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Let’s have a look at India’s first-ever ‘Grain ATM,’ located in Gurugram! Explore more!

In the modern era, digitization has taken the world by storm! It’s not about the business world, but the food industry has also started to walk with these innovative ways of digitization with baby footsteps!

The food world is beginning to change its face with new innovative ways! The current modern world’s quest is clean and easy food that would be hygienic, so India’s first-ever ‘Grain ATM’ is here; the food dispensing machine is the latest addition.

If we consider the positive facets of this ATM, then the insignificant errors in the measuring process of grains make this ATM a potent initiative by the government. Also, the ATM has a biometric system. Grantees could have access to their grains just by entering the Aadhaar or ration card number.

India’s first-ever grain ATM has been set by Haryana Government for dispensing food grains at Farrukhnagar in Gurugram. The said newly set grain ATM would dispense three types of rice, wheat and millet.

“I am announcing with great pride that the country’s first food grain ATM ‘Annapurti’ has been set up in Gurugram district of Haryana. The purpose of this ATM is to make the distributions of grains at government-run ration shops easy and hassle-free,” stated Dushyant Chautala, Haryana’s Deputy Chief Minister. Every ATM can dispense up to 70kg of grains within five to seven minutes, he added. “The purpose of installing this machine is to ensure that the right quantity should reach the right beneficiary with minimum hassl,” said Dushyant Chautala.

The ”World Food Programme” of the United Nations runs the grain ATM, he stated in his interview with a representative. The said ATM is an automated machine that will dispense three types of grains, and the machine is also Multi Commodity.

The Haryana Government is looking forward to expanding its horizon and place these grain ATMs in every government-run ration shop through the whole state.

The said newly set ATM has said to be a pilot project if we look at the PTI report.

The recent news of grain ATM has taken the whole social media world by storm, and the initiative has been regarded as a great initiative by the Haryana government.

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