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Do you know the very useful purpose of the edges on the Ritz crackers? Click here to know!!

Everybody has their perspective on why Ritz crackers have scalloped edges! You all might have had several opinions on the same! You would be shocked after knowing the actual reason why Ritz crackers have scalloped edges!

Well, the purpose of scalloped edges on Ritz crackers is just for the sake of visual aesthetic appeal is thought by many of you; however, the reason is quite irrelevant than you think, just explore till the end and you’ll be shocked to the know the actual reason for the scalloped edges on Ritz crackers!

Ritz Crackers have been widely regarded as the go-to biscuits by many. These small-sized biscuits are crunchy and widely cherished as yummiest snacks.

Till now, you all might have observed the dot perforations on the biscuits that are formed due to the piercing done with a dough keep during the baking process.

Recently, Ritz has revealed an amazing and innovative reason behind the edges of Ritz crackers, and the reason is quite useful! In the recent times, a TikTok video revealed an actual reason behind these edges, which had a caption called, “The more you know.”

The video shows a person with a Ritz cracker. At the same time, another asks, “What is the purpose of those edges on the crackers?” and the expected comeback was, “So visually appealing….so pretty.”

The person holding a cracker runs it through a dollop of cheese, slicing it through the scalloped edges! And later, the voiceover says, “What they’re actually for!” Afterwards, they place crunchy crackers upon the sliced cheese to create a tiny sandwich!

The video was appreciated by many, while many other people ridiculed the video and said the biscuits would break easily for the shown trick and were left totally unimpressed by the marketing hack!

Till now, the clip has been showered with 1.1 million views and 170,000 likes within just two days.

Some people expressed their opinion via a Twitter platform; some people stated that they were simply ‘shocked’ and ‘astonished,’ while some who were left a little disinterested found the hack a little insensible!

A fan lady said, “A shown person just pulled apart the cheese!” on the other hand, some urged that the edges simply loosened the cheese! So, if you are a fan of Ritz crackers then let us know your opinions on the recently exposed hack!

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