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Breaking news!!! A house was set on fire after a man tried cooking steaks in a toaster!

You might have read many DIY tips from the internet, but when it comes to using them in your life, think again! This recent incident of a fire hazard will shock you to the core!

This recent news of a fire mishap is so dreadful that you would think twice before trying any online hacks in real life!

 A man (unnamed), a budding chef, tried cooking a steak in his newly brought toaster, and unfortunately, some things went wrong, and his house was set on fire!

Generally, the usage of the toaster is restricted to certain foods, and the usage of raw foods in a toaster has been considered hazardous for health.

An aspiring chef set his steak in a toaster and later on forgot to attend to the toaster.

The house was engulfed in the fire flames when this man accidentally forgot to attend the toaster while the steak was still cooking in it as he went out to visit a local fish and chips store for his meal.

Unfortunately, his house was engulfed in the fire flames when he came back from a store, and all his property and assets were set on fire. The said damaged property belonged to him and his partner.

Many expert chefs and cooks often stress the dangers of cooking raw foods in a toaster as the usage of toaster should be restricted to certain foods. “Cooking raw foods in a toaster has many chances for fire hazard as well as raw foods cooked in a toaster have been associated with some adverse health effects,” said Colin Jones.

“The oils and fats of raw fats have a propensity towards causing a fire hazard due to flames and could negatively affect the warranty of a toaster. A toaster usage is suitable for some specific foods. Also, there are some undesirable chances of cross-contamination, so all such thoughts should be dropped before using any online hacks you read on the internet”, she further added.

The man was quite frustrated after the incident, and as per some sources, he has requested a lump sum amount from his insurance company for the major loss of property he faced in this fire hazard. 

The man was quite enraged by the amount he received from his insurance company; the original receivable amount was $418,000 (£211,709). The stated amount was a precise amount payable to him under the policy.

However, infuriated and disappointed, he demanded a further amount of $200,000 (£101,270). A man later contacted the Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman (IFSO) to cover the claim for replacement.

“It’s prerequisite for people to go through the complete insurance terms and understand the insurance agreement completely,” said Karen Stevens, IFSO. 

“Every year, the insurance policies can be changed with the necessary amendments by the people who wish to change their policy terms,” she added.

In recent times, it’s really necessary for people to go through all the renewal letters carefully, as many of the Insurers only cover up the total sum amount for your property.

The insurance amount should cover the value of an asset that would be used to rebuild a property, so if you are planning to insure your home for a very less amount, then you would better give a thought to this news!

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