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40 Foods that start with W – discover fantastic health benefits with mind bowing facts.

40 Foods that start with W – A comprehensive guide to nutritional foods!

Have you been searching for the foods that start with the letter W to enhance some more knowledge to next your scrabble set? This article is about the foods that start with W and their very unique and impressive health benefits. We have featured all the exotic edibles, fruits, vegetables, ingredients, spices, and foods that start with W.  

Here are the popular foods that start with W:

1. Wisconsin cheese:

Wisconsin cheese
Wisconsin cheese

Wisconsin cheese is a classic variety of cheese that is prepared in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. This regal cheese has very strong traditional roots and cultural history about its production. This cheese is quite famous in the cuisines where cheeses and the dairy industry are predominant elements.

2. White currant:

White Currant is also known as White cherry. It is also one of the famous foods that start with W. This fruit has a very beautiful appearance and quite an ornamental plant to grow in the garden. White currant has a very sweet and mild flavor, whereas its counterparts such as red and black have a robust and tangy flavor.

3. Wheat:

It is one of the most popular foods that start with W. It is a type of grain. This grain is primarily used for different food recipes.

4. Wurst sausage:

It is a sausage prepared with meat products. Some other ingredients such as grains, breadcrumbs, salt and spices are used with other flavoring ingredients to enhance the flavor.

5. White turnip:

White turning is one of the most popular foods that start with W. This vegetable is mild-flavored and used in raw form in salads with other fresh vegetables.

6. Wheat flour:

Wheat flour is a type of power most commonly used in Indian Cuisines to make ‘Rotis.’ It is prepared by grinding wheat. This edible flour powder is beneficial for human consumption alignments. Wheat flour comes in various varieties.

7. Wakame:


Wakame is edible seaweed. For many centuries, this sea vegetable is most commonly cultivated in countries like Japan and Korea. Wakame has a distinct taste and unique texture that is perfect for thickening salads and soups. Wakame is naturally low in calorie count and possesses several essential nutrients for health.

8. Waffles:

Waffle is a traditional breakfast dish prepared from vegetable oil, confectioner sugar, unsweetened cocoa, peppermint extract, granulated sugar, and sweet mini baking chips. Waffles have an intensely sweet flavor and are prepared with numerous high-sugar syrups. However, too much consumption of the waffle is linked to insulin resistance and enhanced risk of obesity.

9. Wagon wheels:

It is a type of cookie prepared with chocolate-flavored-coating, sugar, dried whey (milk), wheat flour and vegetable cocoa mass.

10. White chocolate brownies:

These brownies are a wholesome, delicious treat. It is prepared with flour, pure white chocolate, granulated sugar, unsalted butter and salt.

11. Waffle fries:

Waffle Fries is a very delicious treat. These are prepared with butter, sugar, milk, flour, and vanilla.

12. White coconut cake:

It is a type of coconut cake prepared with shifted cake flour, egg whites, baking soda, sugar, salt, baking powder and coconut is the prime flavoring ingredient in this recipe.

13. Wheat cake:

Wheat cake
Wheat cake

Wheat cake is a delicious and easy to make cake that is eggless. This yummy cake is prepared with sweetened condensed milk, whole wheat flour and butter.

14. Wrap roti:

Curry stew folded tightly within a dhal puri or paratha roti with potatoes and any kind of meat.

15. Watery rose apple:

A fruit that grows from a tropical evergreen plant, also known as bell fruit.

16. White Aspen berry:

Acronychia oblongifolia is the standard medical term used for white aspen berry. This fruit is a series of a shrub. White aspen berry has an aromatic flavor with a lemon/orange tinge. These berries are the best to be served with seafood dishes.

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17. Whelks:

Whelks are sea snails that are made up of an array of spices.

18. Walnut cake:

Walnut cake is a simple cake recipe that is like a regular sponge along with the amalgamation of coffee. The camp coffee or coffee and walnut chunks are used for recipes.

19. Wheat Bran Flakes:

Wheat bran flakes are cereal flakes; these flakes are considered to be very healthy as highly loaded with different vitamins and minerals. These flakes are naturally high in fiber and have various health aids such as cardiovascular health.

20. Waldorf salad:

It is an exotic salad made up of fruits and nuts. Some of the prime ingredients for this recipe are apples, walnut, fresh celery and grapes, along with a dressing of mayonnaise. Waldorf salad is a perfect salad for summer weekend as it is light and has a very soft, creamy base.

21. Watermelon cake:

Watermelon cake is a gourmet dessert cake with a very sweet flavor; this cake is loaded with an energizing taste of watermelon along with a creamy frosting topping.

22. Whitebait:


It is a soft, flavorful fish dish. This dish is flavored with distinct savory seasonings.

23. Worcester sauce:

It is a delicious seasoning, and it is a fermented condiment prepared from wheat. A base of vinegar is also used as a prime ingredient to make this sauce. It is flavored with numerous flavorful items like tamarind, garlic, anchovies, onion, molasses, and numerous other seasonings. This sauce has a lovely and savory vibe, which is enhanced by vinegar.

24. White chocolate:

White chocolate is a famous chocolate confection. Unlike usual chocolate, this chocolate variety is pale in color with a beige-ivory shade. This confection is prepared with sugar, milk solids, cocoa butter and many times vanilla. The classic White chocolate does not consist of cocoa solids commonly found in usual variants like milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

25. Wild rice:

Though the name suggests it is rice, wild rice is not an actual rice variety. Just like rice, wild rice is a seed grown in aquatic grass. However, if you want to shed some pounds, you can prefer this rice over traditional rice as it is a good source of protein.

26. Weetabix:

Weetamix is a classic cereal brand. These cereals are made up of whole-grain wheat. Eating Weetabix is considered a very breakfast option as it decreases the risk of premature death. It has a high content of wholegrain that prevents the risk of cancer or heart disease.

27. Wat:

Wat is an exotic Ethiopian steer curry. This flavorful dish is prepared with beef, lamb, chicken, fresh vegetables and spices.

28. Whiting:

It is a delicious dish of fish seasoned with numerous spices.

29. Water chestnuts:

Water chestnuts
Water chestnuts

Water chestnuts are edible nuts that are commonly found in exotic tropical locations. Water chestnuts are full of nutritional benefits as they are naturally high in fiber and relatively low in calories. Water chestnuts are also a great source of Vitamin B6.

30. Witloof:

It is a vegetable with a subtle bitter and nutty flavor. This vegetable can be seasoned with numerous spices.

31. Whitebark raspberry:

Whitebark Raspberry is also popularly known as Black Raspberry and Blackcap Raspberry. This fruit is most commonly used for jams and jellies in its raw or cooked form.

32. Wax apple:

Java Apple is another term for Wax apple. This fruit has a high content of Vitamin C. The wax apple consumption has also been linked with boosting immunity health and enhanced collagen responsible for skin health.

33. Warm Blizzard:

It is a smooth pink-colored cocktail. This energizing cocktail is prepared with ingredients like Cognac, fig liqueur and Mozart White chocolate liqueur.

34. Warsaw at Night Cocktail:

This cocktail beverage is a classic flip on monotonous weekend dinners. It is made up of blackberry brandy, lemon juice, dry vermouth and berry vodka.

35. Watermelon:

Watermelon is a tasty hydrating fruit with a total water content of 92 percent. It is a one of the globally popular foods that start with the letter W. This hydrating fruit is a very high source of nutrients. This fruit has a very juicy inner pulp that is naturally high in Vitamins like A, C and B6. Watermelon is also highly loaded with lycopene and powerful antioxidants such as glutathione.

36. Wild strawberry:

Wild strawberry
Wild strawberry

These are tiny alpine berries with an intense tangy sour flavor. These berries have a medicinal term called Fragaria vesca. Woodland strawberry and Alpine strawberry are other commonly known terms for these strawberries. These wild strawberries are tasty and used for medicinal purpose as these are edible and not poisonous.

37. Ward Eight:

It is a classic beverage recipe prepared with grenadine, blended whiskey, lemon juice and sugar.

38. Walnut:

Walnuts is a globally popular edible seed dry fruit and one of the famous worldwide foods that start with W. Walnuts are a powerhouse of polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids.

39. Winter squash:

This vegetable is often cultivated and consumed in winter. Winter squash possesses very firm skin and inner flesh. Winter squashes have a beautiful appearance, and many times come with irregular shapes and ribbed skins.

40. Wolfberry:


It is another term used for Goji fruit. This is one of the popular Asian foods that start with W.

This was our list containing various edibles, fruits, vegetables, ingredients and foods that start with W. We hope you enjoyed the list of exotic foods that belong to the various cuisines of the world. If you have an idea on more foods that start with W, kindly comment below and share your knowledge with us! Thank you!

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