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Food that starts with V – and the very unique and mind-blowing information about it.


Food that starts with V – An impressive guide to discover more toothsome foods!

If someone has asked to you name a food that starts with V. You are amid a mind puzzle; you will find this article very helpful as you are going to explore the most famous as well as rarely known food that starts with V, with all unique health benefits and mind-blowing facts about it!

Famous Food that starts with V!

Here is the list of popular food that starts with V with all the health benefits and impressive aspects about the food that starts with V as the first letter:

1. Vatapa:


It is a classic Brazilian seafood stew prepared with coconut milk. This stew is an ideal pairing alongside bean fritters or can be drizzled over rice. This stew has originated from Salvador, Bahia. Vatapa is an exotic stew that is pretty much popular in regions like the Northeast of Brazil.

2. Vinegar:

Vinegar is an aqueous solution liquid that is prepared with trace chemicals with distinct flavorings and acetic acid. Vinegar is most commonly used for recipes such as salad dressings and Chinese cuisines. Vinegar is also used as an ingredient in sausages such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise.

3. Vodka:

Vodka is an alcoholic beverage. This clear distilled alcohol-filled drink has distinct varieties. This drink has originated in Sweden and Poland.  

4. Vienna sausage:

It is a classic thin sausage made up of pork and beef. This sausage has a unique and mouthwatering flavor that is perfect for any festival and weekend recipes.

5. Vetkoek:

It is a gourmet pastry consisting of dough deep-fried in cooking oil. This South African pastry has a filling of minced ground beef or honey or jam.

6. Vanilla bean crème brulee:

This is a rich dessert prepared with a fresh and energizing vanilla-flavor custard base with hard caramel toppings as a beautiful contrasting layer.

7. Vindaloo:


Vindaloo is a classic spicy curry dish that is very commonly prepared in India. However, this curry would not be liked by everyone as it has an intense spicy taste and fiery nature. Vindaloo curry also has many health aids as it contains many health-driven ingredients, fresh herbs and spices like ginger chunks, turmeric, garlic, coriander, peppers and cinnamon.

8. Vermont’s cheddar cheese:

It is a variety of cheese that does not contain annatto dye.

9. Victoria sponge cake:

It is a light sponge cake made with flour, eggs and sugar. Sometimes, a baking powder is used as a leavening agent in this sponge cake recipe.

10. Valerian tea:

It is a variety of fragrant wine that is fortified. Valerian is also known as an herbal supplement that can be very beneficial for different psychiatric treatments such as epilepsy, ADHD, anxiety disorders, insomnia/sleep disorders, depression.

11. Vada:

Vada is another famous Indian food that starts with V. This savory fried food is celebrated as a trendy food and one of the most favorite snacks of India. As it is prepared with black gram paste, it can also be rendered as an excellent source of iron, protein. It is also highly loaded with magnesium, which helps enhance immunity and keeps check of bodily functions.

12. Voavanga Fruit:

It is a round-shaped, green-colored fruit that contains white dots.

13. Vegetable oil:

Vegetable oils are also known as vegetable fats. This oil is primarily extracted from the seeds or different fruits.

14. Vegetable soup:

Vegetable soup
Vegetable soup

It is a typical soup prepared with numerous flavorful vegetables such as leafy vegetables. Some chunks of meat or seafood are also used in this soup.

15. Vanilla ice cream:

Vanilla ice cream is probably the most famous food that starts with V. This flavor is most commonly used to prepare ice cream. Various regions like Asia, North America and Europe are famous for the predominant use of vanilla flavor ice cream. Vanilla ice cream is primarily prepared with simple ingredients like sugar, vanilla flavor and cream blend. This cooling mixture is an ideal treat for summers.

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16. Veal:

Veal is the term used for the meat of the calf. This meat comes from dairy cows.

17. Velvet tamarind fruit:

This black colored fruit grows on a velvet tamarind tree. The leaves of this fruit have many medicinal benefits as it contain optimum diuretic properties, promote better cardiovascular health and reduces the chances of hypertension.

18. Valencia orange fruit:

Valencia orange much mimics a regular orange and possesses the same sweet, citrus filled taste. A medium-sized Valencia orange contains about 60 calories. It is also highly loaded with many essential antioxidants; this classic orange variant is an excellent source of dietary vitamin A, thiamin, potassium, fiber, Vitamin C and calcium.

19. Vanilla fruit:

Vanilla fruit is grown on an orchid plant. This fruit grows beautifully in the form of a dark brown bean pod that has a thin and long shape. It is an aromatic edible fruit that belongs to the family of flowering plants. However, vanilla beans vary significantly in aroma, flavor, or color; two fruits are never the same.

20. Velvet apple fruit:

Velvet apple fruit
Velvet apple fruit

Velvet apple fruit originally belongs to the Philippines. This fruit is also known as butter fruit in many parts of the world. Velvet Apples are most commonly consumed in their raw form; however, the flesh extracted from chopped fruit is also consumed.

21. Vanilla:

Vanilla is a typical, globally popular flavor used for cakes, cupcakes, and ice cream cones to enhance the aroma and flavor. Vanilla flavor comes with a unique fresh sweetness in its taste. The vanilla flavor is considered a staple food ingredient in many American cuisines. A little bottle of vanilla extract is always there in the American pantry.

22. Velveeta:

Velveeta is the brand of popular processed cheese product. This famous cheese product has many similarities with American cheese in taste. This cheese is relatively softer and smoother textured than other variants of cheese.  

23. Vada pav:

Vada pav is a vegetarian sandwich and popular food that starts with V. It is made up of a deep-fried potato bun. Some fresh coriander is used for garnishing, along with some aromatic spices. The common ingredients for the vada pav recipe are gram flour batter, oil, boiled mashed potatoes, bread bun, spices. However, its consumption should be in moderate amounts as it is high in carbohydrates, making you gain some pounds.

24. Vol-au-vent:

It is a regal French puff pastry. This tasty pastry is filled with sweet fillings or savory ingredients.

25. Vori vori:

Vori vori is a unique yellow-colored vibrant soup that contains tiny chunks prepared of cornmeal, corn-flour and cheese. Vorí vorí is a thick textured, toothsome soup that is quite famous in Paraguay and North-East regions of Argentina.

26. Vermicelli noodles:

Vermicelli noodles are skinny noodles made up of rice flour and water. These thin Asian noodles are commonly served with soup and sauce. These noodles are considered to be healthier than usual rice as they are naturally gluten-free.

27. Velvet beans:

Velvet beans are an exotic legume that belongs to different parts of Africa and Asia.

28. Vichyssoise:


It is a creamy, smooth, thick textured soup prepared with flavorful ingredients such as boiled and pureed leeks. Some savory and tangy items like potatoes, cream, onions and chicken stock are also used in the recipe. This dish can be eaten while warm, but it is exceedingly tasty when served cold.

29. Vanaspati:

It is a famous Indian term used for vegetable oil.

30. Vegetable Biryani:

Biryani is a one-pot regal Indian dish consisting aromatic, spicy rice. This classic rich Indian cuisine comprises authentic basmati rice and some fresh vegetables, fragrant herbs and savory spices. Raita, gravy or salads are the classic side dishes that go beautifully with vegetable biryani. Though the preparation of this regal cuisine can be quite time-consuming, in the end, you get incredibly flavorful, fragrant biryani rice!

31. Viennoiserie:

These are the toothsome baked goods prepared similarly like bread, with a yeast-leavened dough or puff pastry, along with some ingredients such as milk, cream, eggs, butter and sugar. Viennoiserie is a classic collection of foods that are an excellent food for breakfast courses or snacking.

32. Vitello tonnato:

It is a regal Italian dish prepared with sliced veal that is blanketed in a mayonnaise-like sauce. The sausages used in the recipe are flavored with tuna. This dish is generally served at room temperature or served chilled. This dish is a go-to meal in Italian cuisine, and it is the best weekend option for summertime.

33. Vegetable curry:

Vegetable curry is an Indian curry dish. This dish consists of an array of fresh vegetables and aromatic spices. This dish is an ideal delicacy to pair up with rice and a salad.

34. Victoria plums:

Victoria plums
Victoria plums

Victoria plums are a dark red colored tangy variety of plums. This fruit contains an intensely sweet flavor and originally belongs to England. It is most commonly used for tarts, jams, jellies and crumbles recipes. Victoria is plum with a beautiful appearance that is many times used for culinary purposes. These plumps produce a very appealing pink-orange shaded puree, which makes a very tasty filling for pies.

This is our complete list of edibles, ingredients, fruits, vegetables and spices that belong to the different exotic cuisines across the globe. We hope you enjoyed this mind-blowing information and health facts about the food that starts with V.  If you know more about the edibles or food that starts with v and think we have missed out on something, kindly comment below and let us know your opinions; thank you!

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