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A Bar at Dublin charges a man a massive amount for only Seven Pints! Read more here!

Just imagine one day you visit a bar with your go-to buddies on the weekend, and the few moments later, you discover a massive bill and you are dumped in a big shock wondering what went wrong!

Yes, recently a man who had visited a bar in Dublin faced a similar reaction when he ordered some chicken, salad and seven pints of lager and the bill shocked him with a hefty amount of €75 (£64.70) bill.

A man named Seán Mac Giolla Phádraig visited the Temple Bar Hotel and ordered some seven pints of lager with some salad and chicken wings, which charged him a massive amount of €75.40 (£65.04).

Sounds nerve-wracking, right? Now just imagine the reaction of the unfortunate man! He posted a snap of the bill on Twitter, with a caption, “Spend, spend, spend, he says.” “You have no option but to spend, spend, spend if you’re out in Dublin,” he wrote!

Some social media users were utterly shocked by the incident, and one of them wrote,” €7.50 (£6.47) for a pint of lager is outrageous, even in Temple Bar.”

“€7.50 a pint, are they are charging you for all the ones you didn’t drink over the last 18 months?” another person commented!

Some of the social media peeps were, of course, terrified by the rates and said they would better stay at home instead of spending a fortune upon such a stupendous treat.

While others said that they would keep their heart strong enough to see a massive bill coming if they even plan to visit such an expensive and lively eatery or bar.

Well, all we can say is that you should be ready to see a hefty bill if you ever visit Europe, and of course, Dublin is, in fact, one of the most exotic yet expensive cities in Europe.

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