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15 + Blackstone griddle accessories for this summer to get a great cooking experience!

15 + Blackstone griddle accessories – Explore these unique accessories that are a must-have!

Suppose you have been looking for the best Blackstone griddle accessories, then this article is a perfect fit for you, as we have compiled amazing and rare information on the best Blackstone griddle accessories that will expand your knowledge so that you can have a wonderful cooking experience! If you have been trying to gather any unique information on Blackstone griddle accessories, then this article is going to shed great light upon your quest, and in the end, you’ll have a vast idea of Blackstone griddle accessories!

These useful 20+ accessories are greatly recommended! So, when you next time plans to buy a Blackstone griddle, you will find these suggestions very useful! Also, if you want to complete the use of your Blackstone griddle, then these accessories are a must-have! If you ask me, I have got these accessories, and these accessories have been proven very helpful in my cooking experience!

I have been asked by many readers till now about the essential Blackstone griddle accessories they have to get while buying Blackstone griddle, so this article is for all those readers who have been waiting!

What is the Blackstone griddle?

Blackstone is a name brand that deals in great quality outdoor grills and griddles.  This brand started in 2005, and Blackstone Griddle is the highly celebrated product! 

The Blackstone brand is a very popular brand dealing with high-quality griddles and grills for many years. This brand truly brings good amusement to your culinary experience! Their product line is dedicated to providing a classic cooking experience in outdoor cooking. 

What accessories are essential with Blackstone griddle?

This list of 20 + Blackstone griddle accessories is very much useful in outdoor cooking! These accessories are extremely suitable for Blackstone flat top griddle. All the accessories that I have mentioned in this list are truly amazing will provide a great outdoor cooking experience for you; just go through these options before you get your Blackstone griddle.

This Blackstone griddle accessory kit is the essential thing that you explore if you want to make the most of your Blackstone griddle. This list consists of 5 tools, two plastic bottles, two restaurant style stainless steel spatulas, one stainless steel scraper/chopper.

Blackstone Griddle Accessory Tool Kit

This Blackstone Accessory Kit is the essential thing that you should get while buying your Blackstone griddle! Make this one your top priority if you are going to buy only one accessory.

Blackstone Griddle/Grill Soft Cover

Softcover is a very important tool as the Blackstone griddle is an outdoor cooking appliance. This softcover will prevent your griddle from getting damaged by outdoor elements. Also, your griddle will be prevented from animals that can come in contact with remaining food particles. 

Blackstone Griddle Grill Hard Cover

A hardcover is essential to prevent your flat top griddle from rust which is formed due to the elements; rust can be formed due to condensation. Your flat top griddle would also be protected by animals of all kinds.

What is the role of basting cover?

A basting cover is a great tool that you should definitely get as it helps in cooking items like hamburgers evenly and properly, and it will also lock in all the natural liquid. This tool will also help to melt the cheese wholly while cooking burgers. 

12” Basting Cover/Dome – Stainless Steel

A basting cover made up of stainless steel would be a great aid in your outdoor cooking with a Blackstone griddle. This cover is really helpful while cooking food recipes like sandwiches, cheeseburgers, and eggs.

Cuisinart Griddle Press

A griddle press is an amazing tool that will save your cooking time. This luxury item will help you cook your meal more rapidly as well as all the extra fat would be eradicated from the meats as they cook.  Items like grilled cheese can be enhanced beautifully with a griddle press!

Blackstone Breakfast Kit

Blackstone breakfast kit contains a set of 2 4” egg rings, and a batter dispenser and a bacon press. This is just wonderfully useful for recipes like pancakes. 

Griddle Wind Guards

You have to take care of the winds as you can’t control the wind while cooking with Blackstone griddles in an outdoor area so that the wind guards will protect your griddle from the outdoor winds. These griddle wind guards are an essential item while cooking with Blackstone griddle.

Blackstone 8 Piece Flat Top Cleaner Set

This cleaner set consists of stainless steel 6” scraper, two cleaning bricks, one handle and three scouring pads.

Can you use a metal spatula with a Blackstone griddle?

Of course! Metal spatulas are utilized for flipping your food while cooking; also, they can be used to scrape down the bits that are stuck after cooking.

Disposable Foil Drip Pans

The disposable foil drip pans are something you should get while buying Blackstone griddle if you feel lazy to clean the grease formed on the griddle. You can insert one of the 30 foil pans in your griddle drip pan while cooking. You can just throw away the foil pan after you are done with cooking.

Blackstone Burger Spatula

Your delicious burger recipe will become much easy if you have a big fat burger spatula! Blackstone griddle is just perfect for cooking your big burgers when you have a company of big burger spatula. You can use even this spatula as a griddle scraper.  The plastic handle will keep your hands while you cook as it is heat resistant.


Butter Roller – Stainless Steel

Butter roller of stainless steel is a great luxury tool to prepare meals that will look fancy, restaurant-made. You can easily prepare Texas toast, butter buns, and garlic bread with this versatile butter roller. This butter roller will ensure safety while you prepare food.

Griddle Food Mover

You would like to have this griddle food mover if you often prepare the food for a large crowd.  Griddle food mover is really helpful for recipes like vegetables, rice, hash browns, stir-fry and home fries. 

Silicone Basting Pastry Brushes

These brushes are made up of premium silicone. These basting pastry brushes can resist very high temperatures, and it makes an ideal tool for spreading the BBQ sauce on your meat recipes; these brushes resist shrinking or melting. The silicone designs of these brushes are strong enough, so your food won’t break.


Blackstone Taco & Fajita Seasoning

The seasoning is a great blend that will make your taco and fajita recipes more delicious. It has a strong tangy flavor that will enhance your recipe to a great extent. 

Blackstone Shakers

These shakers are an amazing tool that can be used for powdered sugar; this shaker will work well for many recipes. Suppose you want to make Cinnamon French toast. These shakers are prepared from stainless steel and are extremely safe. They are also easy to clean.

Blackstone All Purpose Gourmet Seasoning

This gourmet seasoning is an amalgamation of sweet and savory flavors. You can use this versatile seasoning in any recipe. 


Griddle extras are an amazing addition to your Blackstone griddle. It will be very useful for any steak sandwich.

Egg Rings – Set of 4 Tools

Egg Rings

If you want to be perfect in making egg sandwiches, then these rings are a must-buy. These rings help create evenly round egg shapes.

Blackstone 14” Pizza Pans

This Pizza pan will be wonderful in your upcoming pizza treat! These are prepared from high-quality aluminum; this metal is also lightweight so it is quite convenient to use.  This pizza pan is non-sticky, and you can wash it easily.

Blackstone Side Shelf Cutting Boar

This tool will be helpful for cutting your ingredients when there is no space. This tool is really easy to install and convenient to use.

Backyard Griddle Cookbook

Griddle cookbook comes with vibrant and appealing photos. Also, there are some amazing step-by-step instructions so that you can cook your meal perfectly. You can explore unique cooking tips, procedures, and fancy recipes from this cookbook.


You should know how to clean your Blackstone griddle if you have one. The essential step is to season your griddle so that the flat top will be protected.

The second step is to discover how to clean the flat top after preparing food after the griddle is seasoned.

You can use your metal scraper to scrape all the bits that are stuck on the griddle. You could use cleaning bricks and scouring pads if you want. Allow the Blackstone griddle to cool down. 

Use hot water and paper towels to wipe up the griddle well. Just make sure you re-season the flat top with any cooking oil after the griddle is properly cleaned.

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15 + Blackstone griddle accessories for this summer to get a great cooking experience!
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