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McDonald’s Monopoly will come back on 25th Aug, and yes with Unique VIP experience!

McDonald’s Monopoly is all set to return this season, and you’ll be glad after knowing the real news! The said monopoly is about to return on 25th Aug; however, it will only be available for a certain amount of time. Well, but we can say that it is back with the most spectacular experience you can have.

So, are you ready to have that same thrilling experience with the game with no losers? The game will return on 25 August.

Almost all the restaurants will have this VIP game, McDonald’s Monopoly. Well, we have just called it a VIP game because you are going to have something which will have an amazing VIP twist.

So, what we are going to disclose now will make a jump in joy! Recently, some sources have revealed that the fast-food giant is all set to welcome the customers with the royal red carpet from Mayfair to Fleet Street for six weeks. The customers can also win McDonald’s VIP with game pieces available with specific menu items.

So, you might still be wondering what does it have which is so special that it has been called as VIP by many! The ample of prizes that are waiting to be grabbed by you is what makes this game super-duper amazing and, of course, lands you with the VIP experience.

We are quite sure that you all are in big ‘Aww,’ but wait, you are about to hear something more breathtaking! The VIP status will land you with the first-ever UK McDonald’s VIP Gold Card; the massive prize is just a few steps away, so be ready!

If, luckily, you get yourself into the very few luckiest winners of the Gold cards, then be prepared to be treated to the unique VIP treatment!

The winners would be able to win a free medium meal each week from their local restaurant for all twelve months.

Previously, McDonald’s Monopoly was planned to come in March 2021, but things took an ugly turn due to a tough patch of Covid-19 restrictions and closures, and everything was postponed.

About 200 million Monopoly game pieces are beforehand printed and dated. We can call it a single positive facet of lockdown. Also, the outdated game pieces are repurposed to ensure a massive promotion rapidly as soon as things take a more positive turn in August.

So are you looking forward to grab yours? We would suggest you visit the closest McDonald’s restaurant, so you don’t miss the chance to anyone!

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