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How much juice in one lime of normal size? rare facts!

How much juice in one lime
How much juice in one lime

How much juice in one lime of different sizes? – Your guidebook to exotic limes!

How much juice in one lime is the most patent query that arises when you begin the recipes that call for the citrus dash! And yeah, it might sound simple but getting an exact answer of how much juice in one lime and its correct estimated quantity can help you shape up the best flavour in your sweet, sour recipes, you will know, exactly how many limes you’ll need for your next recipe. A lime family is vast, and numerous lime varieties can yield a distinct quantity of juices!

How much juice in one lime
How much juice in one lime

 To clear out your confusion, after an extensive research, I have unfolded this unique ‘how much juice in one lime’ guide, that can be the saviour for you. You won’t be in a mind puzzle when your recipe calls for lime juice! And when a time comes to add a quantity of lime juice, you’ll have an approximate idea about how much juice in one lime! That’s how you can figure out, how many lime fruits you have to buy!

There are many doubts on the question ‘how much juice in one lime?’ and how much total quantity is required to reward you with unique, refreshing flavour, as limes are season driven fruits, we have to administer the quantity carefully. Let’s imagine recipe needs lime juice of ¼ cup. While the estimate of how much juice your recipe calls can be quite approximate but determining about how much juice in one lime can help you to decide how many lime fruits you should purchase.

To shade a light upon this query, I have arranged the complete guidebook that tells the amazing facts on lime variants through-out the globe and approximate quantity of how much juice in one lime. Scroll through the end; you will be unfolding some the most unusual and exciting scientific facts on wide lime family!


how much juice in one lime
how much juice in one lime

It doesn’t matter if you are using limes for making fresh guacamole or margaritas, it’s quite essential to have an idea on exactly how much juice is in one lime!

A standard size lime consists of 2 tablespoons of juice. For 1 cup fresh lime juice, you have to extract eight limes.

Note down this ultimate answer!

I took three different limes, and after squeezing the juice, the same amount of juice was extracted from every lime.

How much lime juice in one lime of normal size?

 1 Lime = 2 tablespoons fresh juice

The next time you are getting limes for homemade recipes you will have an expert idea on how much juice in one lime, therefore how many lime fruits you have to buy!

How much juice in one lime: LEMON

In many traditions, usage of lemons is commonly rendered as using limes, as the fruit is a common variety of lime, you can elude common cooking blunders through knowing the amount of lemon juice your lemons can yield. Just imagine, you are preparing the salad full of citrus fruits, and your recipe needs ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice. While this original estimate of juice is on point but you practically have no idea on how many lemons you have to purchase.

How much juice in one lime (lemon) of medium size? Or do I have to purchase bushel? No, since there can be lot of lemons, you can’t figure out the exact number of lemons that you have to buy, since differing in size as compared to regular limes.

You should have a standard measurement for lemons to extract its juice. Lemons vary in size and shape, and that’s where the big problem lies in getting the correct estimate—you can follow the simple tip, the larger they are in size, the more juice they contain.

So you can say that buying a one small lemon for a recipe that calls for numerous tablespoons of juice will not work out. The flavour of your food might get altered without enough lemon juice.

I buys a dozen lemons and squeezed them, small, medium, and large ones, to find out the exactly how much juice in one lemon, —and compared the extracted juice quantity. The differences were not much but still can have a huge effect on how your recipe tastes.

So, just look for this guide every time you prepare the lemon-infused cocktail and your recipe needs a specific amount of juice. Here is the exact solution on how much juice can be extracted from one lemon, regardless of its size:

  • 1 Small Lemon = 3 tablespoons fresh juice
  • 1 Medium Lemon = 4 tablespoons fresh juice
  • 1 Large Lemon = 5 tablespoons fresh juice

So, if your recipe needs three tablespoons of lemon juice, then you can buy one small lemon.

Is Lime Juice Healthy?

Lime Juice
Lime Juice

In simple words, yes! Lime juice is an abundant source of antioxidants, vitamin C, and many other nutrients.

The vitamin C that is found that in limes and many other citrus fruits is ideal for boosting immunity, good for skin health, decreasing blood pressure, and delivering many other benefits. The juice from one lime contains about 3.7 carbs, 11 calories, and provides 22% of your daily need of vitamin C.

How much juice in one lime: KEY LIMES


One-two tablespoons of key lime juice = one key lime.

Two-three tablespoons of key lime juice = one regular lime.

How much juice is needed for Key Lime Pie?

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When you have an idea about how much juice in one lime, you can carve out the best key lime pie that calls for sweet, sour flavour. Key limes are tiny in shape and full of seeds. How can I extract the juice from key limes? When it comes to juicing key limes, it can be quite super-annoying, but the incredible flavour you get from key lime is worth all the efforts. You can make the process easier for you: Begin with microwave, to soften key limes, microwave them about 30 seconds, and it will help to extract out more juice. You can use a reamer to extract the most juice. Just don’t attempt to squeeze those small key limes with by using your hands—you will feel it tremendously miserable.

How much juice in one lime: KAFFIR LIME


Kaffir lime is commonly known for its essential health benefits, is a tropical fruit. It has been used in many herbal medicines throughout the years and as per the experts, leaves, fruit, oil, and rind of kaffir limes can be used for very distinct purposes. Kaffir limes are rich in citronellol, limonene, alkaloids, and nerol, kaffir lime contains unique tart and fantastic flavour, which is best for flavouring in dishes.

Kaffir lime leaves and juices are commonly used in kaffir lime lemonade; it evokes a unique lime flavour in the drink. Kaffir limes are also Great option to use in cocktails too!

As kaffir limes are tiny and have little juice, you expect to extract two kaffir limes to get one tablespoon of juice; the juice is quite aromatic. Still, it is not actively used in cooking as its robust aromatic quality can overpower the original light flavours of dishes.

How much juice in one lime: CITRON LIME

The citron is a unique variant of lime. They are much used in many dishes for culinary purposes, even used in marmalades, jams, and pickles. And the zest is utilized for refreshing beverages and cocktails.

Citron is full of rich nutrients and has a very high level of Vitamin C, vitamin B6, anti-inflammatory antioxidants, niacin, manganese, zinc, calcium, iron, beta-carotene, fiber, selenium, and potassium.

Some of the major health benefits of citron lime are boosts the immune system, cancer prevention, weight loss, and quick relief from acidity. Citron has a high amount of flesh with thick rind, and round in shape but produces only minimum quantity of juice. So, for one tablespoon of juice, you would need at least two citrons.

How much juice in one lime: MEXICAN LIME

Mexican limes are popular kind of lime variety and used in many exotic cuisines, it delivers a bright, acidic vibe to food and drinks. Lime juice is a go-to part of all Mexican cuisine beverages. From dressing ceviche, drinks to soups, salads, fruit, and meats, desserts, vegetables, Mexican lime is used in everything. Besides juice, lime zest holds a unique part in many Mexican recipes as well.

While the idea can be uncertain about how much juice is in one Mexican lime, it is has been estimated that 2,200 lbs of Mexican lime fruit yield 1,058 pounds of juice. Mexican limes are primarily used in jam, jelly and marmalade.

How much juice in one lime: BEARSS SEEDLESS LIME

The Persian lime is also another name for Bearss Lime, as almost same in size as lemons, these limes are abundant in juice, produce the exact same amount of juice as one lemon produces, which is greenish-yellow tinted juice. Its juice is delicious and commonly merged with lemon juice for a refreshing beverage. These limes ripen in late winter into spring.

The Persian limes are much more resistant to infections and pests, are traditionally bigger than the authentic Mexican Lime, and have a huge thick rind.

How much juice in one lime: AUSTRALIAN DESERT LIMES


The Australian desert lime comes from the family of Rutaceae. Desert lime plant contains thorns, so could be classified in either shrub or a small tree.

As an ingredient, it’s commonly used in the wild berries drinks and desert lime drinks.

The fruit is quite small in size and have a porous rind, has a similar appearance like lemons. The flesh is very luscious and juicy; you can get about, two tablespoons of juice from one desert lime fruit. The juice is tremendously sour and acidic in taste.

How much juice in one lime: FINGER LIME

Finger limes are mostly found in Australia and technically edible but in very moderate amount. Finger limes are used to garnish or used as a flavour component for culinary traditions. As the juice is very sour, it is best suited for jams, garnishes, cooking, sauces and drinks.

You can get an estimate of juice when you cut out the fruit, tiny round juice vesicles will gently seep out of the fruit without squeezing, and you can extract the juice, it somewhat looks like “citrus caviar”.  The round vesicles are usually light-green in the shade, but can have a very light pink. The juice has a strong flavour and tart, much like Mexican lime.

How much juice in one lime: BLODD LIME


Australian blood lime is a hybrid citrus lime. Though Australian blood lime is not sweet like traditional oranges, it is commonly used for many culinary purposes. These facts make it commercially important and cultivated in Australia in large amounts. The juice of blood lime fruit can be acidic in taste but works best when used in sauces.

Its juice is most frequently used for condiments, preserves, and beverages as a ingredient, or used as an alluring garnish for savoury dishes. These limes are less aromatic as compared to a real lime.

The Blood Limes have the same size as lemons and two to three tablespoons of juice can be extracted from one blood lime fruit, as much as single lemon yields. Its juice is excellent when used in sauces, as relatively acidic like a lemon. These limes are most commonly utilized for drinks, preserves, condiments or ideal for beautiful garnishing in sweet savoury dishes. These limes do not contain huge aroma as compared to true lime fruit.

How much juice in one lime: CALAMANSI

Calamansi is a type of citrus tree that has juicy fruits, full of pulp and resembles like limes. Calamansi juice is an ideal option to put in refreshing fruit drinks that call for sour taste. Many Southern Asian cuisines such as the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia include the usage of calamansi lime in the food. You can get about three tablespoons fresh-squeezed calamansi juice from 4 to 5 calamansi lime fruits.

Calamansi can help to control cholesterol levels. And this fruit is specifically useful for those who would like to lose weight. It has been shown in some studies that consuming calamansi juice can prevent health issues like atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke.

How much juice in one lime: KUSAIE LIME

Kusaie limes are popularly known as a variety of Mandarin lime which primarily belongs to India. The fruit has an oval-shape along with a faintly necked base, and a nipple is quite elongated and pointed. The dark-yellow thick rind can be peeled off with ease, contains some seeds, and these limes do not contain a robust, intense flavour, even though these limes are not acidic. The juice has a translucent nature and colourless. These limes belong to the extremely efficient cold-tolerant limes category. With 5-6 limes you get about ½ cup of juice, so, 1 Lime = 1 tablespoon of juice.

How much juice in one lime: MANDARIN LIMES

These limes belong to the group of three very similar limes, which includes the Kusaie lime, Rangpur lime, and the Otaheite lime. Although the origin of these limes is unknown, it has been produced in significant quantities in the Western world for many years. You can about 1 1/2 cups fresh juice by extracting 13 oranges, so, we can estimate that 1 to 2 limes can yield one tablespoons of juice.

How much juice in one lime: MERDEKA LIMES

As being across from Kaffir lime and the Kalamansi lime, Merdeka limes are primarily hybrid, and they are highly aromatic. The pulp has high amount of juice along with an extreme bitter taste, the pulp is many times seedless or contains very less seeds. These limes are quite high in antioxidant properties, as compared to most other varieties of limes. The pulp of 1 big sized fruit can produce 2 to 3 tablespoons of juice.

How much juice in one lime: OMANI LIMES

Omani limes are also known as a dried variety of limes. They have a tiny size but have a very robust aroma along with an intense flavour. They have been basically originated from Oman’s Middle Eastern country. The usage of these limes is very restricted to certain foods as they aren’t as sweet as other lime types. Omani lime has been used for two specific purposes: These limes are boiled in salt water, dried, and used for spices; and you can brew a very strong flavoured tea when you utilize its dried peel. About two dried limes can be used for 1 cup tea; one lime can yield about one tablespoon of juice by extraction.

How much juice in one lime: SPANISH LIMES

Spanish limes are known by different by numerous names. Their name gets changed as per certain region. They don’t belong to the citrus fruits, and they are a part of the soapberry family. This lychee fruits has a close resemblance with the family of the Spanish lime, and its pulp has a shiny and translucent gel-like texture. Spanish limes have a distinct variety of colours, from dull yellow to dark orange, sometimes you can find one or two large white seeds in the center core of fruit. These limes can be very sour, but many times they are sweet and acidic, and you can roast its seeds and consume, which makes it a very versatile fruit. They are highly juicy as compared to Brazil and Mexico. One lime can yield about 1 1\2 tablespoon juice.

How much juice in one lime: TAHITI LIMES

If you get the limes from the supermarket, most probably they are Tahiti limes. The two main types of Tahiti limes: Persian limes belong to the Florida, cultivated highly in the Florida and they have an egg-like oval shape; and the Bearss lime is primarily cultivated in California, which is seedless and very small. These limes are yellow-green shaded on the outer side. They are most frequently sold when they are in the deep green colour phase as they taste better in this phase. The single lime has juice content of 42 to 44 per cent in it, so one lime can easily yield up to 1 to 2 tablespoons of juice.

How much juice in one lime: WINGED LIMES

They are popularly known by the name of Black Twig limes, these limes consist of deep violet-black twigs, so famously known by this name, winged limes have a very aromatic and pleasant lime flavour, so they can be consumed easily when fresh. These have the diameter length of three inches and contain huge amount of sugar, this specific quality makes these limes a very tasty alternative to other types of limes. The single winged lime can yield 1 to 2 tablespoons of juice.

How much juice in one lime: YUZU LIMES

Yuzu limes are slightly flattened fruits and tiny lemons. The average diameter is about 5 to 10 centimetres. Yuzu limes are round, oblate in shape. Its peel is quite thick and rough and has numerous prominent oil glands and pores. These limes transform into the golden yellow shade after dark green phase. Underneath the peel, you can find the little yellow flesh but, the flesh is quite juicy, a single Yuzu lime with the size of golfball can yield about one teaspoon of juice.

How much juice in one lime: SWEET LIME

As its name suggests, sweet limes have a lovely flavour that is mild but still maintain a taste of lime. Sweet lime juice is an excellent option for diet when you are considering weight loss. Including a glass of sweet lime juice to your diet can elevate your weight loss process. Sweet lime juice is specifically refreshing as a summer beverage, can also serve as the energy drink, acts as a natural coolant. As the size and pulp of sweet lime are much bigger than that of classic limes, an average sweet lime can yield about 8 to 10 tablespoons of juice.

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