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Foods that start with k. Guide of all the unique foods that start with the letter k!

Foods that start with k
Foods that start with k

Foods that start with k – A complete guide to exploring the rarest and tasty foods!

Are you finding it very challenging to find the foods that start with k? If yes, then stay tuned with this fantastic guide of edibles! As we have featured the most famous and rarely known vegetables, fruits, and foods that start with k in this guide of ultimate edibles!

Apart from the name of all the amazing foods that start with k, you can also explore their fascinating origins, flavors, and ingredients! I know it sounds damn impressive for those who have a special love to enhance their knowledge about the distinct flavors, foods, and vegetables!

Here is the list of famous as well as little known foods that start with the letter k!

This list features all the popular as well as rare vegetables, fruits, and foods that start with k, so let’s get started:

1. Kiwano:


A sweet tropical fruit, this fruit is also known as horned melon; it is an exotic tropical, sweet-flavored fruit.

2. Kenponashi:

It is a Japanese term for ken-ponashi fruit. This fruit mimics raisin in terms of appearance when it is dried.

3. Kumquat:

It is a smaller sized citrus fruit. This fruit consists of an outer peel with a sweet flavor, and the inner pulp is tart.

4. Kalyna:

It is red colored tiny, high-bush cranberry fruit. This Viburnum opulus plant is traditionally cultivated as well as grows in the wild.

5. Knackwurst:

A term used for thick, highly seasoned sausage. A knockwurst is a thick, plump sausage that is significantly seasoned and belongs to northern Germany.

6. Kitkat:

Kit Kat is a wafer bar made up of chocolate. It is also one of the most famous foods that start with k. Kitkat is a highly celebrated product from the Nestlé.

7. Kipper:

A kipper is a widely known term for complete herring which is split from tail to head in a butterfly style, this dish is small-sized and oily textured.

8. Kale:


Kale is a healthy green, leafy vegetable; this vegetable is one of the most famous foods that start with k. Kale is specifically rich in nutrients and numerous vitamins. Kale is consumed across many parts of the world for its health benefits.

9. Kingfish:

Kingfish is a delicious variety of fish. This fish consists of white fillets and unique subtly oily flesh. It has a light taste and a fantastic flavor.

10. Kurrat:

It is also known as Egyptian leek and commonly used vegetables for cooking. This vegetable is mainly cultivated for its edible leaves in the Middle East.

11. Kohlrabi:

It is a type of cabbage that is also called a German turnip. This variety of cabbage has a swollen stem that is edible and used in cooking.

12. Kuka:

This is a healthy leafy vegetable that has originated from numerous parts of Africa and Asia; it is used in cooking native.

13. Kabosu:

It is a citrus fruit that closely mimics the taste and appearance of lime and a hybrid fruit.

14. Kaki:

The Asian yellow-orange variety of persimmon. This fruit is highly loaded with numerous nutrients and vitamins, potassium, fiber, and manganese.

15. Kantola:

Kantola is a very healthy vegetable from India. This gourd is cooked with aromatic spices, and it is highly loaded with proteins and iron. This vegetable contains a high amount of antioxidants as well as fibers.

16. Kiwifruit:


Kiwi is a widely known fruit with a furry brown texture and a very tangy sweet-sour flavor.

17. Kwaimuk:

Its tart is similar to jackfruit. It is red colored fruit with soft pulp.

18. Kenkey:

A stew, sauce, or soup is served along with Sourdough dumpling. This toothsome dumpling is prepared with ground corn (maize).

19. Kedjeonu:

It is a delicious stew dish made up of chicken, vegetables, or guinea hen. A classic sealed Canari is used over fire or coals to cook this delightful stew.

20. Kamchumbari:

This is an East African salad dish that consists of tomato and onion chunks.

21. Kitcha:

It is unleavened, thin-layered bread. This Ethiopian flatbread is made with water, wheat flour, and salt cooked till it is subtly burned. The dough is baked on both sides in a pan.

22. Kadai paneer:

Kadai paneer is an Indian curry dish made up of paneer, green peppers in a savory base of tomato.

23. Kimchi:

Kimchi is a very Korean dish made with a fermented radish with an army of savory ingredients like garlic, green onion, ginger, and chili pepper.

24. Kadhipadoka:

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It is an Indian dish of gram flour fried balls prepared with Gram flour and yogurt.

25. Kelewele:


It is a delicious, easy, and quick dish with spicy fried plantain cubes seasoned with spices.

26. Krupnik:

It is a barley soup with beef, carrots, chicken, or vegetable broth. This soup is usually served hot.

27. Kebab:

Kebab is a grilled or barbecued minced meat made with various mild spices seasonings. Kebab is also one of the widely known foods that start with k; this dish is often skewered.

28. Kitfo:

Kitfo is a yummy dish that is cooked with minced raw beef that is marinated in a mitmita (spice-chili powder blend along with niter kibbeh.

29. Kimchi jjigae:

This unique soup is made with pork, kimchi and tofu. This mainly belongs to Korean cuisine.

30. Kongbiji jjigae:

It is a type of stew that is made with ground soybeans.

31. Kachori:

It is a savory Indian snack prepared for regular occasions in India. It is mainly prepared with gram flour and moong dal.

32. Keshiyena:

It is a delicious and flavorful Aruban dish that contains a ball of cheese-filled with spiced meat and usually baked or steamed.

33. Kai kouxiao:

Kai kou xiao is a classic cake made with fried sesame egg. This dish has been traditionally originated from Beijing cuisine.

34. Kouignamann:

It is a gourmet pastry with tons of butter, also known as butter cake. This pastry is a unique blend of sticky, buttery, sweet, salty, crispy flavor that feels delightful to taste buds.

35. Kippers:

This tasty dish is made with smoked split herrings; it is an English dish.

36. Konkonte:

This delicacy is prepared with pounded manioc root. Konkonte gets paired up very well with the soups that are made from palm nut.

37. Kushari:

A dish of rice, lentils, chickpeas, and macaroni covered with tomato sauce and fried onions.

38. Kasiri:

This beverage has been originated from Cassava and contains alcohol.

39. Koki:


It is a trendy dish that belongs to Sindhi Indian cuisine. Steamed black-eyed peas are the main element in the dish, red palm oil along with hot peppers.

40. Kapsuniak:

It is a term to describe a Cabbage soup made with various cabbages.

41. Kuchela:

Kuchela is a type of mango chutney prepared with the pulp of unripe mangos. It is spicy, sweet, and salty, which enhances the taste of every meal.

42. Kuli-kuli:

Kuli-Kuli is a peanut-based dish that is categorized as a West African snack.

43. Kig ha farz:

Kig ha farz is an ultimate dish consisting of numerous meats cooked in a broth made up of a buckwheat flour based pudding.

44. Knack:

This is a classic variety of Swedish toffee, most commonly prepared for Christmas.

45. Kouglof:

This very delicious cake is baked in a specific bell mold. This is a classic cake containing almonds.

46. Kamameshi:

This delicious consists of rice with some drizzled vegetables along with a chicken or seafood baked. This Japanese dish is an amalgamation of rice and vegetables.

47. Kawah:

Kawah is a classic term for traditional green tea. Kawah is a widely known term across the world for green tea.

48. Katha meetha:

Katha meetha
Katha meetha

Katha meetha kaddu is an Indian dish made up of pumpkin chunks cooked with aromatic spices.

49. Kheer:

Kheer is a regal Indian dessert dish cooked with rice, milk, and some rich dry fruits.

50. Katemeshi:

It is a classic rice dish prepared with barley, rice, millet, and finely chopped daikon radish.

51. Kombu:

It is brown seaweed that is most commonly used in Japanese cooking as a base.

52. Komatsuna:

Komatsuna or Japanese is leafy vegetable, mustard spinach is a variety of Brassica rapa.

53. Karela bharta:

Karela Bharta is an Indian spicy dish made with bitter melon and aromatic spices.

54. Kulfi:

Kulfi is a traditional Indian dish with a sweet flavor. This frozen dessert has a similar taste and texture to ice cream.

55. Kelp:

Kelp is brown seaweed that is larger in size. This seaweed variety usually grows in saltwater filled with nutrition and shallow. It comes in a variety of colors and flavors; also, its nutritional potential may vary as compared to the variety you find in sushi rolls.

56. Kidney bean:

It is a common variety of regular bean. These beans are named after their unique shape of the human kidney and possess a vibrant red outer skin.

57. Kedgeree:

It is a fantastic dish of rice. This toothsome dish also consists of hard-boiled eggs along with some cooked fish.

58. Ketchup:


Ketchup is a widely popular food item made up of tomatoes; it has a tangy, sweet-sour taste and savory flavor. Ketchup blend is usually made up of tomatoes, vinegar, and sugar. 

So this was our list that featured all the famous, tasty as well as little known vegetables, fruits, and foods that start with k. And if we have missed out on some more fantastic foods that start with k, kindly share your thoughts with us by commenting in the comment section below!

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