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55 Foods that start with J, discover fruits that start with J

Foods that start with J
Foods that start with J

Foods that start with J – An impressive food guide!

You might think there aren’t many foods that start with the letter J, but think again, here we will be showcasing all the fantastic foods we consume that start with the letter J as their first letter. We have arranged all the amazing foods and edible ingredients in this article that start with the letter J.

So here we begin!

Famous Foods that Starts with J


Jelly is basically a famous dessert; jelly is usually made with Gelatin desserts; these are the desserts that are sweetened and flavored, made from a collagen product.


This is a cornbread that is cooked on a griddle, and it is popular in pancake-style. This food is a famous American staple food.

Jelly roll:

Jelly roll
Jelly roll

Jelly roll is a thin flat sheet of cake sponge which is loaded with jelly.

Jerusalem Artichoke:

This is a variety of root vegetable, which belongs to North America.


This fish can be served as seafood in warm coastal waters. It is a vast saltwater fish, which is most commonly found in shallow tropical waters.

Jaffa cake:

A Jaffa cake is an orange-flavored jelly and chocolate topping, a sponge biscuit. The classic authentic Jaffa Cake is considered a British icon.


This is a piece of smoky meat, cut out of the thigh of a hog or pig.

Jordan almond:

These almonds belong to Jordon and flavored; these are colored and sugar coat.


A vegetable is primarily cooked by chopping into thin strips.


Jumbal is a very flat, tiny circular shaped cookie or cake.

Jelly doughnut:

A jelly doughnut is popularly known as jam doughnut; it is a sweetened doughnut loaded with jam filling.


These are tiny chunks of chocolate that can be utilized as a topping on edibles.


A term used is used for a beverage, which is a blend of sugar, bourbon, and mint with some crushed ice. It can also be mixed with an alcoholic drink or cocktail; many times, it also consists of bourbon with sugar and water.

Caribbean Foods that Start with J

Caribbean cuisine is a very soulful cuisine, a classic perfect amalgamation of African, Creole, Cajun, and numerous locations of the Middle East.

Jugo de Avena:

This is an oat-based drink; oats are basically soaked overnight in water and mixed along with milk, sugar, and spices.

Jamaican mackerel rundown:

This is a Jamaican dish, a salted or pickled savory mackerel, a sauce is prepared with coconut milk and also boiled with numerous seasonings, and it becomes a custard.

Jamaican patty:

These are pies, made and full of meat; this dish is also served as a dessert.

Jamaican steamed fish:

A classic treat of white fish, a fish is cooked in a sauce of butter and many other healthy veggies like tomatoes, onions are added, and some savory herbs such as thyme and black pepper.


A classic dish of pumpkin soup, an authentic Haitian treat.


It is a spicy Creole dish created with rice, meat, ham, or seafood, sausage; these ingredients are cooked along with onions, peppers, tomatoes and celery.

Jamaican jerk:

This is basically a type of meat, seafood, fruits, and vegetables cooked on fire and grill. Jerk is also called a cooking style in Jamaica cuisine; in this dish, meat is dry-rubbed or marinated by using a hot spice mixture, popularly known as Jamaican jerk spice.

African Foods that Start with J

Explore the list of fantastic foods and dishes that belong to African cuisine, explore African foods starting with J.

Jollof rice:

It is a West African meal that is made with rice cooked with onions, cooking oil, tomatoes and meat.


This is a toasted sandwich loaded with meat; this dish belongs to South African; it is toasted by using jaffle iron over an open heat source.

Continental Foods that Start with J

Continental foods are must-have delicacies in European countries, very exotic and toothsome dishes. This list is filled with amazing continental foods that begin with the letter J:


Jota is an Italian soup prepared with potatoes, beans and sauerkraut. The Jota is also known as the Istrian stew; the beans are the primary ingredient in this dish. Many other ingredients like sour turnip, potatoes, sauerkraut or bacon, spare ribs are used.


This is a puff pastry folded and filled with egg, diced ham and cheese; this dish is always eaten while warm.

Jambon persille:

This dish is a classic dish of marbled ham with parsley. The jambon persillé tastes very toothsome if the meat consists of “pores” that sock up the stock.

Jellied eels:

This dish is a famous English cuisine dish; the chopped eels are boiled in spiced savory stock and end up in a jelly form after cooling. Jellied eels are an authentic traditional English cuisine that has been invented in the 18th century.


This French pastry is triangular shaped and flakey; it is loaded with a frangipane cream. Very delightful sliced almonds and powdered sugar is used for topping.


This tasty continental dish is made up of rice combinations with meat, many ingredients like sausage or chicken and vegetables are used in the dish. Jambalaya is a very famous dish in West African; it is also quite renowned in French and Spanish influence.

Jam roly-poly:

This is a thin-rolled pudding roll out with jam and then rolled up for steaming or baked. The circular shape of the roly-poly reminds us of the time when puddings used to be cooked in the cloths without bowls.

Mexican Foods that Start with J

If you are in for excellent spicy Mexican meals, this list of Latin American foods beginning with J will delight your heart. Here is the list of Mexican foods that start with J:


This is an edible tuber of the yam bean consisting of white flesh; it is most commonly used in Mexican cooking. Jicama is most frequently known as yam bean, Mexican turnip, or Mexican potato. This edible root originally belongs to Mexico. Jicama is sold by street vendors in Central America. This food is often eaten raw or tangy seasonings like lemon or lime juice; chili powder is used.


This is a type of Mexican spicy pepper. A jalapeno pepper belongs to the fruit category of the Capsicum pod type. It is a hot pepper with medium size, chili peppers, it has an average size of 2-3.5 inches in length compared with other vegetables, but they can also grow up to 6 inches long or much longer.


It is a famous dish from Mexican cuisine; it is made from fermented milk.

Oriental Foods that Start with J

Explore these Asian style foods that start with J, most commonly made in East Asia.


A cake made with raisins, pepper, banana, dates, plums, red bean and salt, a perfect traditional Chinese dish.


This food is a sweet pudding-like dessert; it is also most popularly known as sweet rice wine.

Jian dui:

It is a kind of Chinese pastry, it is made up of glutinous rice flour, and sesame seeds are used to coat it.


This is a very favorite breakfast meal, belongs to Chinese cuisine.

Indian Foods that start with J

Indian cuisines are amazingly filled with savory, exotic dishes and an array of toothsome ingredients, aromatic herbs. Explore this list, which contains some famous Indian foods that start with J.


This is a beverage made up of milk, root syrup, sugar, ice-cream and almond gum.


This is a tangy, savory drink, a lemonade prepared, and Jal Jira powder to soothe body heat.


Jamun is an Indian fruit that has tiny size; Jamuns are also called black plum.


This dish is a very famous North Indian dessert. These are sweetened, twisted noodles that are immersed in sugary syrup.


Jhal muri are puffed aromatic rice made with flavorful spices and fresh vegetables; raw mustard oil is also used for flavor.

Mediterranean Foods that start with J

Mediterranean foods are loaded with healthy vegetables and aromatic spices that are considered health-driven ingredients. Here are some Mediterranean foods that start with J; let’s explore:


A delightful treat is made from ewe or goat’s milk, basically a hard, dry laban; it is stored in a fine woven cheesecloth to prepare a thicker yogurt.

Fruits Beginning With J

Here is the list of all fruits that start with J as their first letter.


A big sized yellow fruit primarily belongs to East India; it is very similar to breadfruit and possesses numerous protein-filled seeds and edible pulp.

Juniper berry:

This fruit is famous for its savory flavor; it is used as a spice in foods.


Jambul is famously known as an Indian blueberry; it is cultivated in many parts of India, Pakistan, and Indonesia.


A deep-purple fruit with thick-skinned, many times it mimics the appearance of a grape but much more extensive.

Japanese plum:

This yellow semi-tropical fruit is called Chinese plum; it is mostly utilized for jellies.


This is a coastal black gooseberry. This fruit originally belongs to North America.


This fruit is grown on the Jujube shade tree.


These are small-sized edible berries; they come in both varieties, red or purple berries.

Jonathan Apple:

This fruit is always eaten raw, red-late ripening apple.

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