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Here comes the hottest burger of McDonald’s! A new burger will be launched in the UK!

hottest burger
hottest burger

The McSpicy is true to the words and nature!

The hottest burger will come with the savory chicken fillet along with some smoky coating. The indulgence of vibrant lettuce with refreshing mayo, sandwiched between the exotic toasted sesame seed buns, seems hot enough, hell yes!

Well, some of us might still run for an extra splash of cooling if the mayo’s refreshing vibe isn’t enough for you, so, McSpicy burgers has a unique solution for you. The burgers ordered through the Maccies app will have an extra Happy Meal carton of milk which will be free of cost!

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“You all might have had a rough idea in your minds on how McDonald’s is insisting their customers to gravitate towards the #McSpicyDebate tag on social platforms, to state ‘How McSpicy is it for you?’

“McDonald’s is all set to thrill their customers with something savory enough to warm up the tedious summers, the burger would be a unique flip after a long duration of lockdown,” stated the American fast-food company.

The sources further stated that “McDonald’s has their prime subjective as a spice, few will be blown by the dose of hottest savory burger and will run for a cool glass of milk, on the other hand, some might just think that the burger comes up with little extra tint of savory flavor

You can get this tasty burger at the solid price of £5.49. You can have this toothsome hot burger from 14 July, so grab yours as soon as it gets launched, as the offer will be there for a limited period only!

You can get your share of McSpicy till 24th August as it will only be available for up to six weeks.

So, the Maccies have given their share to warm our summers with their hottest ever burger, and the offers on the whole menu would be valid on Wednesday (7 July)! Just grab an amazing offer as there will a massive offer of 30 percent on everything!

So, when are you going to grab your bite of the hottest treat ever! Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section below! Thank you!

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