when paired up with other dishes. You can customize the soup as per your taste buds and choice. You can even make this soup spicier than usual. This dish is very toothsome and contains a strong tangy aroma like citrus fruits! 

Green Tomato Cake

Suppose you are of those Southerners who have the special love for desserts, then yes, you’ll love this dish! You can delight your friends and family’s heart with this awesome dessert with very less preparations! This green tomato cake would be the best idea for your upcoming house jamboree if you wanted to try something extra exotic this time!

Zucchini + Green Tomato Relish

This very tasty relish is the aromatic blend of the two most wonderful seasonal veggies, i.e., zucchini and green tomatoes. This ketchup blend can be served along with greens and beans, this ketchup is a versatile condiment, and it will even fit the bill as a side dish for dishes like burgers and hot dogs.

Green Tomato Curry

Green tomato curry is a lovely South Indian dish and a good option as a main course for dinner or lunch. You can use green tomatoes in an array of Indian curries, and that’s the whole next-level beauty of green tomatoes.

Green Tomato Pie

Green tomato pie just tastes like apple pie. Your whole family will like the spiced green tomato pie as much as I did. Green tomato pie makes the light and wonderful option for breakfast or brunch. Green tomato pie looks very appealing as much as it tastes!

Zingy Green Tomato Salsa

You should really try out this spicy and zingy green tomato salsa this season. This savory green tomato salsa just tastes great when prepared from your preserved green tomatoes. This green tomato salsa can fit a wide variety of delicacies such as sandwiches and burgers.

Green Tomato Quick Bread

You can have the feel of the hearty breakfast by simply opting for this moist and soft quick bread. This green tomato bread can be served as a quick, tasty snack or breakfast bread and you can prepare it just within few minutes.

Pickled Green Tomatoes

Pickling green tomatoes bursts with amazingly delicious flavors such as sweet-sour, a savory and a little hint of spiciness. You can use this pickle the same way you use your butter pickles and bread. This recipe is a great idea that gets you the tastiest pickle, which will last for next coming weeks.

Green Tomato Stew

Green tomato stew tastes as wonderful as red tomato stew, and you can make complete use of your green tomatoes grown from your garden or leftover green tomatoes. This stew will warm up your lazy rainy day with a hell of a lot of comforts. You can pair up this dish with tasty rice dishes for a feel of a complete meal.

Green Tomato Pasta

Green tomato pasta is very easy to make and a simple pasta dish; this pasta will make your rainy season more relaxing. The green tomatoes are extremely useful when it comes to pasta; these green tomatoes will make very delicious and flavorful pasta which will taste very different from usual pasta made from red tomatoes. When it comes to Italian delicacies that are made from red tomatoes, green tomatoes can create great magic as well.   

Green Tomato Chilli

Green tomato chili is a great option as well to use your green tomatoes. This vegan chili is a great option for those people who always search for something savory and vegan! This green tomato soup is a very good vegan option for vegetarians, and it is a great substitute for ground beef stew or meat stew. This delicious chili option can be customized as per your choice; you can make it spicier as we as hotter if you want some extra dose of savoriness.

Green Tomato Casserole

Green tomato casserole will give you the best feel of green tomatoes, and you’ll realize that green tomato recipes are as tasty as red tomato recipes! This green tomato casserole can be easily paired up with many dishes and other ingredients. You can add on some extra ingredients to enhance its existing aroma to the fullest! You can even use an array of vegetables in this green tomato casserole if you want to make your recipe extra vibrant, and in the end, drizzle up some cheesy and creamy sauce on it to make it explore with flavor.

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Green Tomato Salsa Recipe
Explore this easy green tomato salsa recipe! This tangy season blend has a very spicy taste, and it has the similar taste to salsa verde.
Green tomato recipes
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Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 Minutes
Cook Time 15 Minutes
Cuisine American
Prep Time 5 Minutes
Cook Time 15 Minutes
Green tomato recipes
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  1. First of all, peel off the garlic. Also, peel and quarter the onion. Now take jalapeno and take out the seeds and ribs. Quarter the tomatoes if they are ample sized, otherwise, keep them as it is.
  2. Get a baking sheet and keep garlic, green tomatoes, onion, and jalapeño on it. For 4 to 5 minutes, broil all these on high to the point they start to become black. Flip them once and also rotate the veggies. Another time, broil for 4 to 5 minutes.
  3. Shift everything into a food processor. Only use the ½ of the jalapeño. Add the kosher salt, cilantro, and lime juice. Until you get the desired consistency, pulse it well. Check the taste, and see if you want to add an extra ½ of jalapeño. Keep the salsa at room temperature until serving.
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