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57 Foods that start with O – Rare information on exotic foods with health benefits!

Foods that start with O
Foods that start with O

Foods that start with O – A comprehensive guide to healthiest foods

You might have been thinking that there might be only a few foods that start with O, but don’t worry, we have listed an array of unique edibles, fruits, vegetables and foods that start with O. This article will give you a complete idea on the edible and foods that start with O and their numerous health benefits.

We know, many people find it quite tricky to list out the names of foods that start with O, we have performed an extensive amount of internet research and featured almost edibles and foods that start with O with their amazing facts and health aids.

Also, you can keep in mind that all the items, edibles, fruits, vegetable foods that we have mentioned in this guide of foods that start with o, are entirely edible and can be rendered as eatables.

So, here we begin our list popular and exotic foods that with the letter O: 

1. Ovos moles de aveiro:

It is a classic dish belongs to Portuguese cuisine prepared with sugar and egg yolks.

2. Ostriche arrosto:

This dish is an exotic recipe that consists of oysters broiled with oregano, bread crumbs, parsley, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.

3. Omelettes:

Omelette is a very popular dish which is eaten across the world that contains beaten eggs batter and savoury vegetables. Omelette can be quickly cooked in a frying pan. An omelette is an ideal option for a fantastic breakfast.

4. Olive oil:

Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils across the globe. It is a liquid fat that is extracted from olives. This process is done by pressing and extracting the oil from olive fruits. Olive oil is known to be one of the most consumed vegetable oil.

5. Okroshka:

It is a vegetable, and ham soup is Russian kvass-based.

6. Olive all’ascolana:

This dish consists of stoned olives filled with beef, chicken, pork, eggs and parmesan cheese.

7. Ollie:

This French soup is cooked with numerous fresh vegetables and meats.

8. Ossobuco: Osso buco:

It is a regal Milanese dish that consists of braised veal shanks that are prepared with vegetable-based sauce and hearty wine.

9. Olivet cendre:

This cheese is prepared during spring. This French cheese is prepared with cow’s milk.

10. Onion:

The onion is widely known popular food which is also known as bulb onion. This savory vegetable is most commonly cultivated species of the genus Allium. The flavorful vegetables like shallot, leek, garlic, scallion, chive and Chinese onion are related to the family of onion.

11. Oxtail:

It is a delicious variety of gelatin-rich meat that comes from the tail of cattle. This meat takes a long time to get prepared and eaten as a stew or braised.

12. Oats:

Oats are also popularly known as Avena sativa, oats is a very healthy whole grain edible. Oats can be cooked very quickly and highly loaded with fiber.

13. Oregano:

Oregano is a spicy aromatic herb which is most often used in food delicacies such as pasta sauce and pizza. It is one of the most widely-used herbs.

14. Oreos:

Oreo is a very delicious cookie that consists of two wafers along with a sweet crème filling, this American sandwich cookie is a go-to edible for household celebrations.

15. Oatmeal:

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Oatmeal is a fantastic variety of coarse flour that is prepared with hulled oat grains. Oatmeal can be beneficial to prevent obesity and weight gain problem, and it comes with many other health benefits.

16. Oysters:

Oyster is a sea creature that consists of salt-water bi-valve molluscs that are usually found in marine. Oysters are highly loaded with zinc that plays a vital role in the production of the testosterone.

17. Olallieberry:

Olallieberry is a blackish tiny sized berry. This tiny sized berry is a hybrid of youngberry and loganberry and has a great resemblance with blackberry. The Olallieberry has a sweet flavour and subtle taste. 

18. Oregon grapes:

Oregon grape is cultivated throughout the American northwest. This unique shrub is many times confused with traditional grapes. However, the fruits are not grapes.

19. Olives:

Olives are small-sized green coloured fruits that are grown on olive trees. Olives are a great source of vitamin E and many other essential antioxidants.

20. Oat milk:

Oat milk can be defined as water and classic rolled oats mixed together afterwards strained to extract the pulp. Oat milk is highly loaded with protein and fiber, and relatively low in calories, so it might help you to shed a few pounds quickly.

21. Oil palm:

Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil that is extracted from the fruit of the oil palms. The tree of oil palm is very useful to extract high-quality oil that could be used for many cooking processes.

22. Obusuma:

A delicious Kenyan dish that is made by boiling maize flour into water up to a porridge-like consistency.

23. Ogbono soup:

It is a tasty Nigerian delicacy prepared with seafood, vegetables, seasoning, ground ogbono seeds, palm oil, or meat.

24. Ogi:

It is a fermented cereal pudding made with an ingredient like maize, sorghum, or millet. This dish belongs to Nigeria.

25. Owofibo:

An exotic Nigerian oil soup that is prepared with tomato blend amalgamated with palm oil and akun.

26. Onion bhaji:

It is an Indian dish consisting of deeply fried balls of onion.

27. Ookali:

It is a hot beverage prepared by simply boiling coriander seeds. This dish is an Indian cuisine and belongs to West India.

28. Oondees:

Oondees is a delicious Indian delicacy that consists of semolina or spherical shaped rice.

29. Okra:

Okra is one of the most popular foods that start with O; it is also known as lady’s-fingers or bhindi in India. Okra is considered as a great healthy vegetable crop across the many parts of the world. Okra is a nutrition-rich vegetable that possesses numerous health benefits. Okra is a good source of folate, fibre, magnesium, antioxidants like vitamin C and A.

30. Oroblanco:

It is a variety of grapefruit and also known by the term called “white gold”, it is a seedless citrus fruit with a sweet flavour, a hybrid between acid-less pomelo and white grapefruit.

31. Oyakodon:

Donburi dish is drizzled with chicken and egg. The extra addition of salmon and salmon roe makes the dish much more flavorful.

32. Omurice:

It is a Japanese dish that consists of omelette stuffed with fried rice.

33. Onion kulcha:

It is a leavened Indian bread made up of whole wheat filled with onions.

34. Octopus:

Octopus is one of the most popular foods that start with O, octopus meat is eaten in many cuisines across the world and distinct cultures. The arms and some other body parts are edibles and can be cooked in numerous exotic ways.

35. Ortanique:

This tangor fruit is a hybrid of the sweet orange and mandarin orange.

36. Orange:

Oranges are amazingly nutritious fruits with a low-calorie count. Orange is a world-wide popular food that starts with the letter O. Orange can be eaten daily as a regular part of a diet to promote healthful benefits. Oranges can also promote glowing and clear skin.

37. Orangelos:

An orangelo has originated from Puerto Rico, and this hybrid citrus fruit is cross between an orange and grapefruit.

38. Oatcake:

A flatbread similar to a cracker or biscuit made using oatmeal, cooked on a griddle or baked in an oven.

39. Oeufs en meurett:

It is a French delicacy consisting of pepper reduction sauce and poached eggs in red wine.

40. Oxford blue:

It is an ultimate variety of blue cheese that is commonly prepared in Burford, Oxfordshire, England.

41. Oil down:

It is a one-pot Grenada meal that contains starchy tubers, green bananas, local vegetables, salty meat and a mix of exotic seasonings.

42. Orgu peyniri:

It is a type of braided cheese prepared from ribbons of elastic cheese formed in a braid-like structure.

43. Ohitashi:

This dish consists of leafy vegetables such as spinach along with flavorful soy sauce.

44. Okonomiyaki:

Okonomiyaki is a dish of tangy, savoury pancakes that consists of fresh vegetables, ingredients meat and Worcestershire sauce of mayonnaise.

45. Oxtail with broad beans:

It is a regal Jamaican stew that consists of garlic, ginger, chilli peppers, fava beans, chopped octal, cornstarch, onions, water and seasonings.

46. Oyster Omelette:

This is a Chinese dish with a savory omelette stuffed with small oysters.

47. Oyster sauce:

The oyster sauce is a deep-brown condiment prepared with oyster extracts.

48. Oxtail soup:

A Chinese soup is prepared vegetables, beef tails and aromatic spices.

49. Olan:

This dish belongs to Kerala and prepared with white gourd, coconut, milk, black-eyed peas, and coconut oil sprinkled on ginger.

50. Obleas:

It is a Mexican wafer snack made up of water, corn oil, wheat flour and artificial flavorful ingredients.

51. Ochazuke:

Hot green tea or dashi poured over cooked white rice with savory ingredients such as umeboshi or tsukemono added.

52. Okowa:

This is a classic regal dish with cooked glutinous rice that belongs to Japanese cuisine.

53. Oshiruko:

It is a sweet red bean soup with warm flavor that contains mochi: rice cake.

54. Osmanthus Cake:

It is a classic aromatic Chinese cake prepared with honey, sweet-scented osmanthus, glutinous rice flour and rock sugar.

55. Osumashi:

It is a yummy soup prepared with seafood and dashi.

56. Onigiri:

O-nigiri is also known by terms such as rice ball, o-musubi, nigirimeshi. This Japanese food is made from white rice arranged into cylindrical shapes.

57. Oritang:

A soup or stew made with various vegetables and by slowly simmering duck.

This was our informative guide of foods that start with O, featuring different edibles, fruits and cuisines around various parts of the world. If you have some more knowledge about the foods that start with the letter O, let us know by commenting in the comment section below, thank you!

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