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26 Easy weeknight dinners to make your daily struggles easy! Explore best dinner recipes for 2021!

26 Easy weeknight dinners

26 Easy weeknight dinners – Here is the most simple yet delicious dinner ideas!

Every summer gets us into big guesswork, and you start going through your go-to recipes to search for something easy yet very delicious for your dinner! As summer starts to set in, your late-night food cravings also begin to shift, as we all like to eat something light yet very tasty for night meals! You love to eat something funky, crunchy one day and another day; you love to eat something savory! Yes, we all have such mood swings. Soulful soups, crunchy pasta, and toothsome stews are a common part of the easy weeknight dinners.

I have coupled up some amazing and easy weeknight dinners for you so that your late-night snacking treats become much interesting. You can make this year very special with some most delicious and easy to make recipes. So, let’s begin!

Easy Chicken Parmesan

Easy Chicken Parmesan

Chicken parmesan will always be one of the classic easy weeknight dinners! This easy dinner can be prepared within 30 minutes. It is extremely delightful and requires little preparations. All you need for this recipe is six ingredients.

Veggie Stir-Fry and Thai Beef

We all like to have something as easy as yummy rice for easy weeknight dinners! However, a healthy army of veggies and deliciously tender beef could also be paired with it for tastier treat!

Tomato-Quinoa Soup

Tomato-quinoa soup is the perfect recipe for anyone searching for easy weeknight dinners that can be prepared with very few options. This toothsome bowl stuffed with vibrant puree can be prepared within 30 minutes! Sprinkle some quinoa upon it!

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Cheese with Vegan Mac

This dish is specifically loved by kids and even elders; your family will love it a lot! It’s so delicious that one would wonder if it is a vegan dish. The soft, creamy companionship of cheese enhances the richness of your recipe on the other hand.

Cheese Quesadillas + Zucchini

Zucchini and cheese quesadillas is a very delicious duo! You can even enhance this lovely combo with the comforting presence of tangy zucchini; this will make your meal tasty like never before!

Crunchy Bowl of Tofu

This dish comes with numerous tasty layers that add a charming appeal to the meal! The addition of earthy, nutty quinoa and cashews makes the meal more richly flavored, along with some hydrating cucumber chunks. Also, the crunchiness of fried tofu is loved by each of us; we all know that! 

Roasted Veggie Pasta

Roasted Veggie Pasta

Easy weeknight dinners will become much fantastic with the addition of this one! Roasted vegetable pasta is studded with chunks of healthy veggies, and you have to toss them with feta, pasta and aromatic herbs! Well, if you find it boring to deal with the oven, you can grill your veggies!

Orange Chicken + Moroccan Olives

This dish has a very low-calorie count! An exotic dash of Moroccan olives adds a fabulous flip on a classic slow-simmered chicken. This easy dish can be prepared within 20 minutes.

Garlic Butter Salmon

This savory dish is prepared with aromatic garlic and salmon! This soft salmon is very tender and full of yumminess! One more thing that makes this dish very convenient is it is quite easy to make!

Lovely Pesto Pasta

Easy pesto pasta is one of my easy weeknight dinners! This homemade pesto is very yummy, and you’ll get addicted to it. It is the best option for late-night hunger!

Rice and Noodles + Vegetables

A classic amalgamation of healthy vegetables with rice, noodles and pasta cooked very well. This dish is very easy and quick to prepare, so it will be a great fit for your next weeknight dinner course!

Turmeric Cauliflower Fried Rice

This unique type of rice isn’t prepared with actual rice. It’s an amazing grain-free recipe. This delicious rice is made with turmeric-spiced cauliflower rice, and it is coupled up with toasted cashews, chickpeas and a yoghurt sauce.

Crispy Chicken with White Wine Pan Sauce

Crispy Chicken with White Wine Pan Sauce

Chicken thighs can never go out of the craze as it is a classic weeknight dinner! The soft chicken thighs become tastier with the bath of stock, and this creates a very tangy pan sauce that’ll make you swoon over it; this dish is a perfect deal!

Aromatic Frittata

The traditional frittatas are ultimately easy to make and tasty treat! One more amazing thing about frittatas is that you can create numerous versions of them with your choice of vegetables. You can prefer your selection of vegetables and aromatic herbs! Drizzle up some roasted vegetables, sautéed greens, aromatic herbs, or soft cheese. The complete meal would be ready in just 30 minutes. You can make it tastier by adding a little hint of crusty bread or avocado toast, and this makes a complete delicious meal.

Vegan Tacos

Vegan tacos are prepared with earthy flavored jackfruits. The lovely meat part is mimicked by jackfruit, so that you can experience the yumminess like meat with these delicious vegan tacos. You can sprinkle some mango salsa for an amazing flip of sweet and spicy contrast on top of it.

Gourmet Lemon Chicken Pasta

This tangy and savory pasta can be prepared within just 30 minutes. This delicious pasta is the best option for dinner, prepared with soft noodles and tasty peas. The skillet chicken gets coupled up with the super creamy, gourmet pasta, which will be cherished by everyone. 

Vegan Burrito Bowl

This vegan burrito bowl is full of fajita veggies, guacamole and pineapple salsa; what a lovely combination! This bowl bursts with the spicy-sweet flavor and needs the very short cooking preparations. You can even prepare this salsa ahead of time to shed off your extra work! 

Soulful Coconut Curry

Coconut curry is the soulful weeknight dinner option! This refreshing curry is one of the best and easy weeknight dinners that I love! I love to prepare this coconut curry very often for my family! This recipe is especially perfect for busy nights and for those who are always on their toes due to work. To make your curry more hearty, couple up some tofu, chickpeas, or other protein option of your choice.

Tortellini Soup

The classic tortellini soup recipe fits the bill for busy weeknights, and you’ll love it like anything! Healthy soft veggies and chewy, cheesy tortellini make the whole meal very appealing along with lip smacking broth. You can add a dash of kale pesto to enhance it tastiness further more.

Crispy Broccoli + Pan-Roasted Steak

Roasted steak is loved by everyone, and the tasty steak sandwich makes a perfect dinner option for lazy weeknights! Crispy broccoli enhances the soulful vibe of the recipe.

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Stuffed sweet potatoes are loaded with aromatic herbs, vegetables and savory spices. All these healthy ingredients combine to make an ultimate dinner combination for you! This dish is my ideal weeknight dinner option for my family! This relaxing meal has the goodness of baked sweet potatoes, and you can even cook this recipe ahead of time. You can prepare the filling when the potato is getting baked, and to make this recipe ahead of time, you can cook the potato in advance. You can get your sweet potatoes ready with stuffing in just a few minutes!

Creamy Mushroom Polenta

Creamy mushroom polenta is a healthy and relaxing food option for busy people after a tiring workday! Zingy chimichurri and earthy flavored mushrooms are sprinkled over a bed of rich polenta. If you wish to get some extra protein dose, just add an ample of roasted chickpeas to your dish!

Savory Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Savory Stuffed Zucchini Boats

When you have tons of zucchini readily available at your pantry, this recipe is the best option for you! If you were searching for something relaxing, refreshing yet delicious, stuffed zucchini boats are there to consummate your late-night cravings! This unique dish is very easy to make, all you need is simple 30 minutes, and at the end, you get to taste the most satisfying yummy dinner!

Black Bean Burger

This easy black bean burger is a healthy and tasty homemade burger made out of vegetables prepared in just 30 minutes! This toothsome black bean burger is very savory and smoky burger that is quite easy to prepare, so line up this on your weeknight dinners list.

Herbed Chicken with Shrimp

This dish is a flavorful amalgamation of the tastiest meats, such as shrimp and soft chicken. You can make this one easily, and this one option is fancy enough to even thrill your weekend dinner parties! Even a simple dinner course will become much interesting with this one meal!

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Another lovely treat for vegetarians! This vibrant and soulful sandwich is ideal for weeknights when cooking for long hours gets on your nerves! The amazing chickpea “tuna” salad filling makes a unique flip over monotonous sandwiches! You can enhance your creativity and decorate your dish with olives, crispy vegetables, aromatic basil and earthy green beans.

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This unique pineapple chicken salad is the tangy, savoury treat that can be cooked within 15 minutes, and it is one of the tastiest weeknight dinner recipes ever! Try this recipe; it is a quick flip on typical pineapple chicken salad.
26 Easy weeknight dinners
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Prep Time 15 Minutes
Cook Time 15 Minutes
26 Easy weeknight dinners
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  1. Blend the chopped rotisserie chicken in a large-sized bowl, honey roasted almonds, wholly drained crushed pineapple, red onion and sliced celery. Stir it well to blend.
  2. Whisk together the sour cream, mayo, Dijon mustard, honey, lemon juice, and a slight hint of pepper and salt in a small-sized bowl. Pour 1/8 teaspoon pepper and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Stream the dressing upon salad.
  3. Keep stirring all of the ingredients gently to the point all are combined well. Taste it and see if you want to add some extra pepper, salt, and additional lemon.
  4. Pour the chicken salad on sandwich bread or croissant. Add on some lettuce to enhance it. Enjoy your salad.
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