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35 Foods that start with L. Explore Exotic Cuisines and Regal Dishes

Foods that start with L.
Foods that start with L.

Foods that Start with L – Guide to unique and exotic cuisines!

In this unique guide featuring exotic cuisines, we are once again going to enhance your existing knowledge about edibles and foods that start with L. In this guide, we have listed out some of the most famous, exotic and rare edibles and foods that start with L. If you were searching for some amazing foods that start with l for any reason, this guide will shed light upon all your quests! As we always love to amaze our readers with the most unique and interesting food insights, this guide is our mere attempt to delight our readers with fantastic facts and information about the foods that start with letter L.

1. Loganberry

Loganberry is a maroon colored, tart berry with a tangy flavor taste. This tiny berry is a hybrid of American Blackberry and European Raspberry fruits. Loganberry is a great source of vitamin C and is related to the lychee fruit.

2. Loquat


Loquat is a fruit with an outer appearance like apricot. However, the flavor and taste of both of these fruits vary greatly. This fruit has an intensely sour taste.

3. Lahana Sarması

“Lahana” is a Turkish term for rolls with stuffed cabbage. This dish is an exotic treat and quite popular across Turkish culture. These rolls are stuffed with a mixture of savory minced meat with cabbage leaves.

4. London Broil

London broil is a delicious American Dish. London broil is prepared by broiling marinated beef and afterward chopping into strips. London broil is mostly used for the preparation of sandwiches. London broil can be cooked on a high heat pan or a grill.

5. Lekvar

Lekvar is a thick textured jam made with fruits. This jam is used to fill sweet edibles like pastries and cakes. Lekvar is an eastern European word for this sweet flavored jam.

6. Lobscouse

Lobscouse is made with vegetables, stewed meat and biscuits; it is also one of the most common foods that start with l. As this food lasts for a long time and nutrition-rich, it is an ideal food option for sailors.

7. Lime Pie

Lime pie is an ultimately tasty pie made with lime. This pie has an enchanting, fresh lemony aroma and sour flavor as compared to other variants of pies.

8. Lamb

Lamb is one of the most famous meats in the world. Lamb is the most commonly eaten cuisines belonging to middle-eastern regions. Lamb is one of the most famous foods that start with L. Domesticated sheep is the prime source of lamb meat. Lamb is highly loaded with nutrients and vitamins.

9. Limburger


Limburger is a soft textured, rind cheese that possesses a very intense, strong smell. It is prepared by the Brevibacterium linens bacteria. Limburger cheese sandwich is a classic dish that is prepared with Limburger cheese.

10. Lime

Limes are tiny green-colored lemons with a strong sour flavor. These acidic small green lemons are commonly used for making various dishes such as beverages, sausages, cocktails that call for tangy sour taste. Limes are a rich source of numerous antioxidants, nutrients and high amounts of vitamin C.

11. Lentils

Lentils are very healthy legumes; these legumes vary in color, such as green, red, and yellow. Lentils are a great source of nutrition and protein.

12. Linguine

Linguine is an amazing variety of pasta that closely mimics spaghetti. However, Linguine is quite wider in size than Spaghetti. Linguine is an ideal option to pair up with edibles like pesto sauce or fish sauces.

13. Lollipop

A lollipop is a round-shaped yummy candy that comes in different colors. These candies are very delicious with a sweet flavor.

14. Loaf

It is a basic term used to describe bread. Meatloaf is another amazing dish that has been named after it.

15. Liqueur

Liqueur also belongs to the category of edibles and foods that start with L. These are alcoholic based spirits. Most of them are prepared with unique flavors and fruits. The addition of extra ingredients like exotic and aromatic spices, herbs make these spirits much more toothsome.

16. Legume

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Legume is a very healthy edible and one of the most nutrient-rich foods that start with the letter L. As they have high protein content, these are cultivated widely and considered as a good alternative for meat to consummate protein needs.

17. Lemongrass


Lemongrass is a plant that belongs to the grass family. This tropical island plant is used as an aromatic spice in the pantry. Lemongrass is named after its fragrance, which greatly resembles the fragrance of lemons.

18. Latte

Latte is one of the world’s most renowned coffees and one of the most famous foods that start with l. This kind of coffee takes very little time to make and very refreshing.

19. Linguica

Linguica is made with savory ingredients like onion and garlic; it is yummy pork sausage. Linguica is most commonly eaten in Portugal. You can fulfill your calorie intake for a day by adding Linguica to your sandwich.

20 . Lasagna

Lasagna is an exotic dish prepared with tangy ingredients like tomato sauce, cheese, or Ragù. This Italian dish is also rendered as a meat sauce. The process of cooking Lasagna is simple and just takes the addition of tomato sauce, minced meat and cheese.

21. Lemonade

Lemonade is another popular food that starts with l, as this beverage is widely loved for its unique flavor and tangy taste. Lemonade is a quite easy-to-make drink that required only a few ingredients.

22. Lard

Lard is a soft textured fat prepared from the pig’s fatty tissues; it is a half solid edible. Lard is considered unhealthy food, but the yard is widely used to raise an existing dish flavor. Lard can also be utilized as a spread on bread!

23. Lahmacun         

It is a great variety of pizza, you can find many exotic foods in Turkish cuisine, and Lahmacun is one of such toothsome delicacies. This unique variety of pizza is a famous food in Turkey. The classic recipe of Lahmacun needs numerous flavorful veggies and beef.

24. Lady Finger

Lady Finger is another term for “Okra.” This green colored vegetable is named after its appearance, which resembles a human finger. This is a very healthy vegetable that enhances the condition of the immune system.

25. Lingcod

It is a classic variety of fish. Lingcod is a white-fleshed, lean fish that possesses a mild flavor and subtle taste. Buffalo cod or Cultus cod are some of the other famous names of Lingcod fish.

26. Lemon

Lemon is a popular vegetable with yellow-colored skin and circular shaped texture. This small sized fruit has an intensely sour flavor. Lemon is widely used for its robust, tangy flavor in dishes that call for a strong sour flavor. Lemons are highly loaded with numerous antioxidants and Vitamin C.

27. Limpa

Limpa is a type of bread; Limpa bread is super-filled with regal flavor and moist textured. The prime ingredients for Limpa bread are wheat, corn and rice.

28. Latke

It is a very tasty pancake made with potato. Some simple ingredients such as flour, spices and onions are also used to make this recipe.

29. Limeade

Limeade is another variety of sour, sweet beverages such as lemonade. However, this drink is made with limes, unlike its counterpart lemonade, made with lemons. This drink is also highly loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C.

30. Liver Cheese (Leberkäse)

Liver Cheese is prepared with pork meat and primarily belongs to Germany. Liver Cheese is prepared with the quality ingredients such as corned beef, pork, bacon and aromatic flavors.

31. Litchis

Litchis are a fruit that mainly belongs to the southern regions of China. It is a tropical fruit and sour-sweet inner flesh. This crimson-colored fruit is very sour with a rough texture of outer skin.

32. Limoncello

Limoncello is a type of Liqueur. This Italian liqueur is an ideal option to beat the heat of summer. This liqueur is prepared by adding the lemon peel extract into pure alcohol. This Italian drink is a world-wide popular drink.

33. Lavash

Lavash is the bread that is most commonly used for the preparation of wraps. You can even make the addition numerous ingredients like beef, cheese, aromatic herbs with lavash. Lavash recipe is very easy to make the recipe.

34. Lettuce

Lettuce is a prime ingredient to make exotic salads. Lettuce is considered a healthy food as it is power-packed with Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A. This leafy vegetable is a great source of phosphate and magnesium.

35. Lobster

Lobsters are sea crustaceans that are large-sized and hard shell textured. Lobster is considered a very healthy food as they are a rich source of nutrients and protein. Lobster is also is very good source of phosphorous, which is a vital nutrient for optimum kidney health.

36. Lupin Beans

Lupin beans are a common variety of beans. These beans are the ideal choice to make pickled snack food. Lupin beans are widely eaten and very popular food in the Mediterranean region.

So, this was our complete list featuring all the exotic cuisines, delicious edibles and famous foods that start with L. If you know some more names of edibles and foods that start with L, kindly tell us by commenting in the comment section below! Thank you!

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